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Massage Chair Warehouse

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Massage Chair Warehouse

Massage chair retailers are businesses in helping customers find the perfect massage chair for their needs.

With a vast selection of models and brands, they provide expert advice to make sure you buy the right product. Plus, many offer warranties, financing options, and even at-home trials so that your purchase is stress-free.

Welcome to Massage Chair Warehouse, your one-stop destination for all your massage chair needs. Here you will find a wide variety of massage chairs from top brands at competitive prices.

Popular Massage Chair Brands on Warehouse

  • NRG
  • Earthlite
  • Oakworks
  • Master
  • Stronglite
  • Pisces

Popular Portable Massage Chairs To Buy on Warehouse

  • NRG® Grasshopper Massage Chair Special with Face Cradle Covers
  • NRG® Grasshopper Portable Massage Chair
  • Oakworks Desktop Portal Seated Massage System
  • Master® Massage Equipment The Bedford™ Portable Massage Chair Package
  • Oakworks Portal Pro 3 Massage Chair Package
  • Oakworks® Portal Pro® Massage Chair Package
  • Master® Massage Equipment The Professional™ Portable Massage Chair Package Royal
  • Blue
  • Stronglite Ergo Pro II
  • STRONGLITE™ Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair & Carrying Case
  • EarthLite Vortex™ Portable Massage Chair Package with Carry Case
  • Master® Massage Equipment The Husky Apollo™ XXL Portable Massage Chair
  • EarthLite® Travelmate Desktop Massage Support System
  • Pisces Productions Dolphin II Massage Chair™
  • EarthLite Avila II™ Massage Chair Package
  • Custom Craftworks™ Solutions Series Melody Portable Massage Chair
  • Master® Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair
  • Pisces Productions Dolphinette Desk Topper™

Advantages of Buying a Massage Chair on Warehouse

  • Lower Prices: If you’re searching for a way to save money on a massage chair, then look no further than your local massage chair warehouse! Here, we offer an extensive selection of chairs at discounted prices so that getting the perfect one is both affordable and easy.
  • Warehouse chairWide Selection: For customers searching for their ideal massage chair, retailers provide an expansive selection of items from different labels and in various designs. This allows people to seamlessly discover the ideal chair that meets both their requirements and preferences!
  • Expertise: Shopping for a massage chair at a warehouse retailer? Look no further – their knowledgeable staff can help you make an educated decision by providing insight and recommendations on which model is best for your needs.
  • Availability: Massage chair warehouses can offer a vast selection of massage chairs, ensuring that customers find the right one for them with ease – in terms of size, color, and style.
  • Warranty and Return Policy: Some warehouse retailers offer a warranty and return policy on the massage chairs they sell, providing customers with peace of mind and protection for their purchase.

Are Portable Massage Chairs Difficult to Transport?

If you’re usually on the go, a portable massage chair is ideal for your needs! Such chairs weigh between 15 to 18 pounds and often come with an accompanying carrying case.

For improved transportation convenience, select one that can be collapsed easily or opt for a desktop massage support system that doesn’t exceed 9-10 lbs instead.

These lightweight models are designed to fit any tabletop surface quickly and effortlessly so you can enjoy its therapeutic benefits no matter where you are!


In conclusion, buying a massage chair from Warehouse is the perfect solution for anyone looking to acquire one; with great discounts, an array of selections, and the advantage of being able to trial the chair before you make your purchase — it’s truly hard to go wrong.

If you want to make the most of your purchase, it’s best to do a thorough comparison between prices and features. Furthermore, be sure that Warehouse provides an adequate warranty with great customer service too — because only when all these factors are taken into account can you make the right decision for yourself about whether buying from Warehouse is worth it or not.

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Kristina Martin attended the University Of Florida and graduated in 2001 from the College Of Medicine. Kristina is a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT). Her focus is to help her clients be as healthy as possible by providing personalized training and advice that is unique to them.
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