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Massage Chair Features: How to Choose & Things to Look For?

There are a variety of massage chairs on the market, each with its own unique features. Massage chairs can offer a variety of benefits, from relaxation to pain relief. Some of the most popular features include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Shiatsu, tapping, and kneading. Massage chairs also come with a variety of different roller tracks, including S-track and L-track. Best massage chair brands can also include a variety of other features, such as heat therapy, foot and calf massage, vibration, and more.


Below is the most comprehensive list of features you can find:

Comprehensive List of Massage Chair Features

Country of Production
Zero Gravity
Programs & Techniques
Space Saving Feature
Body Scanning Tech
Heat Function
Adjustable Intensity
3d Massage
4d Massage
Upholstery Material

There are a variety of massage chairs on the market, each with its own unique features. Massage chairs can offer a variety of benefits, from relaxation to pain relief. Some of the most popular features include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, Shiatsu, tapping, and kneading. Massage chairs also come with a variety of different roller tracks, including S-track and L-track. Massage chairs can also include a variety of other features, such as heat therapy, foot and calf massage, weight limit, vibration, and more.

Below is the most comprehensive list of features and different types of massage chairs you can find in a massage chair:

Massage Chair Price

Massage chairs come in a wide range of prices, from a few hundred dollars to many thousand. The price of a massage chair depends on many factors, including the brand, features, and quality.

Country Of Production

There are three main countries where massage chairs are made: USA  China, and Japan. Each country has its own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to massage chairs. American massage chairs are FDA-approved but are very expensive. Chinese massage chairs are very affordable but are not FDA-checked. Japanese chairs are made by some of the most reputable brands in the world but are also could be very expensive.

When you’re looking for the perfect massage chair, it’s important to think about what kind of body type and size will be best suited. Luckily there are options that accommodate many users from large people all the way down to petite sizes! We also understand how finance can play a big role in your decision-making process, so having the best features for price combination is vital.

Symptoms & Conditions

There are a variety of symptoms and conditions that can be experienced by users. These include, but are not limited to, headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain. Massage chairs can also help to relieve tension and stress. In some cases, people have reported feeling more relaxed after using a massage chair. Massage chairs are not intended to be used as medical devices, and they should not be used to replace professional medical care. However, they can be a great way to relax and unwind. If you are a pregnant woman or someone with a disability or sciatica pain, there is a chair for you. You just need to pick the right model. Of course, always contact your doctor first if you have a serious health condition.

Bluetooth Functionality

The newest massage chairs come equipped with a Bluetooth connection that allows you to stream your favorite tunes, audiobooks, or even gentle sound effects. You can also use it for answering calls on the go without interrupting what’s playing in front of you! Find out more about massage chairs with Bluetooth Functionality.

Zero Gravity

What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair? In the Zero Gravity position seat back reclines and raises your legs so they’re elevated above heart level while you lay on it comfortably in relaxing mode with no pressure applying downward force through the spine or elsewhere. This is great for improving circulation Zero Gravity position in massage chairs is designed with this idea of weight distribution. It’s perfect for people who want relief from their aches and pains without having to leave home! Check out our article on why zero gravity is and what are the best massage chairs with zero gravity.


Massage Programs and Techniques

The massage chair is the perfect tool to help you relax during your session. You can choose from a variety of programs, including deep tissue massages that alleviate tension in muscles or reflexology treatments that rejuvenate soles feet–our chairs are sure to do their job! Learn more about chair massage techniques here.

Massage Techniques- Swedish

The most common type of massage is Swedish. It uses soft, long kneading strokes as well as light tapping on the topmost layers to relieve tension and revitalize your body at the same time! This can be beneficial for both injury recovery AND relaxation purposes because it manipulates muscles without causing any damage or harm so there’s no need to worry about hurting yourself during treatment like with some other techniques out their now-moderately hard knocks folks use every day just getting through life from one day – yeah we’re talking about YOU arm workout enthusiasts. Read more here about the Swedish massage technique.

Massage Techniques – Deep Tissue

When you’re feeling a bit tense and sore, it may be time for some deep tissue relief. A traditional massage is executed through slow strokes with hard pressure to reach deeper into muscle fibers that neurologists say release endorphins which produce feelings of euphoria because they stimulate our own natural pain receptors as well! Learn more here about deep tissue massage chairs and techniques.

Massage Techniques- Reflexology

With its multiple benefits, reflexology is a great way to relieve stress. It’s based on the idea that by stimulating certain areas of your body and applying pressure in specific ways you can affect other parts or organs within it – including those related to health! You might find these massages at their most beneficial if they include roller balls placed near feet where there’s more skin contact than anywhere else. A typical treatment includes using different strengths depending on how much tension one feels along each leg up through the lower back while also focusing attention elsewhere such as the ears. Learn more about reflexology massage techniques.

Massage Techniques- Shiatsu

What is Shiatsu massage exactly, and how does it help the body? Did you know that traditional Japanese techniques were based on Chinese medicine with Western additions?! The founder of shiatsu massage created this form of relaxation for people who wanted both mind AND muscle relief! It’s perfect if your day has been tough or stress-filled because its focus isn’t just one area – instead, they use pressure points all over our bodies which allows us some much-needed downtime away from screens and cellphones. Find out more about Shiatsu Massage Technique.

Massage Techniques- Tapping

Tapping is a treatment for soft tissue pain and soreness that uses rapid, short-duration pulses or taps to reach deep into the body’s tissues. This technique has been proven effective in treating injuries such as backaches, neck spasms, etc., by releasing tension from tight muscles through poplar Contact us today if you would like more information about how TAPPS can help relieve your symptoms. To find out more about the tapping massage technique here.

Massage Techniques- Kneading

Kneading is a massage technique where pressure can be applied to both the top and innermost layers of muscle. This common practice treats tight muscles, and improves flexibility as well as pain relief for its users while also reducing stress or anxiety levels in some cases too! Learn more about Kneading Massage Technique.

Massage Techniques- Stretching

The massage chair is a great way to get those all-important stretches in! You can do them while watching TV or even working on an assignment at home. There are many benefits of stretching massage, not just for our physical health but also for mental well-being so it’s worth adding into your daily routine if possible

Massage Rollers (2D vs 3D vs 4D)

Different types of massage chair rollers are designed to provide various levels or depths. For example, 3D rotating mechanisms offer a more thorough experience with pinpoint accuracy while a 2D massage system is a tried-and-true design that has been around for a long time. It works your surface muscles and back without getting too deep into the ones underneath, which means these rollers are less intense than others on this list! Learn more about Massage Chair Rollers.

If you’re looking for a massage chair that offers full-body coverage, then an L-Track model is the way to go. These chairs have a roller track that extends from the neck all the way down to the lower back and glutes, providing a more thorough massage. Inada was one of the first manufacturers to include this feature in their massage chairs.

S-Track – S-tracks, on the other hand, only extends to the mid or upper back.

L-Track – L-tracks offer a more comprehensive massage as they extend all the way down to the lower back and buttocks.


Chromotherapy is a treatment used to produce relaxation. When applied in massage chairs, the color blue or yellow candlelight is common, and usually, LEDs light up on either side of your seat for added comfort while you relax! Learn more about Chromotherapy Feature.


Space Saving Feature

When you’re using your massage chair, it should be able to go wherever is suitable in the house to save space. You may also have a certain area where reclining all of its lengths would create an obstruction that can’t easily accommodate such behavior from any furniture or appliances, which means they’ll just need some creative solutions such as a good massage chair for a small space.


When you buy a massage chair, it is important to understand the massage chair warranty. Most manufacturers offer a one-year warranty on parts and labor. However, some companies extend the warranty to two or three years for an additional charge. Some companies also offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee.


Massage chair airbags can provide a number of benefits, from increased circulation to improved range of motion. Massage chairs with greater number of airbags typically offer a more immersive experience than traditional massage techniques, and the number of airbags in a chair is not necessarily an indicator of quality. However, more airbags usually mean a more immersive experience and greater coverage. When using a massage chair with airbags, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any injuries.

Shoulder Airbags – One of the most important features of a massage chair is the shoulder airbags. Massage chairs with shoulder airbags provide a much more comprehensive and relaxing massage experience. The airbags are located on the shoulders of the chair and inflate during the massage to provide additional pressure and coverage.

Calf and Foot Airbags – As anyone who has ever gotten a professional massage knows, one of the most important parts of the massage is the pressure applied to the calves and feet. This is why many massage chairs come equipped with calf and foot airbags.

Air pressure massage chair

Body Scanning Technology

Massage chairs Body Scan Technology use sensors to detect your curves and size. They provide personalized massages that are tailored for each individual, based on users’ unique shapes and sizes. With nearly every model released today, massage chairs have the ability to scan your body. This feature is useful because it allows for personalized massages based on size and shape; but how does this work? It turns out there are two types of scanning: one which involves height (like what happens when you sit in an automatic washing machine) while another requires weight or width-related data too!

Cup Holder

Looking for a way to keep your drink close by while you enjoy a massage? Check out our Massage Chair Cup Holder! This handy accessory attaches to some massage chairs and keeps your drink within easy reach. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of tea, the Massage Chair Cup Holder is the perfect way to relax and enjoy your massage.

Weight Limit

We often get asked by visitors if massage chairs have a weight limit and if so, what is it. We asked the manufacturers to find out the weight limits for their chairs and published the numbers. However, we suggest that these limits don’t mean a person weighing more than the limit can’t get the chair. It’s very possible that a 300-pound person can get just as many years out of a chair as a 250-pound person. So, don’t let your weight discourage you from getting a massage chair! Click here to learn more about massage chair weights.

Heat Therapy

There are many benefits to incorporating heat therapy into your massage chair session. Heat can help to loosen tight muscles, increase circulation, and ease the pain. Massage chairs with built-in heat therapy can provide a convenient and relaxing way to enjoy the benefits of heat therapy. When using heat therapy, it is important to start slowly and increase

Adjustable Intensity Massage

The adjustable intensity in a massage chair refers to the ability to control how strong or light the massage is. This is usually done by adjusting the settings on the chair itself. Some massage chairs have a wider range of adjustable intensity than others. The adjustable intensity feature is important because it allows you to customize your massage experience to what feels best for you. If you’re someone who enjoys a strong massage, then you’ll want a chair with high adjustable intensity. Conversely, if you prefer a lighter massage, then you’ll want a chair with low adjustable intensity.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is a method of powering electronic devices without the use of cords or wires. This technology uses an electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two objects, typically referred to as a transmitter and a receiver. It has become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to charge mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Many newer massage chairs on the market now offer wireless charging as a feature. Wireless charging for massage chairs typically works by placing the transmitter (usually built into the base of the chair) near the receiver (built into the armrest or elsewhere on the chair).

FootRest / Ottoman

The footRest is a massage chair accessory that helps to massage and relax your feet. It has a comfortable and ergonomic design that can be used on most massage chairs. It is generally made out of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting. Learn more about massage chairs with ottoman (footrests).

3D Massage

A 3D massage chair is a type of massage chair that uses three-dimensional (3D) technology to deliver a massage. This type of chair is designed to provide a more lifelike and realistic massage experience, as well as offer a number of other benefits. 3D massage chairs can provide relief for a variety of different muscle groups and can be customized to target specific areas of the body. The 3D Massage roller feature uses three-dimensional rollers that provide a more natural and realistic massage by replicating the techniques used by professional masseuses.


4D Massage

With a 4D massage, the rollers can speed up or slow down automatically to concentrate on tense muscles without you having adjusted with a remote. The difference compared to other types of massages is that this change in speeds happens seamlessly so it’s easier for your therapist -and more relaxing! A 4D massage chair uses advanced robotics to provide a massage that feels very similar to that of a human masseuse. It is the most advanced type of massage chair available on the market and can offer a wide range of benefits, including relief from muscle pain, improved circulation, and reduced stress levels.

Massage Chair Upholstery Material

There are 2 types of massage chair upholstery materials available: Synthetic leather and Genuine Leather. Each type of material has its own unique benefits that can help to improve your massage experience.

Genuine leather – the most popular type of massage chair upholstery material is genuine leather. Leather is very durable and easy to clean, making it an ideal choice for those who are looking for a long-lasting massage chair. Leather is also very comfortable to sit on, making it a great choice for those who want to enjoy a relaxing massage. Here are the top leather massage chairs with the best function and look.

(leather massage reclining chair)

Synthetic Leather – Synthetic leather is a cheaper alternative to leather, but it is not as durable. Synthetic leather is also not as comfortable to sit on, and it is more difficult to clean. However, synthetic leather is a good choice for those who are looking for a cheaper option.

Physical Characteristics (Size)

The majority of massage chairs accommodate people who are 4.5′- 6.9′ tall and weigh up to 300 pounds. Make sure to target your search accordingly if you’re looking for a massage chair that can accommodate a specific height or weight. Chairs from some brands can fit large frames comfortably, while others are shorter-height adjustable.

Similarly, make sure you have enough space to accommodate a massage chair comfortably. It is recommended that you bring your own measurements when shopping online for a massage chair to make the most informed decision. Most online massage chair retailers provide size specifications for their products.

If you are tall, check out this guide about best massage chairs for tall people and if you are on a shorter size this best massage chairs for short people guide will help.