Lifetime Labor Massage Chair Warranty

Experience an unprecedented level of relaxation and security with our exclusive Lifetime Labor Massage Chair Warranty (available for residential sales only).

Here’s a breakdown of how our massage chair warranty works: Every top-notch massage chair we offer includes an initial “factory” guarantee.

Usually, it includes 1 to 2 years of in-home parts and labor coverage for free plus another year or two with just the parts being complementary. And finally, there is also a frame/structure assurance that goes on for somewhere between one and three years after that. The exact length differs from brand to brand so make sure you know what your specific model covers before buying it!

If you’re looking for extra protection, many massage chair companies offer 1 or 2 years of extended warranty coverage.

The best part?

All U.S. customers are eligible – regardless of their location! Not only does this include in-home parts and labor, but it also provides full factory warranties to everyone who purchases a massage chair.

Once the factory and extended warranties expire, you’ll be accountable for both parts and labor should any issues arise with your chair. You can purchase new pieces from massage chair companies, but obtaining a technician to come into your home is completely up to you and it won’t come cheap!

Relax Flair is delighted to introduce our “Lifetime Labor Warranty (residential sales only)” on all the chairs we sell through our website or showrooms. This means that if you buy a massage chair from us, any labor repair of your chair will be totally free for as long as you own it – even after factory and extended warranties expire! This offer is unprecedented in its coverage; there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

Our massage chair repairs now come with access to a nationwide network of technicians, taking care of the labor portion after your factory warranty expires. These are the same professionals that handle most major name-brand warranties for nearly all massage chairs we stock!

If something goes wrong with your chair, all we have to do is have the massage chair company diagnose your chair’s problem with a phone call, have the necessary parts shipped to you, and then we’ll arrange for one of the tech networks to send out a technician to come to your home to install the part

And, when we say “Lifetime”, we mean for as long as you own your chair, as long as parts are available from the massage chair company, as long as there is a tech that serves your area, and as long as your chair is not beyond repair. There are a few conditions to the warranty, which you can read below, but you will now have labor coverage for as long as you own your massage chair.

These are the specific regulations that govern our Lifetime Labor Warranty.

  • f you give away or sell your massage chair, this warranty is non-transferable. This home warranty only applies to chairs in residential settings and does not cover the commercial setting (for that our Commercial Parts & Labor Warranty has you covered). After the factory labor warranty (including any extended warranties) expires, your Lifetime Labor Warranty will start taking effect with regard to residential sales only.
  • For customers who require technical assistance with their massage chair, Relax Flair or the corresponding company must be contacted and a warranty ticket opened. To begin troubleshooting the issue, initial contact between the customer and manufacturer is necessary to render a diagnosis. Should parts need replacing, these will be shipped out to the customer directly – then upon receipt of those parts in good working order, a specialist technician can be dispatched to perform any repairs on-site at the customer’s home.
  • The massage chair company is, unfortunately, unable to provide parts for their chairs. As a result, we are also unable to supply or sell any such components.
  • An experienced technician will do the labor, as long as a certified technician is accessible in your region.
  • If you purchase your Relax Flair product within one of the 50 United States, then our warranty covers it.
  • Relax FLair will not ship your chair for further diagnostics or replace it if deemed beyond repair. Please note that the labor coverage is exclusively limited to in-home service only.
  • When a massage chair is labeled “beyond repair,” it means that the issue cannot be fixed by an experienced technician. Other elements may affect whether or not your particular model can be restored, such as its age, discontinued models/parts, degree of harm and parts availability from the company that produced it.
  • Should users surpass the maximum weight allowance for each chair, this warranty will not be valid for any damage or wear and tear on components that are responsible for holding a person’s weight. However, electronic parts or other non-weight-bearing items remain covered under our warranty policy.
  • Labor coverage does not allow for any maintenance or preventative coverage. It applies only to mechanical and/or electronic repairs of the chair.
  • Upholstery repairs are not covered.
  • The cost of parts, including the cost of shipping parts, is not included in this warranty.
  • The massage chair company provides labor coverage that includes exchanging any part acquired from them, telephonic diagnosis of the issue, and up to two visits per occurrence at your residence or workplace for further investigation and repair.
  • Protecting your chair is based on the current availability of nationwide service technicians. Unfortunately, if no technician services your location at the time of filing a claim, you will not receive coverage. As participation in networks can fluctuate over time and areas that had techs during purchase may not have them when filing a claim, we partner with multiple networks to reduce this risk as much as possible.
  • For customers in proximity to our physical showrooms, Relax Flair will dispatch our own certified technicians for the repair project.
  • Relax Flair reserves the right to make any necessary alterations, amendments, or modifications to its Lifetime Labor Warranty.