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Best Nail Salon Massage Chairs for 2024

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Nail Salon Massage Chairs

Massage chairs are no longer limited to luxury spas or wellness centers. Nowadays, they can be found in malls, airports, and even nail salons – delivering an indulgent method of relaxation while customers wait for their services. These versatile chairs offer a convenient way to unwind and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Furthermore, massage chairs can be a great boon to your business. Thanks to modern technology, these chairs now come with multiple features and functions that make them suitable for any environment or situation. It also allows customers to choose from various designs and select the chair that better fits their preferences and needs.

for PedicurePamper your customers with luxurious and indulgent massage chairs in your nail salon, spa, or any other establishment that offers foot and leg treatments.

These specialized chairs are designed to offer a soothing and rejuvenating massage experience while they get their pedicures or other services – creating an unforgettable customer journey.

Investing in a nail salon massage chair is an excellent choice for any business aiming to grant premium comfort and serenity to its customers.

With loads of features and styles at your disposal, finding the perfect fit has never been easier.

Are Nail Salon Massage Chairs Good?

To determine if a nail salon massage chair meets your needs and provides an enjoyable experience for customers, it is essential to research the product’s quality and features.

Some chairs may offer superior massage capabilities as well as comfort amenities while others could disappoint in terms of efficacy. By reading reviews before making any purchases, you can guarantee that the chosen chair will satisfy both you and your clients alike.

A small pedicure chair is a compact and space-saving furniture for nail salons or home use. With its inviting seat, convenient footrest, and restorative massage functions, this chair creates a luxurious spa-like setting for each visitor. Its compact size makes it ideal for limited areas and can conveniently be shifted or stored away when not in use.

Whether used pedicure chairs for sale are good or not depends on several factors such as the condition of the chair, the price, and the warranty offered by the seller. Before investing in a chair, it is essential to examine the product thoroughly and guarantee that all components are performing optimally for your needs.

5 Best Pedicure Massage Chairs in 2024 (Review)

1. Shiatsulogic Pedicure Massage Chair SERENITY II

For nail salons seeking to offer their patrons a pampering and tranquil experience, the Shiatsulogic Pedicure Massage Chair SERENITY II is an unbeatable choice.

This high-end chair has it all: from its built-in shiatsu massage system, adjustable heat settings, and pipeless design that ensures effortless cleaning.


  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Pipeless design for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Multiple massage options including shiatsu, kneading and rolling
  • Heat function for added relaxation
  • Adjustable recline and footrest for customizable comfort


  • Assembly may be difficult for some users
  • May be too intense for some users

With a contemporary look, this chair is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any salon. However, it may not fit within everyone’s price range due to its elevated cost. Additionally, the installation of the chair necessitates ample space availability in your business location.

2. Infinity Spa Pedicure Chair with Magnetic Jet and Tru-Touch™ Shiatsu Massage

Experience Lexor’s superior quality and technological innovation with the Versas™ Pedi-Spa™. This compact spa is an economical addition to any business, maximizing floor space without compromising on value, comfort or durability – all hallmarks of a Lexor product.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for a stellar price when it comes to the Pedi-Spa™. This budget-friendly product is one of the most feature-rich on the market, so you can get top performance at an affordable rate.


  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
  • Fully Functioning Power Seats with Remote Control
  • Designed Seat with Lumbar and Neck Support
  • Comfort Lexor Pillow
  • Chrome Accents and LED Accent
  • Foldable Manicure Trays with Removable Cup Holders
  • Lift-up Armrest for Easy Access
  • Extendable Water Spray Positioned well above Water Line
  • UL Listed


  • Heavy and bulky (200 lbs)
  • Additional cost for optional discharge pump system and base accent upgrade
  • Water capacity is limited to 4.5 gallons

Unwind in luxurious comfort with the Versas™ – a statement of sophistication and reliability. Crafted from supple leather, it boasts Tru-Touch™ Shiatsu 16-function massage system, acetone resistant base for enhanced durability, patented Pureflo pipeless jet for superior hygiene, as well as its handy 1-piece footrest which makes cleaning a breeze.

Elevate your experience even further by upgrading to Lexor’s exclusive features – offering maximum indulgence and efficiency.

3. Siena Shiatsulogic Pedicure Chair

Now, give your customers the ultimate pampering experience with Siena Pedicure Spa. Crafted from ultra-sanitary pipeless technology and boasting removable jets for easy cleaning, this sleekly designed spa not only offers technicians a hassle-free service but also provides clients with 6-function vibration massage chairs that will bring them to a state of pure relaxation while being treated. Impress your guests lavishly today and make their salon trips unforgettable.


  • Experience the ultimate massage therapy with advanced technology that utilizes a combination of kneading, tapping, and rolling techniques to provide an unmatched level of comfort.
  • Automatic seat adjustment and recline for ultimate comfort.
  • Chemical-resistant fiberglass tub with LED color light for a luxurious spa experience.
  • Unwind with the luxurious pipeless whirlpool system, complete with a pull-out spray for maximum therapeutic water benefits.
  • Customize your product with a choice of six stunning colors.


  • For some, the 200-pound weight of this chair may be offputting.
  • While it may not be a cost-effective solution for all users, those who avail themselves of this option will find its worth to be substantial.
  • Due to its weight and size, some users may find it difficult to reposition the chair.

For unparalleled comfort and ultimate relaxation, the Siena Shiatsulogic Pedicure Chair offers a range of features to make your spa experience with luxury pedicure chairs.

Enjoy full control with its electric-powered seat; indulge yourself in the extra neck and lumbar support; or relax knowing that it is made from durable, chemical-resistant materials – all topped off by a 2-year warranty for added assurance.

4. ANS-P20 Pedi Massage Chair

The ANS-P20 Massage Chair is an innovative pedicure chair that provides cutting-edge massage technology, a sleek and resilient design, as well as additional useful features.


  • Equipped with an advanced shiatsu massage mechanism that feels like real hands
  • Available in many colors to match salon decor
  • Durable PU leather upholstery that is easy to clean and resistant to stains and chemicals
  • Many extra features such as power seat controls, armrests that lift 90 degrees, and remote control for easy adjustments


  • May be more expensive than other pedicure chairs on the market
  • The 2 GB storage for music may not be enough for some users.

Providing your clients with enhanced comfort and convenience, our power seat controls allow you to move the chair up to 7 inches forward or backward for customized positioning. Now you can enjoy a smoother workflow thanks to this convenient feature!

5. PERLA Shiatsulogic 16 EX

Spoil your clients with the luxurious experience of Perla Pedicure Spa, designed to provide maximum comfort and relaxation.


  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Automatic seat adjustment for added comfort
  • Stylish chemical resistant fiberglass tub with LED color light
  • Pipeless whirlpool system and pull-out spray for therapeutic water benefits
  • 4-gallon capacity for a relaxing spa experience


  • May be too large for some nail salons
  • Higher cost compared to traditional pedicure chairs
  • Requires plumbing for the pipeless whirlpool system

This ultra-sanitary spa is equipped with removable jets for easy cleaning and a 6-function vibration massage chair that will leave customers feeling out of this world! Step up your business today by providing superior service in style with Perla Pedicure Spa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Pedicure Chair Without Plumbing?

Yes, a pipeless pedicure chair does not require plumbing as it uses a self-contained water and drainage system within the chair itself.

This allows for greater flexibility in location and setup, as it does not require a nearby water source or drain. However, it may require more frequent cleaning and maintenance of the internal water and drainage system to ensure proper sanitation.

How Does a Pipeless Pedicure Chair Work?

Unlike traditional plumbing, it works by using an advanced jet system to pump spa solutions through comfortable seating. As you relax in its luxurious padding, enjoy the rejuvenating power of water that is powered by an efficient motor or pump.

Not only does this chair offer built-in heaters to enhance the spa experience, but its innovative pipeless design also eliminates any need for traditional plumbing. This makes it not only more portable but simpler to clean and maintain as well.

What is a Pipeless Spa chair?

This type of massage chair is designed to bring maximum comfort and relaxation to clients during their pedicures or other treatments. You’ll love how it adjusts perfectly to each customer, creating an unforgettable atmosphere in your business.

With a pipeless spa chair, you can enjoy the convenience and effortless maintenance. It comes with an adjustable headrest, a built-in footrest to support your feet, as well as massage and heat functions for optimal relaxation. For added luxury, look for models that boast a whirlpool or jet system.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Chair in a Nail Salon?

The cost of renting a chair in a nail salon can differ greatly and is determined by several factors such as the salon’s size, location, and services.

Prices usually range anywhere from $100 to an astonishing $500 per week – but sometimes salons offer their renters either a percentage of earnings or one flat rate instead.

Furthermore, there could be additional fees for supplies, utilities, and any necessary equipment; so it’s essential that you do your research before settling on any rental agreement.

Nail Salon Massage Chairs While Pregnant. Does it Harmful?

Pregnant women can still indulge in massage chairs as long as they take precautionary measures. It’s mostly secure during the second and third trimesters, providing that you are not prone to going into labor prematurely. Relaxing with a massage chair is perfectly fine – just be sure to stay safe.

What are Clearance Pedicure Chairs?

If you’re on the hunt for an excellent pedicure chair and don’t mind foregoing a warranty or repair services, then clearance chairs are your perfect pick. These models are no longer produced or phased out by the manufacturer.

As such, vendors offer them at discounted prices to clear their inventory space – giving you access to high-quality products without breaking your budget.

Why Zero Gravity Chairs Make the Best Nail Salon Chairs?

Zero gravity chairs make the best nail salon chairs due to their ergonomic design and ability to promote relaxation and comfort during extended periods of sitting. These chairs are specifically engineered to distribute body weight evenly, reducing pressure on the spine and minimizing strain on muscles.

One of the key features of zero gravity chairs is their ability to recline into a position that elevates the legs above the heart. This position, inspired by NASA technology, promotes optimal blood circulation and alleviates tension in the lower back and legs. For clients undergoing lengthy nail treatments, this reclined position can prevent discomfort and fatigue, enhancing the overall salon experience.

Moreover, zero gravity chairs often incorporate padded cushions and adjustable headrests, providing customized support to different body types and preferences. This ensures that clients remain comfortable throughout their appointment, allowing nail technicians to focus on delivering precise and meticulous services without distractions.

From a scientific standpoint, the zero gravity position facilitates spinal decompression by evenly distributing gravitational force across the body. This reduces the compression of spinal discs and promotes spinal alignment, which is crucial for maintaining overall musculoskeletal health, especially during prolonged periods of sitting.

Additionally, the relaxation induced by zero gravity chairs can have psychological benefits, helping clients unwind and de-stress during their salon visit. This creates a more enjoyable and immersive experience, fostering client satisfaction and loyalty.

In summary, zero gravity chairs excel as nail salon chairs due to their ergonomic design, ability to promote relaxation, and scientific benefits such as improved blood circulation and spinal alignment. Investing in these chairs not only enhances the comfort of clients but also contributes to the well-being of both clients and nail technicians, ultimately elevating the quality of service provided in the salon.

Where to Buy Cheap Spa Pedicure Chairs With Massage Functions

Shop popular brands and retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair for a vast selection of spa pedicure chairs with massage functions at unbeatable prices. Or head over to the world-renowned online marketplaces Alibaba or DHgate to find more cost-effective options that still provide you with amazing results.

SpaEquip and Spa Pedicure Chairs are excellent options when it comes to wholesale suppliers, offering substantial savings on bulk orders.

To identify the best deals on spa pedicure chairs with massage functions, comparison shopping is key. Additionally, to guarantee a top-notch and dependable product, only trust reputable brands and retailers when making your purchase.

Final Words

Ultimately, massage chairs are an ideal option for any salon wanting to provide comfort and indulgence in their services.

To sum up, when it comes to choosing the best pedicure massage chair for your salon, the Shiatsulogic SERENITY II is the clear winner. With its advanced massage technology, durable and modern design, and convenient extra features, this chair offers the ultimate spa experience for your clients.

Coming in at a close second is the Infinity Spa Pedicure Chair, which boasts a powerful jet system and Tru-Touch™ Shiatsu massage features.

The Siena Shiatsulogic Pedicure Chair rounds out the top three with its comfortable seat design and a full range of massage options. Overall, these three models are sure to provide your salon with top-notch pedicure services, leaving your clients feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

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