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The Synca massage chairs are the pinnacle of Japanese design and engineering, with chairs that help you achieve health and wellness from a company committed to bringing you both beauty and technology. In addition to compact massage chairs, Synca Wellness offers full-size massage chairs with all the luxuries you’ve come to expect from your own personal massage chair.

About the Company

Their products made in Japan are at the core of SYNCA’s business strategy. Japanese design, planning, and technology development are key to SYNCA’s success.

1975 Johnson Metals established its first foundry

1979 Became the world’s largest supplier of weight lifting equipment

1980 Began manufacturing fitness equipment as an OEM

1995 Became the world’s largest supplier of fitness equipment

1996 Entered the market as a direct supplier with the launch of Vision Fitness

2002 Opened our first specialty fitness retail store

2003 First publicly traded on the Taipex Stock Exchange, the name changed to Johnson Health Tech (JHT)

2005 Launched the global Wellness Division

2006 Launched wellness subsidiaries in China and Taiwan

2008 Launched wellness subsidiary in North America

2012 Initiated wellness sales in India and Russia

2014 Launched wellness subsidiary in Vietnam and Italy

2015 Launched wellness subsidiary in Malaysia and became the world’s largest specialty
fitness retailer with almost 300 locations

2016 Initiated wellness sales in South Korea

2017 Launched Synca brand, opened a Japanese wellness subsidiary and manufacturing facility.

Synca Massage Chair Review

Synca Wellness JP1100 Massage Chair

Among all massage chairs made in Japan, the JP1100 has the highest percentage of Japanese components. You can easily select programs and control the pressure and location of your massage thanks to the clear, colorful display and menu configuration.

Featuring the most advanced dual-layer body scan and a 4D massage robot in the world, the JP1100 massage chair is the world’s most advanced massage chair.

As a high-quality sleeping position, a “Near 180° Flat Recline” allows the user to stretch out nearly flat, allowing all the tissues of the back to be massaged, thereby optimizing the feeling of comfort and massage.

Using the unique frame structure, you can achieve an almost flat sleeping position. The massage robot can now more effectively massage the affected area when you relax and allow your body tissues to open up freely.


Synca MR320 Massage Chair

With its ergonomic design, this chair will make you feel secure and comfortable. Once you sit on it, you will not want to move. The SYNCA Compact Massage Chair will make you want to exist in the moment forever. Its compact design provides professional massage techniques, such as tapping and kneading, in contrast to conventional chairs that only have air and rolling functions.

You can reduce lower back pain if your lower core muscles are rigid. By alternating hip movements from left to right, you can loosen up the muscles near the base of the spine.

With its whisper-quiet air cell technology and gentle precise massage hands, Syntax’s compact Massage Chair loosens the lumbar paraspinal muscles as it alternately moves left to right.

Synca CirC Plus Massage Chair

With the Synca CirC Plus Massage Chair, you’ll be surrounded by a Japanese “Shibui” design. Its modern furniture-like design conceals many features such as long rail deep tissue robotic massage technology inside a tastefully designed exterior in a subtle design. While getting a massage or watching TV, you can relax with the wireless remote while controlling it.

You can enjoy all the benefits of an oversized massage chair in an elegant piece of furniture with the CirC Plus. Synca CirC Plus massage chairs use 45.5″ long rails of SL Track massage systems, which are more effective than S-Track type massage chairs in providing a deeper massage and more coverage.

The Synca CirC Plus doesn’t cut any corners and uses the same massage mechanism that you will find in many other massage chairs at a higher price. The quad-style massage roller delivers a therapeutic massage with superior coverage and quality.


Synca Kurodo Massage Chair

It is one of the most advanced commercial massage chairs in the industry, the Synca Kurodo. Kurodo’s back massage is unbeatable, and superior to any massage chair you’ve ever tried in the mall or airport. This massage chair exceeds all other commercial massage chairs on the market in terms of precision, quality of Japanese massage technique, and therapeutic deep tissue massage.

A massage chair designed in Osaka, Japan, and manufactured outside of Tokyo by the company that invented massage chairs in 1954 Synca Kurodo. As a result of the key components manufactured by Hitachi and the master upholstering done by Nissan’s supplier, you know you are getting the best materials and craftsmen in Japan when you purchase this chair.

Kurodo by Synca Wellness is designed for use in premium commercial settings such as commercial fitness facilities (gym), vertical luxury housing (condo/apartment), offices, businesses, call centers, and employee break rooms.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re considering adding a massage chair to your facility. Hitachi’s Synca Kurodo massage robot gives you a truly human-like massage with commercial-grade durability. A true deep tissue massage can be achieved with the 4D mechanism that extends out 5 inches for four levels of adjustment.


Synca CirC – Premium SL Track Massage Chair

A compact massage chair like Synca CirC is ergonomically correct, so you will feel secure and comfortable when you sit in it. When you sit in the CirC massage chair, you will be in no hurry to get out of it. This compact massage chair provides excellent massage techniques such as tapping and kneading.

With alternate hip movements, you can loosen up the muscles near your spine and relieve back pain by creating a subtle left and right motion. With the Synca CirC chair, you can massage your whole body or pinpoint a specific location. An L-track massage works all the way from your shoulders to your upper thigh.

A standard massage track usually stops at the lower back. A 34″ massage track, with pinpoint locations to target your trapezius, hamstring, and lower back, will deliver a precise, gentle massage. Whisper quiet air cell technology is used to deliver a precise, gentle massage. CirC imitates massage therapist techniques by using intelligent massage hands that can either be ‘strong’ or ‘gentle’.


Synca Kagra – Designed in Japan 4D Premium Massage Chair

Kagra’s Japanese-engineered 4D massage robot is powered by second-generation software that combines 78 massage techniques with stretch software of the highest quality. By stacking layered stretch programs, the user can target and stretch key body parts such as the neck, chest, hips, legs, and lower back to enhance their massage experience.

Along with the incredible massage, you’ll also have the wireless Bluetooth audio system, pulsing shiatsu foot massage, fingertip controls, precision neck massage, triple region heating system, and zero gravity massage. With the pet shield, you don’t have to worry about your pets crawling under the chair as you can sit back and relax.


Synca JP970 Massage Chair

Synca Wellness’ JP970 helps you relax throughout your day by using a multilayered and multi-sensor body scan to accurately determine the length, curvature, and depth of your back. It also measures the height, depth, and shape of your shoulders as well. A massage chair will usually measure the length of your back without understanding the depth and contours of your body, resulting in a mediocre massage.

The JP970’s advanced body scan technology ensures Synca’s industry-leading 4D robotic deep tissue massage technology delivers a massage that is perfectly mapped to your back, and every time you enjoy the chair, your massage is customized to you.

A kneading and shiatsu massage movement that presses, massages, and releases muscle tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders are included with the JP970. A touchscreen controller makes it easy to operate the JP970, so you can sit back and relax while the chair handles the rest.


Synca MR3000 Hisho Massage Chair

With the Hisho, you have a comfortable relaxation zone in your home with a zen-like feel. By using the Hisho by Synca Wellness, you can experience a total body tension-melting heated massage.

In addition to providing superior lower back, glute, and sciatic massage, the Hisho also provides deep tissue relief throughout the rest of the back, including the neck and shoulders, with its long rail SL-Track technology. By carefully engineering the SL Track system, Synca maximizes the quality of massage by following the natural curves of your back and hips from neck to buttocks while continuously delivering massage.

In order to accomplish this, the frame is carefully curved in at meticulous angles near the neck and lumbar region, and the frame is extended to reach the glutes under the seat. As a result, you receive the most comprehensive massage possible while maintaining the highest level of quality.

With its unique high-rise calf airbags, the Hisho makes sure that no part of your body is overlooked, and its full body compression system even provides knee massage coverage. You’ll feel as if you’re sitting on a cloud with Hisho’s advanced massage technology and zero gravity therapy. Try one for yourself today.

Synca Compact Massage Chair

With its ergonomic design, this chair will make you feel secure and comfortable. Once you sit on it, you will not want to move. The SYNCA Compact Massage Chair will make you want to exist in the moment forever. Its compact design provides professional massage techniques, such as tapping and kneading, in contrast to conventional chairs that only have air and rolling functions.

Exercise and movement are difficult if the lower core muscles are stiff. Alternating hip movements will relieve lower back pain by loosening up the muscles near the base of the spine. Using its whisper-quiet air cell technology and gentle precise massage hands, the compact Massage Chair gently moves from left to right, loosening the lumbar paraspinal muscles.


What are the Disadvantages of a Massage Chair?

Sure, here’s a detailed response:

While massage chairs offer numerous benefits, they also come with several disadvantages worth considering. Firstly, despite technological advancements, massage chairs can be expensive to purchase and maintain. High-quality models equipped with advanced features can cost thousands of dollars, making them inaccessible to some individuals. Additionally, repairs and maintenance can add to the overall cost of ownership, further straining the budget.

Another drawback is the limited customization options compared to professional massage therapists. Massage chairs are designed to accommodate a wide range of body types and preferences, but they may not provide the same level of personalized treatment as human therapists. Users with specific medical conditions or injuries may find that a massage chair’s presets are not suitable for their needs, potentially leading to discomfort or exacerbation of their condition.

Furthermore, while massage chairs offer convenience and accessibility, they lack the intuition and adaptability of human touch. Skilled massage therapists can adjust their techniques in response to the client’s feedback and physical cues, providing a tailored experience that addresses individual concerns. In contrast, massage chairs operate based on pre-programmed algorithms and mechanical movements, which may not effectively target problem areas or deliver optimal relief.

Moreover, prolonged use of massage chairs can lead to over-reliance and dependency on mechanical massage for pain management. While regular massage therapy can provide temporary relief from muscle tension and discomfort, it’s essential to address the underlying causes through proper exercise, posture correction, and lifestyle changes. Relying solely on massage chairs for pain relief may mask symptoms without addressing the root issues, potentially delaying necessary treatment and rehabilitation.

Additionally, some users may experience discomfort or adverse reactions to the pressure and intensity of massage chair rollers and airbags. Individuals with sensitive skin, underlying medical conditions, or injuries should exercise caution and consult with a healthcare professional before using a massage chair. Improper use or excessive pressure can result in bruising, muscle strain, or exacerbation of existing injuries.

In conclusion, while massage chairs offer convenience and relaxation benefits, they also have several disadvantages, including high cost, limited customization, reliance on mechanical techniques, and potential discomfort or adverse reactions. Users should weigh these factors carefully and consider consulting with a healthcare professional before incorporating a massage chair into their wellness routine.


With a focus on comfort and design, these chairs are as aesthetically beautiful in your space as they are ergonomically designed to find the areas of tension and ease them away. The Synca Wellness massage chairs use tapping and kneading massage techniques to relieve stress and fatigue in the head, neck, shoulders, core, and lower body through tapping and kneading massage techniques.

Featuring intuitive controllers and massage options for any mood or need, these chairs also feature the latest technology, including the ability to choose the depth of massage from strong to gentle, just like your massage therapist, as well as heat settings to ease all tensions you may be experiencing.

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