Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair

It has a multi-region heater, which will help you fully relax during the massage experience with the Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair. Jin massage chair is extremely adjustable to your body shape and size. All these unique features come together at an affordable price to give you a quad roller massage that will rejuvenate your whole body. 

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Inner Balance Wellness Jin
Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


Jin L-track massage chair by Inner Balance Wellness combines relaxation and robotic massage features to deliver a relaxing and pain-relieving daily massage. This chair offers an innovative shoulder head adjustment system that, when combined with its leg extension, enables taller individuals to find chairs that previously have been hard to find.


Reasons to Buy

Body Scan Technology
Calf Airbags
3 Stage Zero Gravity
Designed To Fit Users Of All Sizes

Reasons to Avoid

No Memory Capability
No Waist Airbags
No Bluetooth Connectivity


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Reclining Feature

The Jin Massage Chair stands out from the rest with its adjustable reclining feature, allowing you to find total comfort in any position. This unique benefit ensures that your massage session is as tranquil and satisfying as possible, making it easy to customize the angle of your seat until it’s just right for you.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

Another notable feature of the Jin Massage Chair is its intensity settings and coverage area. The chair offers several intensity levels that can be adjusted to suit your individual needs. Additionally, the chair’s rollers have a wide coverage area, providing an effective massage to multiple areas of the body at once.

Heating Feature

The heating feature of the Jin Massage Chair is another benefit that sets it apart from the competition. The chair’s built-in heating elements provide targeted warmth to areas of the body that need it most, promoting relaxation and reducing muscle tension.

Kneading feature

The chair’s kneading feature is also noteworthy, as it uses rollers to mimic the motions of a human hand. This feature provides a deep, effective massage that can help to alleviate pain and tension in the muscles.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

The user experience and ease of use of the Jin Massage Chair are also impressive, with a simple remote control and intuitive interface.

Space Saving

The chair is also designed to save space, making it a great option for those with limited room.

Design and Aesthetics

In terms of design and aesthetics, the Jin Massage Chair is sleek and modern, with a minimalist design that will complement any home decor.


Overall, the three-year warranty provides peace of mind and protection for your investment in the Jin Massage Chair.

Unique Technology & Features

The unique technology and features of the Jin Massage Chair, such as its zero gravity positioning and Bluetooth connectivity, make it a top-of-the-line product that is unmatched by other chairs on the market.

Brand Reliability & Support

Distinguished in the massage chair industry for its excellent quality and modern designs, Inner Balance Wellness is an acclaimed brand. All of their chairs are composed of tough materials and cutting-edge technologies to guarantee a long lifespan under regular use. Plus, consumers can have confidence that their products are safeguarded by substantial warranties offered alongside these dependable massage chairs – providing total relaxation backed up by peace of mind.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Specifications

Country of ManufactureChina
Massage Roller2D Quad Style Roller
Massage Roller Track50″ L-Track
Massage Roller Adjustments3 Speed Levels
Glute MassageMassage Roller
Removable Back PadYes
Body Scan TechnologyYes
Foot MassageFoot Rollers and Air Compression
Zero Gravity Recline3 Positions
Automatic Programs9
Manual ProgramsWhole and Point Massage
Massage TechniquesKneading, Tapping, Dual, Shiatsu
Stretch ProgramYes
Heat TherapyCalf, Hand, Lumbar
Total Airbags42 Airbags
Airbag Intensity Adjustments3 Levels of Intensity
Calf MassageAir Compression Massage
Ottoman Length AdjustmentSpring Loaded
UpholsterySynthetic Leather
Timer Setting15 to 30 Minutes
Air MassageShoulders, Arms, Calves, and Feet
Height Range5’0″ – 6’5″
Controller TypesSlim LCD Remote Control
Dimensions Upright54.75″L x 32″W x 49″H
Dimensions Recline67.75″L x 32″W x 42.25″H
Shipping Dimensions56.25″L x 29.75″W x 49.1″H, 39.5″L x 28.75″W x 20.9″H
Shipping Weight252lbs
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty

My Personal Experience Using Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair

As someone who has extensive experience in the massage chair industry, I would like to share my thoughts on the Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair. This massage chair brings to life a multitude of relaxation and robotic massage features that lead to a stress and pain-reducing daily massage.

One of the standout features of this chair is the L-track massage system. This technology allows the massage rollers to travel from your neck all the way down to your glutes, giving you a full-body massage experience. Additionally, the 3-stage zero gravity feature will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and ready to start your day.

The Jin Massage Chair also has an adjustable shoulder height feature that accommodates taller individuals with ease. The chair can fit users between 5’-6’5” and has a 6” foot extension, making it a great option for people of all sizes.

The massage chair is incredibly user-friendly, with an intuitive and easy-to-use LCD display that shows the function in use. The controller is also super easy to use, with no confusing menus or submenus. You can choose the massage that fits your own needs with ease. Furthermore, one power button touch shuts off all functions and returns the chair to an upright position.

This chair also boasts a triple region heater (forearm/lumbar/calves) and 42 airbags that deliver a comfortable and effective massage. It also has a mechanical shiatsu calf massager and a quad roller robot that work together to give you a deep tissue massage.

One of the best things about this chair is its super quality leather, which enhances the overall experience. I have used this massage chair for several months now and can confidently say that it is a great investment for anyone looking to reduce their stress and pain levels. I have recommended this chair to several people, and they have all loved it as well. Overall, the Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair is an excellent option for anyone looking for a top-quality massage chair.

Compared to Other Chairs

The main competitor is the SōL massage chair has a compact design that makes it ideal for use in your home or office. Although it is lightweight and easy to move, it still offers many of the features associated with more expensive massage chairs. While relaxing, Sol’s L-track massage relieves shoulders, low back, glutes, and hamstrings. Jin is more expensive than Sol.

Osaki OS-Champ

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Compared to Jin, OS-Champ offers only a lumbar region heater. They both have a Zero Gravity feature, but OS-Champ has two stages of zero recline. The upholstery is synthetic leather. There are four levels of speed and three levels of intensity and width available with OS-Champ. Jin’s 50″ track and quad-style massage heads provide therapeutic back relief that relieves tension in the back.

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Positive Posture Sōl

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A space-saving chair with a 45″ L-track, low back heat, calf and hip airbags, and proprietary “Comfort Wave” roller movement, Inner Balance Jin has nine auto programs, whereas Positive Posture Sol only has two. There are Arm Airbag Massages in Jin, but not in Sol. Jin has Calf Rollers, Foot Airbags, and Foot Rollers, but Sol does not. The Inner Balance Ottoman Length Adjustment and Stretch Functions are available, unlike Sol.

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The OS-Champ from Osaki is equipped with an L-Track rolling system that delivers two stages of zero gravity massage as well as a full-body massage. Champ has an attractive and chic design with an ideal combination of two colors to complement any home interior design. With Champ’s spot and partial massage features, users can select important parts of the body for massage to take place.

FeatureInner Balance Wellness Jin Massage ChairPositive Posture Sōl
Number of massage techniques64
Body scanning technologyYesYes
Zero-gravity positioningYesYes
Number of airbags4224
Heat therapyYesYes
Foot rollersYesNo
Bluetooth connectivityYesYes
Maximum user weight285 lbs300 lbs
Price range$5,999 – $6,999$2,999 – $3,999

What Makes Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair Stand Out from the Competition?

The Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair is a standout product in the massage chair market due to its advanced technology and innovative features. One of its most notable features is its 4D L-track roller system, which provides an unparalleled massage experience that mimics the movements of a professional masseuse. The chair also incorporates zero gravity positioning, allowing for deeper relaxation and improved circulation.

Additionally, the Jin Massage Chair boasts air compression massage technology, heat therapy, and Bluetooth connectivity for an all-encompassing relaxation experience. Overall, the Jin Massage Chair sets a new standard in massage chair technology and is a top choice for anyone seeking the ultimate massage experience.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features


With a 50″ roller track, the Inner Balance Jin massage chair is able to target the belly of the hamstring muscles, something that very few L-track chairs can accomplish.

3-Stage Zero Gravity

A single push of the button reclines the Lavita into a zero gravity position and even two more positions further back. No fiddling with recline and ottoman incline buttons…just one push and your chair reclines.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

Your feet will feel like new after this experience, as rollers rotate forwards and backward to stimulate your reflexology zones.

Mechanical Calf Rollers

You can feel real human hands stroking and grabbing your calf muscles with these rollers located behind the calf muscles.

Adjustable Shoulder Airbags

With the Jin massage chair, the shoulder airbags can be manually adjusted to four different heights, making it suitable for both small and tall people.

No Assembly Required

It features a clever design that allows it to be unpacked and used right away. You won’t have to deal with frustrating assembly.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Modifications and Differences

Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0 Massage Chair

Inner Balance Wellness Jin 2.0

SL track rollers are used to ensure the massage hits your muscles and pressure points, so the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 is an excellent massage chair that will complement most decor. In addition to adjusting leg rests and shoulder widths, you can also select from a variety of massage settings.

Most Notable Features of JIN 2.0 Massage Chair

  • Zero Gravity Mode
  • Adjustable Shoulder Widths
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Extending Footrest
  • Space-Saving
  • SL-Track

A massage chair can be customized without requiring a lot of effort on your part. Some massage chairs require a lot of space, but the Inner Balance Jin 2.0 only requires two inches behind the chair to enter zero gravity mode. Besides lumbar heating and Bluetooth speakers, this massage chair also comes with other features.

Inner Balance Wellness Ji Massage Chair


With the Ji chairs SL Track roller system, which travels from your neck down to your glutes, you will enjoy a relaxing full-body massage. Ji chair comes fully assembled and hassle-free, so you can enjoy your massage chair without hassle. With the warmth combined with full body compression, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy a day’s tension melt away. A certificate of electrical and safety excellence awarded by cETLus.

Most Notable Features of Ji Massage Chair

  • Zero wall
  • Finger Tip Controls
  • Quad Roller Robot
  • Heat (Calf and Back)
  • 22 Airbags

With Inner Balance Ji, you will experience the ultimate massage with both S and L track technologies. S-Track makes sure the rollers follow along with the natural curvature of your spine while L-Track extends from your neck, all the way down past your lower back, and wraps around your thighs. L-Tracks offer 40% more massage space.

Inner Balance Wellness Jin Warranty

Inner Balance Wellness Manufacturer’s Warranty:

  • 1 Year In-Home Service
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 5 Years Structural Framework

What Do Users Say About Inner Balance Wellness Jin Massage Chair?

“Compared to other massage chairs on the market, this one is the best and best value. In my testing of several massage chairs, this Inner Balance Wellness Jin massage chair had everything, including a foot massager that you can slide your entire foot into, air bags massage your toes, and a roller massages your foot. Other chairs did not have a roller and left your toes exposed, only squeezing the sides of your feet. The calf roller massage and glute massage are both amazing and really relax your entire body. The glute massager really makes a huge difference to how you feel when you are done using it. All three of these features make this chair a great massage chair and I highly recommend it. Most of the chairs we sat in were double the price and had fewer features. I highly recommend this chair and the price is really a great deal.”
John E.

“I’m a truck driver and my wife is a teacher, and both of us felt sore in so many places from our daily work related activities after just a few days with the Jin. I’m so glad I decided to do this after just a few days with it. After driving for days, my back feels so much better. Read more about Having the chair for just a few days,n years. Having stood pretty consistently all day, the wife’s feet always hurt so she wanted a foot and calf massage. Her feet feel great after using it because of the compression. We both like it and it is well built. It’s heavy to get inside, but I had no problem getting it in. If you have a rolling furniture dolly, it makes it easier.”
Christian T.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Brushless Motor?

Brushless motors are uncommon and can sometimes be misleadingly marketed. This chair does not use brushless motors.

What is the Minimum Room We Need (doorway width) to Get it in Before Side Panel Assembly?

A 28-inch door can easily fit out of the box prior to assembly.

Does this Massage Chair Lie Flat?

Massage chairs with L Tracks can recline fully, but they can’t lie completely flat since the L shape means that the frame goes from the backrest to underneath the seat, which massages the glutes. 

Where is it Made? China or US? or Else?

Jin is made in China. 

Is 4D Massage Chair Worth It?

The worthiness of a 4D massage chair depends on individual preferences, needs, and budget considerations. These chairs offer advanced features and technology designed to provide a more customizable and immersive massage experience compared to traditional massage chairs.
4D massage chairs incorporate additional dimensions of adjustability beyond the standard three dimensions of length, width, and depth.
The fourth dimension refers to the ability to adjust the intensity and speed of the massage rollers dynamically, mimicking the techniques of a human massage therapist more closely. This feature allows for a deeper and more precise massage experience, with the rollers adapting to the contours of the body and varying the pressure as needed.

One of the main advantages of a 4D massage chair is its ability to tailor the massage experience to individual preferences and comfort levels. Users can adjust the intensity, speed, and depth of the massage rollers to target specific areas of tension or discomfort, providing a more personalized and effective treatment.

Additionally, 4D massage chairs often come equipped with a wider range of massage techniques and programs, including kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and stretching. This versatility allows users to explore different massage styles and find the one that best suits their needs and preferences.

Furthermore, 4D massage chairs may offer additional features such as body scanning technology, zero-gravity recline, heat therapy, air compression massage, and Bluetooth connectivity for music or audio playback. These features enhance the overall massage experience and provide added convenience and relaxation.

However, it’s essential to consider the cost-benefit ratio when evaluating the worthiness of a 4D massage chair. These chairs tend to be more expensive than their 2D or 3D counterparts due to their advanced technology and features. Therefore, individuals should weigh the benefits of the enhanced massage experience against the investment required.

Ultimately, for those who prioritize personalized massage therapy and are willing to invest in advanced features and technology, a 4D massage chair may be worth the investment. However, individuals with more modest needs or budget constraints may find that a less advanced massage chair meets their requirements effectively. Consulting with a healthcare provider or massage therapist can help individuals make an informed decision based on their specific needs and circumstances.

Final Thoughts

Jin chairs have some unique features that make them stand out to people who have tried massage chairs before. There is a perfect balance between shiatsu massage techniques and therapeutic compression massage in its shiatsu calf massager, and its shoulder height adjustment system allows the chair to work for everyone. In combination with the leg extension, the shoulder head adjustment system allows this chair to accommodate taller individuals with ease who have previously had difficulty finding chairs of that size. Come try the Jin chair for yourself and see why it does everything you want it to, has some unique features, and is at a reasonable price. The Positive Posture Sol is a better choice if you care about money since it costs less than the Jin Massage Chair

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