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Human Touch Brand Intro

With state-of-the-art massage chairs that feature patented massage systems, Human Touch is one of the leaders in the massage chair industry in the United States.

About The Company

Human Touch has designed wellness products replicating massage techniques for over 40 years. By carefully crafting groundbreaking products with the help of the best engineering minds, medical practitioners, world-class athletes, and award-winning design teams, Human Touch takes a unique approach to design. Human Touch strives to design products that not only reduce pain and stress but also enhance any space with an aesthetic appeal that captivates the eye.

Human Touch chairs have received numerous Design Journal Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) for their expert and ergonomic design. A wide selection of colors, styles, and sizes complement modern and traditional living spaces, thanks to the professional guidance of the brand’s Design Council.

Modern and traditional living spaces alike can benefit from Human Touch innovations that combine advanced technology and attractive design. The Human Touch chair is used by thousands of chiropractors to integrate therapeutic massage into their professional services, serious athletes looking to recover from intensive training, back pain sufferers seeking relief from stress, and everyday people seeking relaxation from modern life.

Technology & Innovation of Human Touch Chairs

Company is focusing hard on Technology and innovation:

Throughout its history, Human Touch has redefined massage and home wellness systems, components, and innovations. Through over 40 years of research, Human Touch has developed, owned, and incorporated numerous multi-patented, proprietary massage systems that masterfully mimic those used by professional massage therapists. The company constantly introduces innovative solutions and ideas to make people feel better ideas.

World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) has recognized Human Touch Robotic Massage Chairs and Perfect Chairs as valid additions to back-care therapies.

Awards Received

The greatest reward is how their products improve the lives of customers, the company is regularly recognized for its efforts in the industry. Below are a few of the company’s recent accomplishments.

2022 ADEX Platinum Award

Human Touch® Certus Massage Chair

2020 ADEX Platinum Award

Human Touch® Super Novo Massage Chair

2020 ADEX Platinum Award

Human Touch® Gravis ZG Chair

2020 ADEX Platinum Award

Human Touch® Novo XT2 Massage Chair

2020 ADEX Platinum Award

Human Touch® Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Massager

2020 ADEX Gold Award

Human Touch® Perfect Chair® PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic

2020 ADEX Gold Award

Human Touch® Reflex SWING Pro Foot and Calf Massager

2020 ADEX Silver Award

Human Touch® Perfect Chair® PC-LiVE™

2020 ADEX Silver Award

Human Touch® Reflex5s Foot and Calf Massager

2019 ADEX Platinum Award

Super Novo Massage Chair

2019 ADEX Platinum Award

Novo XT2 Massage Chair

2019 ADEX Platinum Award

Perfect Chair® PC-LiVE™ Zero Gravity Recliner

2019 ADEX Platinum Award

Gravis ZG Chair

2019 ADEX Gold Award

Perfect Chair® PC-610 Zero Gravity Recliner

2018 ADEX Platinum Award

Perfect Chair® PC-LiVE™ Zero-Gravity Recliner

2018 ADEX Platinum Award

Novo XT Massage Chair

2018 ADEX Platinum Award

PC-610 Omni-Motion Classic Zero-Gravity Recliner

2018 ADEX Gold Award

Reflex SOL Foot and Calf Massager

2018 ADEX Gold Award

iJOY® Massage Anywhere™ by Human Touch

2011 CES Innovations Award

AcuTouch 9500 Massage Chair with HT-Connect

Human Touch Massage Chair Products Currently Available to Buy (List Constantly Updated)

Below is a list of all models available today from the Human Touch company. You can read reviews of all models as well.

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair

Super Novo

Amazon’s Alexa voice recognition technology is incorporated into the Human Touch Super Novo massage chair for the first time. With Virtual Therapist, you will be able to understand and anticipate your preferences for an individualized and truly unique massage experience. You can speak your preferences with the simple, hands-free operation.

Getting a massage is as easy as asking for one. Each person in your household will be asked a series of questions, such as massage preferences, so you can receive a massage tailored to your needs whenever you want.

There is also a wealth of features in the Super Novo massage chair, including a unique unibody design, a 4-D L-track, zero gravity, Bluetooth technology, 35 auto programs, a space-saving design, heated knees, calf, and feet, mechanical foot rollers, a 5-year limited warranty, and so much more. This massage chair comes with white glove delivery as well.

The most notable features are:

Virtual Therapist

Human Touch’s Super Novo is the first massage chair that integrates Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition technology. A truly unique and personalized massage can be experienced with a Virtual Therapist, which understands and anticipates the user’s preferences. You can speak your preferences hands-free with this simple, hands-free device. Just ask for a massage and you’re done. Using Virtual Therapist, you can receive a massage customized to your needs whenever you want, thanks to a series of questions, such as massage preferences.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Acupressure compression is provided to key healing points with the Human Touch Super Novo thanks mechanical foot rollers under each foot.

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Human Touch Certus Massage Chair

Its sleek design and remarkably functional features make the Human Touch Certus both eye-catching and highly functional. The Latin word Certus means sure, certain, resolved, or trustworthy. You can rely on this massage chair to become a welcome part of your wellness routine. Creating a path to good health through self-care is easy with Certus, your reliable companion on your wellness journey.

With the Certus, you will receive a three-dimensional massage down your spine and all the way down your thighs. You can enjoy auto programs that are designed to help you achieve a new state of relaxation. Let the tension in your feet and legs melt away as the unique outer orbital massage soothes tired calves and overworked feet.

With a dynamic stretch, your back and muscles are lengthened, resulting in renewed energy and vitality. The built-in Altec Lansing Premium Sound System allows you to fully immerse yourself in the enveloping melody of your favorite music.

The most notable features are:

Dual Lumbar and Calf Heat

It targets the low back and the calves to provide soothing heat. When you are spoiled by the rollers and airbags of the Human Touch Certus, you will appreciate the warmth provided by it throughout the day.

Extending Foot and Calf Massage

A foot and calf massager with underfoot rollers and automatic height adjustment provides optimal reflexology.

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Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair

With its stylish and affordable design, the Human Touch WholeBody 7.1 makes a great addition to any home. No one will ever know this chair doesn’t belong in any room in your home or company thanks to the retractable ottoman. You will enjoy your therapy without the stress of learning some complicated, confusing remote control because it is very easy to use. Its swivel seat, 3D roller technology, paddle calf massage, and patented warm air technology make this a great value in the under $2K price range.

The most notable features are:

Body Map Pro

There is no better-targeted massage program on the market than the one created by Human Touch. There are manual settings on all massage chairs, so the user can direct the massage in the area they want it to be. To move the rollers to the desired spot, you usually need to press several buttons. This process has been simplified and made easy to follow by Human Touch. A human body is depicted on the remote control (“Immersion Director”). By pressing the desired region on the chair, your message will be targeted automatically.

CirQlation Figure-Eight Calf Massage

As the calves move upward in a wave-like motion, blood is forced toward the center of the body.

3D FlexGlide Massage

Relax in ultimate relaxation with a seamless glide and a soothing massage that delivers a stress-relieving experience like no other. In the Human Touch FlexGlide roller massage chair, you will experience a more sophisticated roller massage experience without the pinching and friction associated with many other massage chairs.

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Wholebody 5.1 Massage Chair

WholeBody 5.1 features FlexGlideTM orbital massage technology. With comprehensive massage techniques, you’ll feel deeply relaxed and restored. With FlexGlide, you’ll never experience friction or pinching from a typical massage chair because it has a smooth glide. With an elegant design, this wellness solution features elegant lines and stunning upholstery, making it the ideal addition to any living space.

The most notable features are:

Retractable Foot and Calf Massager

Using CirQlation Technology, the ottoman on the WholeBody 5.1 transforms into a foot and calf massager to stimulate blood circulation to the core of the body.

3D FlexGlide Technology

The massage chair never ends. With its sleek design and soothing, stress-reducing technology you can experience ultimate relaxation. No more pinching or friction with this amazing new product with FlexGlide Technology- enjoy a relaxing session today without worrying about it ruining your skin because we’ve got everything under control.

Base Swivels 55 Degrees

The WholeBody 5.1 Base Swivels 55 Degrees Feature is a unique and innovative feature that allows you to swivel your base up to 55 degrees. This allows you to easily maneuver around obstacles and get into tight spaces. This feature also makes it easy to clean under furniture and appliances. This feature is a must-have for any home with small children or pets.

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Wholebody 8.0 Massage Chair

This upgraded version of the 7.1 also provides a much more customizable, comprehensive deep tissue massage experience since the rollers protrude into the tissue versus just covering the area transversely. With eight different massage programs and a host of other features, this chair has everything you need to relax and rejuvenate.

The most notable features are:

Dual-Motor Back and Leg Rest

With two independent motors, you can adjust the WholeBody 8.0 to find your perfect position for relaxation! WholeBody is here with an innovative design that will have you feeling more relaxed than ever before – no matter what angle or depth of seat setting suits you best on any given day.

Patented Warm Arm Technology

A proprietary Heat Air Technology is implemented in the WholeBody 8.0, which expertly distributes smooth, warm air heat throughout the lumbar region instead of using a pad. Rather than using pads to warm up the air, the massage chair uses air, which will help extend the material’s lifespan. It is also helpful to heat your muscles in order to let them relax, promote blood flow, and prepare them for a great massage.

BodyMap Remote PRO

Upon pressing where you wish to feel better, you will receive an immediate massage that is very satisfying. With Human Touch FlexGlide technology, your aches and pains are automatically relieved at the right intensity.

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Novo XT Massage Chair

The Human Touch® Novo XT massage chair is the best-in-class, providing therapeutic relief to all shapes and sizes. With an easy setup process that can be customized for your personal preferences, it’s no wonder this revolutionary piece of equipment has been sweeping across America as people turn their homes into havens from everyday stressors.

The most notable features are:

Extending Foot and Calf Massager

The extendable leg rest is perfect for any height. Whether you’re 4’5″, this massage machine will adjust to fit your needs with its underfoot rollers and adjustable intensity levels.

The automatic adjustments allow the user’s weight to be distributed evenly across three different positions: sitting down on a chair without using their hands; lying face up underneath an upright table where someone could lie back during treatment sessions held weekly by some therapists who specialize in rehabilitation after stroke.

S and L-Track Unibody Design

With the remarkable L-Track Unibody design, you get high-performance coverage from your neck and shoulders all the way down to your glutes.

Cloud Touch Acupressure

As you stretch your muscles and release built-up tension, strategically placed aircells apply pressure to key healing points.

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QUIES Massage Chair

The Quies chair will provide you with the perfect environment for a full-body stretching and recovery session. With 9 auto programs, including Full Body workout or Stretch & Recovery mode; this machine takes care of all your needs

The most notable features are:

S- and L-Track Massage

This massage chair is designed to move with the natural curves of your body for optimal results. The L-Track will extend high-performance coverage from the neck and shoulders all down past the glutes while S tracks closely follow the spine’s curvature resulting in the ultimate back relief.

Advanced LCD Remote

The chair has a very intuitive control system with a clear LCD screen. With this massage program customization, you can easily adjust the intensity of your treatments according to need and preference by selecting speeds from 1-30 minutes or adjusting the time frame between 30 seconds up until one hour

Air Compression Massage Coupled With Dedicated Foot Rollers

Human Touch coins their version of air compression massage as “cloud touch acupressure”. You can call it what you want, but to be quite frank- this is just another form of traditional acupuncture with some added benefits

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Human Touch ZEROG 5.0 Massage Chair

The Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair provides a remarkable full-body massage specifically designed to enhance the way you feel! With zero gravity, recline function, and an impressive selection of features bundled into one of the modern day’s most luxurious living spaces; it will be difficult not to find this chair as quite possibly your new favorite place for relaxing muscles after work.

The most notable features are:

Fully Encompassing Foot and Calf Massager

The ZeroG 5.0 is a great way to improve circulation throughout the lower half of your legs. It offers Figure-eight technology, which provides an amazing therapeutic massage by utilizing airbags or paddles for various parts like foot treatments.

Extendable Ottoman

The Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 is going to be able to accommodate a taller user with its extendable ottoman, ensuring that you are not extremely cramped when sitting in the chair and maximizing your massage experience

We would recommend this product for someone who wants an excellent relaxation session without feeling like they’re stuck inside of it or have their head hanging off one side because there’s no space left between where our bodies touch against the wall.

Revolutionary BodyMap PRO® Remote

The ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair features a remote that can be programmed with different massage settings to target specific areas of your body and relieve tension from those spots, all without ever having the need for physical contact. This is made possible through its built-in FlexGlide System which provides relief by cushioning pressure where needed most while focusing on specific problem zones as well as providing total isolation so you don’t feel any more discomfort than necessary when using this product.

The latest addition to in-home wellness comes complete with many upgrades including increased intensity levels thanks to an improved motor system combined with one elegant design making it easier than ever before to find just what works best.

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SANA Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Human Touch® Sana chair is a high-performance, massage-inspired design. The Latin word Sana means health and this chair’s signature features not only provide relief to your back but also round out other aspects of fitness with therapeutic benefits that extend down from the neck all way over the glutes for complete coverage

The most notable features are:

Dual Lumbar Heat

The dual lumbar heat of the Sana is designed to gently soothe your back and loosen tight muscles, which will make it easier for a better massage experience while relieving pain.

Massage Techniques

Sana is a great choice for those looking for a massage chair with multiple features and techniques. The 6 different massage techniques provide a variety of options for users to choose from, depending on their needs. Additionally, the audio sync feature is a great bonus for those who want to relax and unwind to their favorite music.

9 Wellness Programs

Human Touch offers nine different wellness programs to help reduce stress and promote relaxation. The programs range from a simple tension relief program to a full-body massage experience. There is also a demo program that provides a five-minute overview of the chair’s functions. Whether you are looking for a quick way to relieve stress or a more comprehensive massage experience, the Sana massage chair has a program to suit your needs.

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IJOY Total Massage Chair

Sit back and enjoy the soothing air massage as your iJOY Total Massage by Human Touch complete with FlexGlide 360 technology. Simulate expert techniques used in a professional setting, this full-body bliss will leave you feeling relaxed after each use.

The most notable features are:

Targeted Air Cells

The massage recliner chair is designed to mold the body for a soothing experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. The S-track closely follows your spine’s natural curvature, which maximizes relaxation in all parts of our bodies as it moves along them

FlexGlide 360 Technology

The innovative design of the massage roller offers a soothing and relaxing experience from head to foot. The flexible horizontal rotation allows for no pinching or friction, while still providing an effective technique that would be difficult with traditional rollers.

Foot And Calf Massager

With its fully encompassing foot and calf massager, this device offers adjustable intensity settings to apply the preferred amount of pressure at key healing points for muscle relaxation. The manmade material is easy on the skin as it does not irritate any sensitive areas like other materials might do so.

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Questions and Answers

How long do Human Touch massage chairs last?

Human Touch massage chairs should last between 10 and 15 years with proper care, usage, and preventative maintenance.

Where are Human Touch massage chairs made?

Human Touch chairs are developed and engineered in the United States and manufactured in Taiwan.

What is the Human Touch Return Policy?

Within 30 days of receipt, all products purchased directly from can be returned. You need an RMA number to return a product.

What is the Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Massage Chairs?

The difference between cheap and expensive massage chairs is substantial and can be attributed to various factors, ranging from build quality and features to overall performance and durability. Below, I’ll elucidate these distinctions in a detailed manner.

  1. Build Quality:
    • Cheap Massage Chairs: Inexpensive models typically utilize lower-quality materials in their construction. This can result in less durability, shorter lifespan, and less comfortable seating.
    • Expensive Massage Chairs: High-end chairs often feature superior build quality, employing premium materials such as genuine leather, high-density foam, and sturdy frames. This ensures better comfort and longevity.
  2. Massage Techniques and Features:
    • Cheap Massage Chairs: Budget-friendly chairs may offer basic massage techniques like rolling and kneading, but they lack advanced features like zero-gravity positioning, body scanning, or heated massage rollers.
    • Expensive Massage Chairs: Premium models are equipped with a wider range of massage techniques, including shiatsu, tapping, and stretching. They often include advanced features like full-body scanning to customize massages to individual body shapes and sizes, as well as heated rollers for enhanced relaxation.
  3. Customization:
    • Cheap Massage Chairs: Inexpensive options typically offer limited customization options, with fewer massage intensity levels and preset programs.
    • Expensive Massage Chairs: High-end chairs provide extensive customization, allowing users to adjust massage intensity, speed, and focus on specific body areas. They often feature a variety of pre-programmed massage routines for different preferences.
  4. Durability and Warranty:
    • Cheap Massage Chairs: Lower-priced chairs tend to have shorter warranties and may require more frequent maintenance or replacement due to wear and tear.
    • Expensive Massage Chairs: Premium models come with longer warranties, reflecting their durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand heavy use over many years.

In summary, while cheap massage chairs may be more budget-friendly initially, they typically offer fewer features, lower build quality, and shorter lifespans. Expensive massage chairs, on the other hand, provide superior comfort, customization, and durability, making them a worthwhile investment for those seeking long-term relaxation and therapeutic benefits.

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