Return and Exchange Policy

120-Day Money Back Guarantee * Free Returns * No Restocking Fees

Enjoy your purchase with confidence, knowing that you can return it for a full refund within 120 days (we will start our shipment e-commerce storefront SOON) —no restocking fees or hidden costs.

Plus, your returns are always free.

Shopping gets even better thanks to our 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee! Not only are you free to return your massage chair within the allotted time, but we’ll take care of all shipping costs and won’t charge a penny in restocking fees! That’s right – Relax Flair offers truly Free Returns. Shop worry-free, knowing that if you don’t love what you bought from us, it can be returned without paying a cent more than when it arrived at your door.

Our 120-day return policy commences on the date that your massage chair ships from our US warehouse supplier (not when it’s delivered!)

To be eligible for free return shipping of your chair, it is necessary that you disassemble and package the item in its original wrapping within 90 days from the initial shipment. Moreover, any incurred costs are your responsibility to bear. Please ensure that the product reaches our showroom before this period has elapsed. If your chair needs to be shipped in a different packaging material than the original, we can still collect it; however, you will take on 50% of any return shipping/freight costs. (Relax Flair) has a 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee for all new massage products bought straight from Relax Flair. We will pay for return and shipping with NO restocking fees for the full 120 calendar day return duration! We offer indeed Free Returns!

For returns and complaints of any product purchased through our site, feel free to reach us at: [email protected]

Let’s look at the highlights of our excellent return/exchange policy:

  • 120 DAY money back satisfaction guarantee
  • FREE returns – no extra cost to you! We’ll cover all shipping expenses
  • No hidden fees like original shipping costs or restocking fees (as long as it is returned within 120 days of purchase)
  • Refunds up to 100% of the total chair price (must be within 90 days from its shipment date)