In a fast-paced world that constantly demands our time and attention, finding moments of tranquility and rejuvenation has become essential. Enter the realm of portable massage chairs, a revolution in wellness and self-care that brings the healing power of therapeutic touch wherever you go.

These ingenious creations combine ergonomic design, advanced technology, and luxurious comfort to provide an unparalleled massage experience that rivals that of professional spa treatments. Whether you’re a dedicated massage therapist seeking to elevate your practice or an individual yearning for moments of relaxation and relief, our comprehensive guide to the best portable massage chairs has got you covered.

Embark on a journey as we delve into the world of cutting-edge engineering, exploring the standout features, unique benefits, and top-notch options available in the market. Discover lightweight marvels that effortlessly adapt to various body types, boasting exceptional adjustability and support. Uncover the secret behind materials engineered for durability, ensuring that your portable oasis stands the test of time.

We’ll explore the latest innovations in padding and upholstery, examining the science behind foam densities and breathability to ensure optimal comfort for both therapists and clients. Unveil the hidden gems that offer an array of massage techniques, from Swedish to deep tissue, shiatsu to sports massage, each providing targeted relief and revitalization.

7 Best Portable Massage Chairs in 2023: The Detailed Reviews

Our selection of the top 7 portable massage chairs has been analyzed and evaluated thoroughly. It caters to the needs of professional therapists, beauty salon owners, and those seeking relaxation at home.

You can find a variety of options that are convenient and tailored to your specific needs. We have created an informative overview of the best portable massage chairs of the year taking into account their durability, comfort, adjustability, and overall performance.

We will explore the features, pros, and cons of these exceptional chairs to help you make an informed decision and improve your massage experience.

Master Massage Rio Fully Adjustable Portable Massage Chair – #1 Best Overall

Master Massage Rio

Master Massage has been producing high-quality massage chairs since 1998, and one of its best models is the Rio. The chair is made from aircraft aluminum, which is recognized for its strength despite its light weight. That’s why the Rio can withstand up to 600 pounds of working weight and 1200 pounds of static weight.

The chair has nylon inserts that are reinforced with fiberglass to provide a non-slip and safe experience. All parts of the chair, including the face cradle, armrest, chest pad, seat, and knee pads can be adjusted to meet your user’s needs. However, the chair seat can only pivot around the base and cannot be precisely adjusted for height.

As a professional therapist, you can easily fold the 24-pound chair and store it in its wheeled case after completing your work. This makes carrying the chair effortless. Additionally, the product comes with a lifetime warranty from Master Massage in case you encounter any issues and are not satisfied.


  • Robust construction made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Ideal for individuals with higher body weight or those seeking stronger support
  • Leg inserts reinforced with fiberglass
  • Offers full adjustability to accommodate individual preferences and body types
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring long-term peace of mind


  • Higher price point compared to other options on the market
  • Limited range of seat height adjustment, which may not suit all user preferences or specific needs

This chair is great for both home and professional use because of its superb features.

Oakworks PKG7110-T20 Portal Pro 3 – Runners Up

Portal Pro 3

The Oakworks Portal Pro 3 Portable Massage Chair is a reliable and high-quality option that offers great value for the money. As one of the leading companies in the industry since 1977, Oakworks has once again delivered this portable massage chair.

Designed with precision ergonomics, the Portal Pro 3 features a classic and proven design, prioritizing portability while still supporting a weight capacity of 350 pounds. Its compact footprint makes it perfect for therapists on the go or those working in small office spaces.

The chair provides excellent access to key areas of the body, allowing therapists to effectively target the lumbar, thoracic spine, cervical, scapula, and shoulder regions. While the chair is covered in vinyl without an option for a leather upgrade, it comes in a wide range of attractive color choices to suit individual preferences.


  • Reliable and well-established brand: Oakworks has been manufacturing top-quality massage chairs since 1977, ensuring a trusted and reputable product.
  • Precision ergonomic design: The chair offers complete access to key areas of the body, allowing therapists to target specific muscles and provide effective massages.
  • Compact and portable: With its small footprint, the Portal Pro 3 is highly portable, making it ideal for therapists on the go or those with limited space.
  • Wide range of color options: The chair is available in a variety of attractive colors, allowing users to choose one that matches their personal style or professional branding.
  • Supports a weight capacity of 350 pounds: Despite its lightweight construction, the chair can accommodate users of varying sizes and weights


  • Unlike some other models, the Portal Pro 3 does not offer the option to upgrade to leather upholstery, limiting customization choices.
  • The padded sternum strap, an essential component for proper support, needs to be bought separately, increasing the overall cost.
  • While Oakworks offers a separate stool for purchase, the absence of an included basic masseuse chair may require an additional investment for therapists in need of one.

One downside is that the padded sternum strap, which is a necessary component, needs to be purchased separately. Additionally, Oakworks offers a separate stool as a basic masseuse chair, providing added convenience for therapists.

Overall, the Oakworks Portal Pro 3 Portable Massage Chair is a solid and dependable product, earning its well-deserved second-place position. Whether you prefer a more conventional design or have budget constraints, this chair is undoubtedly one of the best portable massage therapy chairs available in the market. If you can’t afford the Dolphin II or prefer a more conventional design, this is one of the best portable massage therapy chairs.

Earthlite AVILA II – The Most Durable

Avila 2

If you are planning to frequently use a massage chair, I suggest buying a reliable product that won’t break down within a few years. In terms of durability, Earthlite is a highly recommended brand and their Avila II model is a great example.

The construction of this product is made of composite-carbon material and it can support up to 350 pounds of working weight. Although I would prefer it if it could support more weight, the other features are still acceptable. Additionally, it is adjustable and can fit users who are 4’6” to 6’6” in height, which I believe adds to its value.


  • Superior Quality: The Earthlite Avila II Portable Massage Chair is renowned for its exceptional build quality and craftsmanship, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Comfortable Design: With its ergonomic design and plush cushioning, the Avila II offers a comfortable seating experience for both clients and therapists, allowing for extended sessions without discomfort.
  • Easy to Adjust: This chair provides excellent adjustability, allowing therapists to customize the positioning and angle to accommodate various body types and client preferences.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Designed with portability in mind, the Avila II is lightweight and comes with a convenient carrying case, making it easy to transport and set up in different locations.
  • Versatile and Secure: The chair features secure locking mechanisms and adjustable components, ensuring stability and safety during massages. It allows for a wide range of massage techniques to be performed effectively.


  • Not suitable for heavyweight users
  • Higher Price Point: Compared to some other portable massage chairs on the market, the Earthlite Avila II comes with a relatively higher price tag, which may be a deterrent for those on a tight budget.
  • Limited Color Options: The Avila II is available in a limited range of colors, which may not cater to specific aesthetic preferences or match the branding of certain businesses.
  • Learning Curve for Adjustments: While the chair is adjustable, mastering the proper adjustment techniques may take some time and practice, particularly for those new to working with this specific model.

The chair has an accessory pouch attached to the armrest where you can store your belongings while using it. It also has a removable sternum pad for extra comfort. It comes with a wheeled case for easy transportation. If you’re looking for a long-lasting chair and want to avoid feeling tired from carrying it around in a regular shoulder-mounted case, this chair is perfect for you as it weighs around 25 pounds.

Master Massage Apollo – Best Professional Portable Massage Chair for Heavyweight Users


The Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair is a standout performer, capable of withstanding rigorous use and delivering exceptional value. It has gained recognition as one of the top choices in the portable massage chair market. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your massage therapy business, the Apollo proves to be an excellent investment without breaking the bank.

One of the distinguishing features of Master Massage is its consistent delivery of high-quality products, which is evident in the Apollo. This chair has garnered rave reviews from satisfied customers. Despite its budget-friendly price, it offers a range of appealing attributes.

The Apollo focuses on what truly matters – providing an outstanding massage experience. With six adjustable positions, you can easily target different areas of your client’s body, and the well-padded and spacious seat ensures maximum comfort.

The lightweight construction of the Apollo makes it highly portable, and the inclusion of a wheeled carrying case enhances its convenience further. It even features a handy “session pouch” where you can store small items for your clients, adding a thoughtful touch to their massage experience.

Surprisingly, the Apollo surpasses both our first and second-place picks by accommodating an impressive weight capacity of up to 650 pounds. This remarkable strength is a testament to its durability and reliability.


  • Lightweight strong construction
  • Small footprint
  • Electrostatic-powder coating


  • Quite expensive
  • Polyurethane upholstery

Although it may not offer as many extra features or seating configurations as our top choices, there is no denying that the Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair ranks among the best in its class. Its well-deserved third-place position on our list solidifies its reputation as a high-quality massage therapy chair that will undoubtedly meet your expectations.

Stronglite Ergo Pro II – Top Ergonomic

Ergo Pro 2

The Ergo Pro II massage chair from Stronglite is unique because it includes a removable knee pad, which is not a common feature in other portable massage chairs. This feature is especially important for users who have injuries or disabilities that make it difficult to bend their knees against the chair pads. Being able to remove the knee pad allows for a better fit and increased comfort.

The chair is constructed of aluminum, like many other chairs. However, it stands out because it has undergone T6 heat treatment, which significantly enhances its strength and durability.


  • User-Friendly Design
  • Strong T6-treated aluminum construction
  • Suitable for heavyweight users
  • Movable design
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Adjustable and Comfortable
  • Wide Weight Capacity


  • Quite expensive
  • Doesn’t come with a wheeled case

This chair has a unique double-rod design that provides greater support compared to the traditional single-rod design. As a result, the chair can accommodate users weighing up to 600 pounds.

The chair is easy to move around the house because of the pivoting offset wheels. However, I dislike the fact that it is shipped inside a shoulder-mounted case as it weighs around 24 pounds, and lifting it can be inconvenient. Stronglite made a small hole in the bag to use the chair wheels instead of a wheeled case, but this might cause rapid wear.

NRG Grasshopper – Top Rated Lightweight Chair


The Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair is built with a simple yet effective design and is made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes it strong, lightweight, and easy to set up and transport, which are important features for professional massage therapists who need to provide on-site massages. It is available in agate blue, black, burgundy, purple, and vanilla creme colors.


  • Lightweight and Portable: The NRG Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair Package is designed with mobility in mind, making it easy to transport and set up for massage sessions on the go.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, this chair offers a combination of lightweight design and exceptional strength, ensuring long-lasting durability.
  • Adjustable and Comfortable: The chair features an adjustable seat, chest, head, and arm supports, allowing therapists to customize the positioning to suit different clients and provide optimal comfort during massage sessions.
  • Client Comfort: With 2-1/2 inches of foam padding and easy-to-care-for Levante vinyl upholstery, the Grasshopper chair offers a comfortable and inviting experience for clients.
  • Value for Money: The Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair Package provides a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality, making it an attractive option for both new and experienced massage therapists.


  • Limited Color Options: The package may have a limited selection of color choices available, which may not cater to specific aesthetic preferences or match the branding of certain businesses.
  • Working Weight Limit: While the chair is designed to support a working weight of up to 300 lbs, it may not be suitable for clients who exceed this weight limit.

This is a simple guide on how to set up an on-site massage solution. First, unfold the front legs. Next, lift the seat and insert the bar into the correct height slot. After that, release the locking arm of the headrest and unfurl it. Adjust the height and angle of the headrest for your client’s comfort, then lock it by pushing down on the arm. Raise the armrest and adjust it to one of the three positions, then securely lock it with the locking arm. Finally, adjust the chest plate to the appropriate height for your client and lock it in place by tightening the knob. That’s it – easy.

Giantex – Top Budget Lightweight Massage Chair


The chair’s dimensions are 30″ in length, 19″ in width, and 45″ in height, making it a moderately sized chair that can fit in various spaces. It can hold up to 350 pounds of weight due to its aluminum construction and powder-coated frame.

If you’re not aware, the coating method used on this product creates a strong finish that can resist scratches, all at an affordable price. The feature I appreciate the most is the upholstery that Giantex used, which is made of durable polyurethane leather. This material offers better breathability and is easier to clean compared to the regular polyurethane used on other chairs.

Giantex added a 2-inch layer of small-cell foam padding to the chair, providing a smooth massage experience when combined with the upholstery. The chair also includes a durable nylon case that can be carried on the shoulders and weighs only 20 pounds, making it easy to transport.


  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame: The massage chair boasts a robust aluminum frame with a powder-coated finish, ensuring long-lasting durability and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Optimal Size: With a moderate size, the chair strikes a balance between comfort and portability, making it suitable for a wide range of clients and massage settings.
  • Lightweight Design: Its lightweight construction allows for easy transportation and effortless setup, ideal for therapists who are frequently on the move.


  • The durability of the Case: Some users have reported concerns regarding the durability of the carrying case, suggesting that it may not withstand rigorous use over an extended period.
  • Limited Color Options: Currently, the chair is available only in black, which may limit the variety of aesthetic choices for individuals seeking alternative color preferences.
  • Not suitable for heavyweight users

The Giantex is a versatile and excellent choice for various applications, including tattoo studios, beauty salons, daily household use, and therapy sessions. Its multi-purpose design caters to different needs, making it a valuable asset in these settings.

Whether providing relaxation during a tattoo session, offering comfort and support in a beauty salon, facilitating daily at-home massages, or assisting in therapeutic treatments, the Giantex Massage Chair delivers functionality and convenience. Its features and adjustability make it suitable for a wide range of users and purposes, enhancing the overall experience and satisfaction of both clients and practitioners.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using

Portable massage chairs are popular among individuals seeking on-the-go relaxation and therapy. They offer numerous benefits but also come with certain drawbacks. Portable massage chairs were first introduced in the 1980s, primarily targeting professional massage therapists.
The lightweight and compact design of portable massage chairs makes them suitable for outdoor events, corporate settings, and even airports, where quick stress relief is in demand.

Portable Massage Chairs usingMany portable massage chairs offer adjustable features such as headrests, armrests, and chest pads, allowing therapists to adapt to different client body types and preferences. Some portable massage chairs incorporate innovative technologies, such as built-in heating or vibration features, to enhance the massage experience.

Here is some information about the benefits, cons, interesting facts, and recommendations for using portable massage chairs:

Benefits of Portable Massage Chairs:

  • Portability: As the name suggests, these chairs are designed to be lightweight and easy to transport, making them ideal for mobile therapists, events, offices, and home use.
  • Convenience: Portable massage chairs are adjustable and foldable, allowing users to customize their seating position and easily set up or store the chair.
  • Accessibility: They provide a practical solution for individuals who may have difficulty lying down on a massage table, such as pregnant women, elderly clients, or those with limited mobility.
  • Versatility: Portable massage chairs can accommodate various massage techniques, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology, offering a wide range of therapeutic possibilities.
  • Cost-effective: Compared to full-size massage tables, portable massage chairs are generally more affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for therapists or individuals on a tight budget.

Cons of Portable Massage Chairs:

  • Limited Comfort: Due to their compact size and lightweight design, portable massage chairs may not offer the same level of cushioning and support as full-size tables. This can affect client comfort during longer sessions.
  • Restricted Access: Certain massage techniques that require full-body access or involve stretching movements may be challenging to perform on a portable chair.
  • Durability: While portable massage chairs are designed to be durable, frequent transport and folding may cause wear and tear over time, potentially reducing their lifespan.
  • Size Limitations: Clients with larger body frames may find it uncomfortable or challenging to fit in some portable massage chairs, as they are designed with specific weight and size limits.

Who Should Use Portable Massage Chairs:

  • Mobile Therapists: Portable massage chairs are an excellent choice for therapists who travel to provide services at different locations, as they are easy to transport and set up.
  • Event Organizers: Portable massage chairs can be used at conferences, trade shows, or other events where participants may benefit from short massages to alleviate stress and muscle tension.
  • Office Settings: Companies looking to provide wellness benefits to their employees can use portable massage chairs for on-site massage sessions during breaks or as part of wellness programs.

Who Should Not Use Portable Massage Chairs:

  • Individuals with Severe Medical Conditions: People with severe back or neck injuries, spinal issues, or any medical condition that requires specialized care should consult a healthcare professional before using a portable massage chair.
  • Individuals with Open Wounds or Skin Conditions: It is not recommended to use a portable massage chair if you have open wounds, rashes, or contagious skin conditions that could be aggravated by contact or pressure.

What to Consider When Purchasing Portable Massage Chairs

Finding the ideal portable massage chair can greatly enhance your massage experience and take your professional practice to the next level. In this guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when selecting the chair that suits you best.

Portability: Beyond the Obvious. When it comes to portable massage chairs, portability may seem like an obvious factor. However, not all chairs are created equal in terms of ease of transportation. Consider two crucial factors: weight and carrying case.

While most chairs can be moved around, some are significantly lighter than others. The weight typically ranges from 15 to 30 pounds. Additionally, pay attention to the type of carrying case provided—whether it’s shoulder-mounted or wheeled.

Massage Chair and therapistChoosing the Right Chair:

  • For home use: Portability is less of a concern, as all chairs are light enough to move around the house comfortably.
  • For travel to clients: Opt for a lightweight model with a wheeled case to make transportation hassle-free.
  • For a fixed location: A heavier model with a suitable case would be suitable if you have a dedicated space for client visits.

Capacity: Beyond Weight Limits. The massage chair’s capacity is determined by two parameters: static and working capacity. Static capacity refers to the weight the chair can hold when the user remains still while working capacity refers to the weight it can handle during a massage. While working capacity is crucial, a higher static capacity often indicates a stronger and more durable construction. Be cautious of brands that focus solely on promoting the static capacity to oversell their chairs.

Construction Materials: Durability and Strength. The construction material of the chair directly impacts its capacity and overall quality. Aluminum, known for its high strength-to-weight ratio, is commonly used. Some brands even subject it to heat treatment to enhance its capacity further. Composite carbon is another material that provides higher strength at lower weights. Steel, although heavy, is occasionally used. Consider the construction material to ensure a sturdy and long-lasting chair.

Adjustability: Finding the Perfect Fit

As the price range increases, so does the chair’s adjustability. Here are some levels of adjustability commonly found:

Basic Level: Most portable chairs offer adjustable face cradles and armrests in terms of angle and height. The seat and chest pad can be adjusted in angle only.

Seat Adjustment: Look for chairs with ladder-shaped frame indentations that allow for additional height adjustment of the seat bar.

Chest Pad Adjustment: Some chairs feature a zigzag frame that allows movement of the chest pad to accommodate taller users.

Knee Pad Adjustment: Certain brands provide the option to remove or adjust the angle of the knee pad, catering to users with specific needs.

Sternum Pad: A removable cushion placed vertically in the middle of the chest pad, offering proper support, especially for women.

Comfort: A Relaxing Experience. When it comes to comfort, two factors play a crucial role: padding and upholstery.

Padding: Different types of foam, such as a sponge, small-cell foam, and memory foam, are commonly used. For short massage sessions, budget-friendly sponge padding suffices. However, for longer sessions, consider advanced foam padding for enhanced comfort.

Upholstery: Most brands use polyurethane (PU), leather, or PU leather. Polyurethane is affordable but lacks breathability and is challenging to clean. Leather is more expensive but offers durability. PU leather is gaining popularity for its acceptable breathability, ease of cleaning, and reasonable price.

Warranty: Protection for Peace of Mind. An extended warranty ensures you get the most value from your purchase. Look for chairs that offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and a warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Portable Massage Chairs Difficult to Transport?

Transporting portable massage chairs is generally a convenient and manageable task due to their design and lightweight construction. These chairs are specifically engineered to be easily moved from one location to another, allowing for flexibility in providing massages wherever needed. With careful consideration of factors such as weight and carrying case type, portable massage chairs can be effortlessly transported. While some chairs may weigh as little as 15 pounds, others may reach a maximum weight of around 30 pounds. The inclusion of shoulder-mounted or wheeled carrying cases further facilitates transportation, ensuring that therapists can conveniently bring their equipment to various settings.

What Types of Massages Can I Give Someone in a Portable Massage Chair?

A portable massage chair offers versatility and allows for a range of massage techniques to be performed on the recipient. The design of these chairs enables the therapist to target specific areas of the body while the client remains seated in a comfortable position. Various massage modalities can be applied, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, shiatsu, sports massage, and even acupressure. The seated position in the chair allows for effective access to the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and legs, making it possible to address common areas of tension and promote relaxation. The portable massage chair thus provides a convenient platform for delivering a diverse array of therapeutic massages tailored to individual client needs.

Should I Buy Covers that Can Protect My Portable Massage Chair?

Absolutely! Investing in covers to protect your portable massage chair is highly recommended. These covers offer multiple benefits that can prolong the lifespan and maintain the quality of your chair. Firstly, they provide a protective barrier against dust, dirt, and stains, keeping your chair clean and hygienic.

Additionally, covers can safeguard the upholstery from tears, scratches, and general wear and tear, ensuring its longevity. Moreover, covers can be easily removed and washed, promoting proper hygiene and sanitation for both you and your clients. Lastly, with a variety of designs and colors available, covers can also add a touch of style and personalization to your massage setup. Overall, purchasing covers is a wise investment to safeguard and enhance the durability and aesthetics of your portable massage chair.

Conclusion. What is the Best Massage Chair for Your Money?

In conclusion, our detailed reviews have presented the top 7 portable massage chairs available in 2023. These chairs have been carefully analyzed and evaluated to cater to the needs of professional therapists, beauty salon owners, and individuals seeking relaxation at home.

After considering factors such as durability, comfort, adjustability, and overall performance, we have identified the following top three models:

  • Master Massage Rio stands out as the best overall choice. It offers robust construction made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum, accommodating individuals with higher body weight or those seeking stronger support. Its full adjustability ensures it can accommodate individual preferences and body types. The lifetime warranty provided by Master Massage adds long-term peace of mind.
  • Oakworks PKG7110-T20 Portal Pro 3 is our runner-up, this chair offers reliable quality and excellent value for the money. It’s precision ergonomic design allows therapists to effectively target key areas of the body, and its compact footprint is perfect for those on the go or with limited space. Although it lacks certain customization options, the Oakworks Portal Pro 3 remains a solid and dependable choice.
  • Earthlite AVILA II stands out for its durability. Made with composite-carbon material, it provides exceptional strength and can support up to 350 pounds of working weight. Its adjustable features and ability to fit users of various heights add to its value. While it may have a higher price point and limited color options, the Earthlite Avila II is a reliable choice for frequent use.

These top three models offer a range of features and benefits to enhance your massage experience. Whether you prioritize overall quality, portability, or durability, there is a portable massage chair on our list to suit your specific needs. If you don’t agree with our decision, don’t worry. We explained our selection criteria and shared information about the other finalists for this reason.

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