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Your well-being, your lifestyle, and outlook are of utmost importance to them. They strive to be healthier and more quality-oriented. Besides technology and design, Bodyfriend defines luxury as happiness felt by people who experience Bodyfriend in any form. It is a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, Bodyfriend created a unique rental system, which enabled us to provide customers with sensible luxury on a daily basis.

About the Company. Where is Bodyfriend Massage Chair Made?

This South Korean company was founded in 2007 and controls 70% of the market for massage chairs. With a unique team of doctors and medical specialists, Bodyfriend Inc. has its own Medical Research & Development department dedicated to improving clients’ health and well-being. By providing tools that check body condition and provide solutions at the same time, they hope to improve the quality of life at home and at work.

The company’s mission is to extend the health of customers by 10 years. They are a global healthcare company with a mission to design your life. In addition to developing and patenting numerous innovative technologies of the time, they have received numerous awards from prestigious organizations.

They aim to extend the healthful life expectancy of the human race by 10 years with each of their products exhibiting outstanding design excellence and top-quality user experience. Human life expectancy has increased significantly due to advances in medicine. However, healthful longevity has stayed the same, meaning living long healthily; therefore, the gap between the two longevities has widened. 

With over 200 researchers in their research lab, design center, medical research center, and integrated research center, Bodyfriend is working to narrow that gap. The dream of extending healthful longevity by ten years is no longer a far-off dream.

In keeping with your health at heart, Bodyfriend has always challenged established methods and created innovative products. First medical R & D center, the first natural latex mattress bed brand, introduced the first water purifier with a straight pipe and self-replaceable filter, the first brain-mental message machines, and the first massage chairs for juniors. 

At Bodyfriend seek out the best solutions to help promote your health and well-being. They value the value of a masterpiece and the quality of health, so they create a masterpiece from all of their available artistry and craftsmanship.

Bodyfriend Massage Chair Reviews

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II BLACK EDITION

Pharaoh II BLACK EDITION is the evolution of the original Pharaoh massage chair. Experience brain relaxation with XD Brain Sound, binaural beats, and special massage techniques.

In the brain, a third sound is produced when two sounds of varying frequencies enter each ear simultaneously. A luxurious design and special functions are added to create an elegant massage. With rotating rollers mounted on the leg massager, you are able to effectively recover leg fatigue. You can easily adjust the intensity of the massage and the intensity of the airbags for each body part based on your own preferences. 

With the improved shoulder recognition function, the user can customize their massage according to their needs. Even while the massage is in operation, the user can adjust the shoulder position. Six massage balls target the wider area of the back and waist compared to conventional XD modules, and they deeply massage the curved part.

Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II – One of the Best Korean Massage Chair

The Bodyfriend Pharaoh S II massage chair is perfect if you’re looking for a high-quality massage chair that is made in Korea. In addition to being made from genuine leather, this Pharaoh S II has a gold shine nano-coating technique for extra luxury. The quilting design is inspired by Egyptian pharaohs.

Experience a whole new sense of comfort with genuine leather seating during your massage. Feel the sensation of real leather against your skin as you enjoy the massage’s effects.

S & L Track follows the curve of the human body so that it can massage the neck, lower back, glutes, and upper hamstrings as well. A 4D massage is similar to a 3D massage in that the intensity can be easily adjusted from very gentle to very intense. This is because the rollers can push out several inches further.

The fourth benefit of 4D is that the back rollers will slow down when they sense a tight muscle so that they can spend more time there and apply more pressure. This is similar to how a human masseuse will spend more time on the most tense muscles.

Bodyfriend Massage Chair Rex-L

A sports car-style design and advanced technology make the Bodyfriend Massage Chair – Rex-L Black a great choice for massage enthusiasts. The advanced body scanning technology allows you to adjust the rollers to the height and shape of your shoulders so you get a customized massage. The remote control can also be used to adjust everything to your liking. In the handles, there are biometric sensors that detect your stress and tension levels to help you determine when you are overworked or need a massage.

Nine automatic massages are available, including golfer, student, hip-and-up, relax, refresh, sleep, body stretch, upper body, and lower body. A kneading massage is followed by tapping and knocking, and both tapping and kneading are included. There are 98 airbags in this chair, and you can control the intensity to focus on the neck, shoulders, waist, arms, hands, pelvis, calf, or foot.

Bodyfriend Lamborghini Massage Chair (LBF-750)

The exterior design of Bodyfriend replicates Lamborghini’s bold colors and charismatic aesthetics. The Lamborghini spirit can be even from the smallest details. Experience the sensation of driving in a luxury supercar. Awaken the soul with LBF 750 which does more than provide extraordinary massages.

  • 4D Massage System: Rollers, airbags, and complex body massaging with warmth automatically recognizes the user’s body shape to provide personalized massage.
  • Multi-Interface Controller: Quick and easy left/right inner key control resembles the design of a supercar.
  • Multi-channel Surround Sound: 8 speakers including woofer Virtual 5.1 channel stereo sound. Bluetooth / USB / AUX support.
  • LED Mood Lighting: Multi LED and pattern lighting provide the mood you want.
  • SPECIAL MASSAGE PROGRAM Brain Massage: Concentration & Meditation mode with binaural beats
  • Healing Massage: Healing music & customized massage upon measurement of the user’s stress level
  • Supercar Massage: Sound system that resembles Lamborghini’s sound engine
  • Bluetooth Speaker: Multi-channel surrounds sound speakers create an amazing sound.

Bodyfriend Phantom Medical Care

A medical device registered with the FDA. Bodyfriend’s full-body massage technique transforms a massage chair into a medical device. Phantom Medical Care Massage chairs are specifically designed to treat minor neck pain. 

A Phantom Medical Care massage chair is specially designed to treat minor neck muscle pain. Using airbags and massage modules, this course massages the neck.

Fixing calf and ankle airbags and a thigh airbag, it stimulates the quadriceps femoris and the biceps femoris muscles. You will feel the effects of stretching and alleviating minor muscle pain through the stimulation of each muscle in this course. 

Using acupressure and intensive massaging, this course relieves pain in the shoulders and neck. As a combination of the XD Module and PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) Module, the XD PEMF Module measures the user’s body and stimulates it to relieve minor neck and back muscle pain.

PEMF is applied to the XD-PEMF module along the spinal column (neck, back, waist, pelvis/cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, and coccyx) to relieve muscle pain.

Bodyfriend Phantom II

This Bodyfriend Phantom II massage chair features an SL-Track, allowing it to massage your neck, under your glutes, and behind your thighs through its L-track. The massage roller has 4D capabilities with a rotating head to provide a four-ball or a two-ball massage when needed.

It is possible to switch from a quad roller to a dual head with the 4D massage of the Bodyfriend Phantom II massage chair. The new brain massage programs will bring new meaning and peace to your life. 

For an intense and deep massage, you can adjust the intensity through five levels in two settings. It provides deep kneading for the back and then focuses on the shoulders. With the SL-Track of the Bodyfriend Phantom II, you get the benefits of the S-Track, which contours your spine, while with the L-Track, you can wrap the rollers under your glutes to the back of your thighs, before moving from your neck down to your back again.

Bodyfriend PALACE II

With the Bodyfriend Palace II, you can relax from head to toe. From soothing heat to calf air massage to reducing swelling, the Bodyfriend Palace II is designed for your comfort and convenience.

Compared to 3D massage, 4D massage is similar in the sense that the intensity can be easily adjusted from very gentle to very intense. This is because the rollers can push out several inches further. As soon as the back rollers sense a tight muscle, they will slow down so they can concentrate on the muscles that need more pressure. A masseuse will spend more time on the muscles that are most tense in much the same way.

This track fits the curves of the human body, allowing the roller system to massage the neck, lower back, glutes, and upper hamstrings as the system massages the neck area.

With this technology, you can place the chair just a few inches from your wall. Older models, which do not have this technology, generally require 2 feet of clearance space.

Bodyfriend Quantum

With a height of 47 inches and weight of 335 pounds, the Bodyfriend Quantum massage chair resembles an alien throne more than any recliner we’ve ever seen. Even though the bold and angular look won’t appeal to everyone, we could see how it would work in a modern game room.

Beyond the Quantum’s bold looks, Bodyfriend seems to have crammed every feature possible into the hulking chair. This chair comes with a Nava Clova AI Voice Recognition system that enables you to instruct the chair on what parts of your body need special attention.

Using the chair’s 10.1-inch full high-definition touch screen, you can listen to music or the sound of your videos. As part of the rig, you will also receive a soothing full-body massage during a blackout thanks to what Bodyfriend is calling the “world’s first” uninterruptible power supply.

Bodyfriend Agera Air

Have you ever had a chair massage if you owned a chair massage unit with six rollers? With the Agera Air massage chair, you can relax at any time and enjoy a wide and deep massage. 

With its 6 massage rollers, you can get a wider and deeper massage. While other models usually have quad- or dual-style rollers, the Agera Air has 6 massage balls that can massage more back and waist areas.

What about the SL track? It extends the massage coverage even more. How is that possible? Most massage chairs have either an S-track or an L-track. But with Agera Air, you don’t need to choose between them. 

When it comes to massage therapy, you’ll get the best of both worlds with a seamless connection between the S-track and the L-track. It alternates between tapping on the back and kneading, acupressure, and tapping on the feet to ensure a good night’s sleep. 

Bodyfriend Highkey

Bodyfriend Highkey massage chair features an ergonomic S&L Frame. The S&L Frame conforms to the contours of the body and best supports the entire length of the body. From the head down to the waist, the S frame fully massages, while the L frame massages along the lower body from the hips to the thighs.

With Bodyfriend’s new conceptual massage, you can switch between 4 massage rollers and 2 rollers depending on the area to be massaged. In addition to providing different massage techniques based on body area, Highkey’s 4D massage modules at five levels provide dynamic massage experiences.

With BOYFRIEND, your brain is enhanced through the use of binaural beats integrated into our healing music, which enhances cognitive performance. It is patented and clinically proven to improve cognitive performance. In addition to enhancing focus and concentration, it fosters positive moods and reduces stress more effectively.

A zero gravity position at 170 degrees provides the optimal massage angle. The body is weightlessly positioned, and recline angles can be further adjusted to enhance the massage experience.

Bodyfriend Hugchair 2.0 Captain America Massage Chair

The Captain America Hugchair 2.0 from Bodyfriend is perfect for anyone who likes superheroes. With an S&L frame that massages the entire length of your body, this chair is perfect for superhero fans. You can choose from four auto massage programs, including those that target necks and shoulders, waists and backs, relaxation, and soothing.

With the massage rollers, you can choose to massage a specific area or do a complete whole-body massage. There are three reclining angles to choose from, and the zero-gravity angle is ideally positioned at 170 degrees to distribute gravitational pressure evenly for a deeper massage.

There is also a USB charging port, Bluetooth technology, and back heating on this massage chair. It comes with a Smart Control panel located on the right side for easy access to the controls. It is very reasonably priced, but a bit on the compact side and can only accommodate users up to 5′ 7″ in height and a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

Korean Massage Chair BTS

The Korean-made BTS massage chair is a remarkable piece of ergonomic furniture that blends cutting-edge technology with sleek design. Designed with the utmost precision, this chair offers an unparalleled relaxation experience.

One of the standout features of the BTS chair is its intelligent 3D massage system. This advanced system is engineered to mimic the intricate movements of a skilled masseur’s hands. It utilizes a multidimensional approach, with rollers that move not only vertically and horizontally but also adjust in depth, ensuring a thorough and precise massage.

A distinguishing element of the BTS chair is its innovative body scanning technology. Before each massage session, the chair employs sensors to map the user’s body shape and contours. This data is then used to customize the massage to suit the individual’s unique needs, targeting specific muscle groups and tension points for optimal relief and relaxation.

The BTS chair is also equipped with a state-of-the-art air compression system. Strategically positioned airbags gently inflate and deflate to apply rhythmic compression to the arms, legs, and back. This dynamic compression massage promotes blood circulation, reduces muscle fatigue, and alleviates stress, enhancing the overall massage experience.

Furthermore, the chair integrates a sophisticated heating mechanism. The strategically positioned heating elements emit gentle warmth, creating a soothing sensation that relaxes and loosens tight muscles. This therapeutic heat therapy complements the massage, providing additional relief and comfort.

In terms of massage techniques, the BTS chair offers an extensive selection, including kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and rolling. Users can choose from a variety of preset massage programs or tailor their massage sessions to focus on specific areas and preferences.

The chair’s zero-gravity feature adds another layer of luxury. By reclining into a zero-gravity position, the body’s weight is evenly distributed, reducing spinal pressure and optimizing the massage’s effectiveness. This position induces deep relaxation and stress reduction.

In conclusion, the Korean-made BTS chair seamlessly blends advanced technology, 3D massage capabilities, personalized body scanning, air compression, heating, and zero-gravity positioning to provide an exceptional relaxation experience. Its meticulous craftsmanship and customization options make it the ideal choice for those seeking the pinnacle of massage chair innovation and comfort.

Questions and Answers

What Country is Bodyfriend From?

Bodyfriend has been the #1 global healthcare technology company based in South Korea since 2007. It currently owns 70% of the massage chair market.

Are All Massage Chairs Made in China?

There are still a number of Japanese massage chairs being manufactured today, which tend to have failure rates of around 1% and will last you about 15 years. Most massage chairs today are manufactured in mainland China, although Japanese chairs are still regularly produced.


Each Bodyfriend massage chair has its own highly unique aesthetic – ranging from soft pastel pinks to masculine lines of the Rex L to even Captain America chairs. There is nothing boring about this company’s massage chairs. They are fun, playful, and definitely NOT boring.

These high-tech chairs not only look great, but they’re also functional. Bodyfriend’s massage chairs can help relieve pain no matter what it is, from heating and cooling to targeted body scans to zero gravity mode. Combined with price ranges to fit every budget, we think Bodyfriend massage chairs are a great choice!

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