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It is true that Homedics is not a giant in the industry, but they are a highly respected company, which puts them above the off-brands that dominate the value segment. With their massage products, you get to be totally in control and totally relieved of stress and aches by combining our advances in massage with modern technology.

About the Company

With over 30 years of experience, we’ve been on store shelves and in millions of homes around the world, perhaps even yours. Their company was founded in 1987 by a Detroit family to make people’s lives better. Today, they’re the industry leader in home health innovations based on science and technology.

They continue to grow & evolve as we meet the demands of our ever-changing world while remaining a family-owned and operated business right here in the Motor City. With our super-innovative solutions, there is no excuse not to live well every day, no matter what life throws at you.

HoMedics Massage Chairs Review

HMC-500 HoMedics Massage Chair with Heat

With the HMC-500, you can obtain a full-body deep-tissue massage without taking up much room. The HMC-500 features: foot & calf massage, chromotherapy lighting, Bluetooth speakers, wall-saving technology, and heat therapy. With the updated body scan technology of the HoMedics HMC-500, the quad-style roller mechanism glides across each muscle group, giving you a human-like massage.

Using the enhanced body scan technology, the HoMedics HMC-500 massage chair ensures that the massage rollers apply consistent pressure along the back without causing pain across the shoulder blades. With soothing air compression massage, shoulders, hands, arms, feet, and calves are relaxed with waves of full-body air compression, stimulating the circulatory system and eliminating toxins.

At the touch of a button, the HoMedics HMC-500 massage chair rotates into the perfect position to relieve all the pressure off of your spine for an even more relaxing massage.
Spindle rollers provide a relaxing foot massage. It is combined with gentle kneading to revive tired and sore feet.

Easy Lounge HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Chair

With a variety of reclining positions and a heating function, the HoMedics Easy Lounge Shiatsu Massage Chair relieves tension from your back, upper legs, neck, and shoulders. Shiatsu massage delivers deep-kneading pressure to the upper back, lower back, or entire back. Relax tense muscles with the heating option.

With a built-in intensity flap, the massage strength can be lowered to provide a softer massage experience. The foldable design makes it easy to store and transport. With remote control, you can select functions and adjust settings easily

HoMedics 3-D Shiatsu Massaging Lounge Chair

Providing deeper massage, the 3-D Shiatsu mechanism travels up and down as well as in and out. You can massage your upper back or lower back, or massage your entire back using three massage zones. For targeted relaxation, spot massage pinpoints a specific spot

Tired muscles are comforted by soothing heat. With two intensity settings, you can either enjoy a gentle relaxing massage or a more thorough one. You can dampen the intensity of the massage using the intensity control flap. Any decor will look great with this classic design. For ease of use, a programmed controller is provided.

MCS-1220H HoMedics Massage Chair with Heat

It’s time for you to relax to the fullest. With 4 comfortable position options, you can choose just how far to lie back with the HoMedics® Shiatsu Massaging Chaise Lounger. The shiatsu back massager features 3 massage zones, for your upper or lower back, or for your entire back.

Take it to the next level and enjoy a relaxing massage for your neck, shoulders, and back at the same time. Adding soothing heat is also an option. There is also an intensity flap and a programmed controller on the Shiatsu Recline Massaging Chaise Lounger.

  • A Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage using deep kneading techniques
  • There are four positions that can be adjusted on the lounger
  • A soothing heat option is available for each of the three massage zones
  • Simple, quick assembly with a classic look

It gives you all the relaxation of a beach minus the mess. With its classic chaise design and quick, simple assembly, you can get your massage started in any main living area. This deep-kneading shiatsu massage massages your neck and shoulders and adjusts perfectly to your height. With 4 reclining positions and 3 massage zones, you can find the right spot.

HMC-100 HoMedics Back Massager

With the HoMedics HMC-100 Massage Chair, you can enjoy a soothing massage in your living room. Your living room can now be transformed into a spa with your own personal therapist.

 Deep, relaxing massage, targeting every ache from your back down under your glutes, eliminating tension with the use of the powerful L-Track. There are two types of tracks used in modern massage chairs. 

An S-track is relatively short, running from your shoulders to the bottom of your back. The L-track extends under the seat so the rollers on it can also massage your glutes and the backs of your thighs. It’s out of luck if your body scan doesn’t place your rollers in the right spot. 

You’ll have to wiggle around in your seat to try and move your back to the rollers.  Because the body scan is generally pretty accurate, it isn’t a deal breaker, but it should be taken into account.

Questions and Answers

How Long Should You Use HoMedics Back Massager?

Massage treatments can be repeated as often as feels comfortable for you, but we recommend that you limit your time on the chair to 15 minutes at a time. We also recommend letting the massager cool for about 30 minutes before using it again.

Is it OK to Massage Back Everyday?

Engaging in a daily back massage can be beneficial for many individuals, promoting relaxation, stress reduction, and even alleviating muscle tension. However, the frequency and intensity of back massages should be approached with consideration of individual factors, as excessive or improper massage may lead to unintended consequences.

Muscles play a vital role in supporting the spine, and regular massages can enhance blood circulation, reduce stiffness, and contribute to overall well-being. Daily massages may be suitable for some individuals, particularly those with specific health conditions or occupations that subject them to constant physical strain.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to strike a balance and be mindful of potential risks associated with daily back massages. Overstimulation or excessive pressure during massage sessions could lead to muscle soreness, bruising, or even injury. It is recommended to moderate the intensity of the massage and vary techniques to avoid overworking specific muscle groups.

Furthermore, individual health conditions and sensitivities should be taken into account. Those with certain medical conditions, such as spinal injuries, osteoporosis, or chronic illnesses, should consult with healthcare professionals before incorporating daily massages into their routine.

Consistency in massage therapy may also depend on the type of massage and the expertise of the practitioner. While gentler techniques like Swedish massage may be suitable for daily use, more intense methods like deep tissue massage might require a more spaced-out schedule to allow for muscle recovery.

In conclusion, the appropriateness of a daily back massage hinges on individual health factors, preferences, and the type of massage applied. Consulting with healthcare professionals or licensed massage therapists can help tailor a massage regimen that aligns with one’s specific needs, ensuring a balance between the benefits and potential risks associated with regular massage therapy.

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