Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

Inner Balance’s Jin 2.0 robotic massage chair is a full-body therapeutic massage chair. A body scan will be performed on the Jin 2.0 to determine the length of your spine. The SL Track massage system will follow the contour of your spine, massaging you from your glutes to your neck. By using a total body compression therapy system, the Jin 2.0 can massage your shoulders in three unique widths to accommodate narrow and broad shoulder widths.

Its C+U-shaped compression system will keep your arms in place, preventing your arms from slipping out like other massage chairs, while massaging your arms and stimulating blood flow at the same time. If you’re taller, the 6-inch extendable leg rest will slide out to provide additional legroom as the extra-large foot and calf massage system (with foot roller) will expertly and gently massage both your foot and calf.

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Inner Balance Wellness-Jin 2.0
Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


A perfect balance of beauty, function, and simplicity has been achieved with the Jin 2.0 by Inner Wellness Balance, which spent years developing and perfecting its design, look, and feel. Because we wanted it to be something for everyone, we kept you in mind when we made it. Due to the zero wall feature, it only requires 2 inches of space to be behind for a little slice of heaven in your room. The easy-to-use controls make it perfect for anyone to figure out. If it’s a cold winter day, just turn on the heater and enjoy it wherever you want.


Reasons to Buy

Space Saver
Unique U+C Armrest
SL Track (Massage from neck to glutes)
Extra-Large Foot and Calf Massage System
5 Year Warranty for The frame
2 Stage Zero-Gravity

Reasons to Avoid

No Vibration Massage Technology
No Control With Mobile App
No User Memory


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Reclining Feature

The reclining feature of the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair is incredibly comfortable and provides a great way to fully relax during your massage. The chair reclines to a near-flat position, allowing you to fully recline and stretch out your body for a more immersive massage experience.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

This massage chair offers a wide range of intensity settings that allow you to adjust the strength of the massage to your liking. Additionally, the coverage area is extensive, providing a full-body massage that leaves no muscle untouched.

Heating Feature

The heating feature of the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair is incredibly soothing and helps to warm up muscles for a more effective massage. The heat is adjustable, allowing you to control the temperature to your liking.

Kneading feature

The kneading feature of this massage chair is truly remarkable. It uses advanced techniques to simulate the kneading and rolling of a professional massage therapist, providing a deep tissue massage that works out even the toughest knots.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair is incredibly user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive control panel that makes it easy to customize your massage experience. The chair also comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust settings without having to get up.

Space Saving

One of the best things about the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair is that it is designed to save space. The chair requires only a few inches of clearance from the wall to fully recline, making it an ideal choice for smaller rooms.

Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair are truly stunning. The chair is sleek and modern, with a beautiful design that looks great in any room.


Inner Balance Wellness products are backed by limited warranties against defects in materials and workmanship.

Warranty coverage begins on the date the consumer purchases the product.

This warranty only applies to the original end-user/ owner of the chair and is non-transferable.

Warranties are only valid within the United States & Canada provided the product has been operated according to the enclosed instructions.

Unique Technology & Features

This massage chair incorporates a variety of unique technologies and features that set it apart from other chairs on the market. These include advanced massage techniques, adjustable airbags, and a variety of massage programs.

Brand Reliability & Support

Inner Balance is a well-respected brand that is known for its high-quality massage chairs and exceptional customer support. With the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair, you can rest assured that you are getting a top-quality product backed by a reliable and supportive brand.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Specifications

ModelJin 2.0
Color OptionsBlack, Espresso
Massage TrackL-Track
Massage Track Length51.25″
Space SavingYes, 2″ Clearance
Back Roller Type2D
Roller Width AdjustmentYes
Adjustable IntensityYes
Adjustable SpeedYes
Auto Pre-Programs6
Manual Techniques5
Zero GravityYes, 2 Stage
HeatYes (Lumbar)
Stretch FunctionYes
Foot MassageYes (rollers + airbags)
Calf MassageYes (airbags)
Hip/Waist Air Bag MassageYes (airbags)
Upper Arm-Shoulder MassageYes (airbags)
Arm MassageYes (airbags)
Neck-Head MassageYes
Spot MassageYes
Deep TissueYes
Body ScanYes
Inversion TherapyNo
User MemoryNo
Control With Mobile AppNo
Timer5-10-15-20-25-30 min
Pause FunctionYes
Leg Length AdjustmentSpring Loaded
RemoteYes, Wired
Rocking TechnologyNo
Number of Airbags20
Bluetooth SpeakersYes
Suggested User Height5’0″-6’5″
Max User Weight300lbs
Dimensions Upright (L x W x H)60.25″ x 29.5″ x 44″
Dimensions Reclined (L x W x H)68.5″ x 28.5″ x 35.5″
Chair Weight246 lbs
Manufacturer OriginChina

My Personal Experience Using Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

As an experienced massage chair industry expert, I can confidently say that the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair is an exceptional product. This custom-designed robotic massage chair delivers a full-body therapeutic massage that will leave you feeling rejuvenated from head to toe.

One of the standout features of the Jin 2.0 is its SL Track, which delivers a massage from your neck all the way down to your glutes. The quad roller massage robot maintains optimal contact with your body, allowing it to give a superb upper hamstring, glute, and lumbar massage. The automatic body scan and shoulder position detection system ensures that the massage is customized to your unique body.

The chair’s unique U+C armrest optimizes arm massage, ensuring that your arms remain in optimal contact with the massage elements no matter what position you’re in. The foot roller and calf therapy deliver a gentle massage that stimulates blood flow, reduces pressure and tension, and promotes relaxation. The kneading foot roller uses a multi-pressure point massage to deliver superior reflexology compared to other chairs.

The zero-gravity position was originally designed by NASA to reduce pressure on astronauts’ bodies during liftoff, and the Jin 2.0 features this technology to optimize comfort and relieve pressure on the spine while reducing the workload of the circulatory system. The chair’s unique zero wall technology only requires a 2-inch clearance behind the chair, letting you put the chair where you want it.

The six auto courses are available for selection via an easy-to-use controller and are specially designed to deliver a full-body massage that replicates a real hand massage. The chair features five massage techniques, including width adjustment for point massage and manual point massage, and manual back controls.

In conclusion, the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair is an exceptional product that delivers a full-body therapeutic massage. Its innovative features and design make it a top-of-the-line massage chair that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or alleviate muscle tension, the Jin 2.0 has got you covered.

What Makes Inner Balance Jin 2.0 Massage Chair Stand Out from the Competition?

The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massage chair stands out from the competition with its unique features such as its SL Track which provides a massage from the neck to the glutes, Zero Wall Design which needs only 2 inches of clearance behind it, Unique U+C Armrest which optimizes arm massage, Foot Roller, and Zero Gravity.

Compared to Other Chairs

There are numerous features on the Inner Balance Wellness Jin massage chair, including foot & calf rollers, zero gravity, shoulder height adjustment, 50″ L-track, 42 airbags, as well as 6 auto programs, whereas other budget-friendly massage chairs on the market can’t offer.


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In order to choose the right massage chair for you, you need to determine what exactly you need. The Inner Balance Jin 2.0 and the Osaki OS 4000T are both excellent choices. Jin 2.0 has lumbar heating pads, while the 4000T offers this feature as well. There are 46 total airbags in the 4000T and 42 in the Jin 2.0. A compact design with four rollers, the Jin 2.0 comes fully assembled, and it offers a relaxing experience. An easy-to-use controller with several zero-gravity positions is included.

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Katana 700

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At an extremely affordable price, the Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 massage chair offers a very rich set of features. With foot and calf rollers, zero gravity, shoulder height adjustment, 50″ L-track, and 42 airbags, the Jin 2 is made with premium components, which ensures a rock-solid 5-year warranty against the Katana’s 34 airbags. As well as a 1-year labor warranty, you’ll get a 2-year parts warranty and a 5-year frame warranty against Katana’s 3-year warranty.

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Here is a side-by-side comparison of the features of the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 massage chair and the Katana 700 massage chair:

FeatureInner Balance Jin 2.0Katana 700
Track TypeSL TrackL-Track
Zero Wall DesignYesNo
ArmrestUnique U+C ArmrestNo
Foot RollerYesYes
Zero GravityYesYes
Bluetooth SpeakersYesNo
Lumbar HeatYesNo
Shiatsu Sensei Massage MechanismNoYes

Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features

Foot + Calf Massage

A gentle kneading massage of the entire foot and compression of the foot and calf didn’t go unnoticed by us.

You will receive a combination of kneading massage as well as calf and foot compression, thereby stimulating blood flow and reducing swelling in your lower legs.

SL Track Massage System

As a result of the SL Track massage technology, the massage robot contours your body, providing a thorough massage from the neck to the top of your hamstrings.

Able to Fit Large Calves

Featuring an extra-large 7+ inch wide leg massage section, this chair is designed to accommodate users of all sizes.

With this foot massage, you will receive kneading foot massage, foot compression, and calf compression, reducing tension and stimulating lower leg circulation.

Complete Coverage Throughout The Full Body

From your upper hamstring to your neck and shoulder, this chair’s ergonomic design delivers multiple massage techniques.

By scanning your body and detecting your shoulder position, the massage is automatically tailored to your unique body. With its automatic shoulder position detection, the massage chair adjusts your shoulder position in ten stages manually for a customized massage.

Zero Wall Design

By using zero wall technology, you don’t have to worry about fitting the chair behind a wall because it only requires 2 inches of clearance.

Triple Width Adjustment

This chair is equipped with a massage robot that can execute massages in three different widths.

6 Auto Programs

There are six automatic programs on the Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 that provide therapeutic relief for almost any need. The programs include Pro, Therapy, Relax, Full, Neck and Shoulder, and Lumbar.

Unique C + U Armrest

With the air compression system, you will find that your arms will be perfectly held in place, preventing them from slipping out like on other massage chairs. The air compression system will also stimulate your circulation while massaging your arms.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Modifications and Differences

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Deluxe L-Track Massage Chair

If you’ve ever considered this product type before, then the Jin massage chair is a perfect choice, as it has all the features people want while remaining reasonably priced. A number of major technologies are offered in the Jin chair, including L Track, Foot Roller, Quad Roller back massage, Multi Region Heater, Zero gravity, full body air massage, and special technology to accommodate different heights.

Most Notable Features:

  • The L-track
  • Zero Gravity
  • Foot Roller
  • Heater with three regions (forearm, lumbar, and calves)
  • The number of airbags is 42
  • Add a Minute (+5)
  • Adjustable Air Pressure
  • Manual Controls
  • Mechanical Shiatsu Calf Massager
  • Quad Roller Robot
  • 9 Auto-courses

Jin has a couple of unique features that make it stand out to someone who has tried a massage chair before because it has a couple of features that are not found in other chairs. With its shiatsu calf massager, the chair is the perfect blend of shiatsu massage techniques and therapeutic compression massage, and its shoulder height adjustment system can be adjusted to fit anyone.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Warranty

With premium components, the Jin 2 is built to last, and Inner Balance Wellness offers a five-year warranty, just in case you ever need it. The Jin 2 is backed by a one-year labor warranty, a two-year parts warranty, and a five-year frame warranty. You’ll receive everything you need in the box when your Jin 2 arrives – the chair, leg rests, power cord, assembly hardware, warranty card, and the owner’s manual.

What Do Users Say About Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Massage Chair?

“The chair is awesome. My family members argue over who gets to use it most. There are six auto programs and you can customize them to suit your preferences. Six programed massages give you great, ready-to-go options. You can adjust the power level down to your comfort level on the remote by using the button on the remote. The air cushions cover your cafes, arms and shoulders. Besides offering a zero gravity position, you can adjust to almost any degree for your body and your legs. The Bluetooth is excellent. There is a similar unit on the market that does not offer Bluetooth. If your intent is to find just a cushy recliner, this massage chair is not it. I had to take several massages to learn all the options available. Sometimes I come up with my own combinations. In my opinion, the Jin 2.0 is the best massage chair for the money, unless you want to pay twice as much for a higher end chair.”

“I purchased this chair about 1 month ago, and it is the best purchase I have ever made. This massage chair has many functions and modes. You can remotely adjust the intensity, heat, and switch modes. I have been standing and working for a long time, I like to sit on it and press my legs and waist. This massage chair was recommended to me by my uncle. I find it very useful and I also recommend it to my friends. If you are looking for one of the best massages, this Jin 2.0 – Deluxe Heated SL-Track Zero Wall massage chair is for you! We wouldn’t be without our best massage chair!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is it Made In?

The chair is made in China, but designed by Inner Balance Wellness in collaboration with Japanese designers.

Can You Adjust the Intensity of the Massage in the Jin 2.0 Massage Chair?

Besides strength adjustments on the chair, it comes with an add-in pad for extra padding in the back, but if you need another add-in pad beyond what comes with it, Inner Balance Wellness will provide it to you at no cost.

Final Thoughts

The Inner Balance wellness balance Jin 2.0 massage chair is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a highly advanced, full-body therapeutic massage experience. With its intuitive body scan feature, total body compression therapy system, and extra-large foot and calf massage system, it ensures that every inch of your body can be massaged with precision and accuracy. Plus, its zero-wall system means it fits perfectly into your home with minimal space requirements.

Besides strength adjustments on the chair, it comes with an add-in pad for extra padding in the back, but if you need another add-in pad beyond what comes with it, we will provide it to you at no cost.

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