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Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair

This ALL-NEW Titan Pro Alpha has been thoughtfully designed to provide support and comfort, while delivering the benefit of a full-body L-track massage, from the neck to the hamstrings. The Titan Chair’s innovative design and functions combine Titan’s best features with some new innovations.

Kristina Martin

PRO alpha chair
Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


The Titan Pro Alpha Massage chair is an advanced massage chair that offers a range of features designed to provide users with an immersive and therapeutic experience. Featuring a new arm design, an L-track roller design for under the buttocks and glutes, zero gravity position, Bluetooth speaker connection and app, foot rollers, shiatsu, kneading, tapping, and combination massage functions, as well as a memory function, this chair is sure to provide maximum comfort and relaxation. With the many features designed to enhance your massage experience, the Titan Pro ALPHA Massage chair is an ideal choice for those seeking a superior massage experience.


Reasons to Buy

New Ergonomic Straight Arm Massage Design
A Pretty Good Degree Of Flexibility Is Provided To Users
Ability To Save Customized Massage To Memory
Even today, this product is reasonably priced
Space Saving Technology
Dual Action Foot Massager

Reasons to Avoid

6 Inches Clearance Is Not Enough For Space Saving
Calf Massage Could Have Been Better
There Are Limited Manual Massage Techniques Available, But Overall There are Plenty of Options


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Reclining Feature

The reclining feature of the Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair allows users to adjust the angle of the backrest and footrest for a comfortable and relaxing position during a massage session. It distributes the body’s weight evenly, reducing pressure on specific areas such as the back, hips, and legs, and promotes proper spinal alignment, relieving tension and pain in the back and neck muscles. Overall, this feature enhances the massage experience and provides various benefits to the user’s body.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

The intensity settings and coverage area of the Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair enhance the massage experience by providing users with customizable options to target their specific needs. This feature’s benefits include reducing muscle tension and pain, improving blood circulation, and promoting relaxation and stress relief.

Heating Feature

The heating feature of the Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair enhances the massage experience by promoting relaxation, reducing muscle tension and pain, and improving blood circulation. This feature’s benefits also include providing targeted relief to specific areas of the body and making the massage experience more comfortable during colder weather.

Kneading feature

The kneading feature of the Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair provides a deep tissue massage that simulates the kneading action of a human hand. This feature is beneficial for those who want to alleviate muscle tension and knots in their body, particularly in the neck, shoulders, and back.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

Outfitted with an uncomplicated remote control, the massage chair permits users to modify their massage experience swiftly and conveniently. Whether it’s adjusting intensity settings, selecting particular techniques, or targeting specific areas of your body – this feature allows you to individualize your comfort level precisely.

Space Saving

It only requires a few inches of clearance when fully reclined, which means I can place it closer to the wall and save valuable floor space. This feature also makes it easier to incorporate into any room, giving me more flexibility in how I use my space.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of this chair is unparalleled, making it a highly functional yet customizable option. With intuitive controls that enable easy adjustments, I am able to tailor my massage experience to my personal needs. In addition, the sturdiness of its construction combined with superior quality materials make this an ideal long-term fixture in my home.


The chair comes with a 3-year warranty that covers both parts and labor, which gives me confidence that any issues that may arise will be taken care of promptly and efficiently.

Moreover, the warranty also provides me with assurance that the manufacturer stands behind their product and is committed to delivering a high-quality massage chair. This feature gives me added confidence in my purchase and makes me feel more comfortable investing in a higher-end model like the Titan Pro Alpha.

Unique Technology & Features

The chair includes features such as 3D massage rollers that can adjust to the contours of my body, zero-gravity positioning that provides a weightless feeling, and Bluetooth speakers that allow me to enjoy music or meditation during my massage.

Moreover, the chair’s advanced technology, such as its computer body scan system, ensures that the massage is personalized to my body’s unique needs, providing me with the most effective and comfortable massage possible. This personalized experience is a significant benefit, as it allows me to relieve tension and soreness in specific areas of my body.

Brand Reliability & Support

I have immense respect for Titan and their Pro Alpha Massage Chair. They’ve established a worthy reputation in the massage chair market through years of manufacturing products that are reliable, of superior quality, and built to last.

Furthermore, the company ensures your investment is safeguarded with their excellent customer service. This team of professionals are available to answer any queries and help out with whatever repair or replacement needs arise. Their teams’ swift response time makes certain that you’re taken care of so that all your worries can be addressed in a timely manner.

Titan Pro Alpha Specifications

  • Roller Type: 2D.
  • Roller Length: Approximately 50 Inches.
  • Total Airbags: 28.
  • Dimensions: 72″D x 30″W x 45″H.
  • Height Range: Approximately 5’0″ – 6’4″ ft.
  • Maximum Recommended Weight: 235 lbs.

My Personal Experience Using Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair

As someone who has extensively used the Titan Pro Alpha Executive Massage Chair, I can confidently say that it is one of the best massage chairs on the market. The chair comes with a new arm design that provides enhanced comfort and support, making it perfect for an extended massage session.

The L-Track roller design is another feature that makes this chair stand out. Unlike other chairs that massage only the back, the Titan Pro Alpha has a 53” massage roller track that massages from the neck to the hamstrings. The L-Track design also massages under the buttocks and glutes, making it perfect for a full-body massage.

The space-saving feature is another remarkable aspect of this chair. Unlike other chairs that require a lot of space behind the backrest to recline, the TP-Alpha only needs 3” of space due to its new space-saving design.

The zero-gravity position, inspired by NASA research, is one of the significant benefits of owning this massage chair. It is designed to reduce compression along the spine and tension throughout the entire body.

Foot rollers located along the bottom of the feet are spinning reflexology massagers that provide a soothing kneading-style massage. The airbags inflate and deflate to hold your feet in position while the acupressure points are stimulated.

The 36 next-generation airbags provide compression massage to your arms, shoulder, feet, and legs, making it perfect for a therapeutic full-body massage from neck to toe.

The massage chair comes equipped with the latest in Body Scan technology, which maps out your back to find the location of your spine, length, and width of your back, and acupoints for a custom massage tailored to your body. There are six manual massage techniques: Kneading, Shiatsu, Flap, Kneading & Flap, Knocking, and Tapping, each with their therapeutic benefits.

The Titan Pro Alpha also comes with five automatic programs: Ache/Relieve, Comfort, Relax, Upper Body, and Lower Body, providing a therapeutic massage. The back stretch program is excellent to help loosen up your spine, especially your lower back, where most of your tension is located.

The chair has four adjustment points: Intensity Adjustments, Massage Speed, Massage Intensity, and Width Adjustments. It also has two heating elements located in the lumbar region to enhance your massage experience.

One of the exciting features of the Titan Pro Alpha is the Bluetooth Speaker Connection and App. You can connect any cell phone or device equipped with Bluetooth to play your favorite music through the built-in speakers of the chair, creating your relaxation space.

Overall, the Titan Pro Alpha Executive Massage Chair is a remarkable product that provides comfort and support, delivering all the benefits of a full-body massage. With innovative designs and functions, it stands out in the market as a unique product that everyone should try.

Compared to Other Chairs

The engineers at Titan designed a massage chair with many innovations and amazing features, so it stands out when it comes to its functionality and design. This gorgeous piece is stylish and functional, perfectly suited to living rooms or bedrooms. 

TP-Alpha’s metal frame makes it durable and sturdy, while its comfortable, supportive, and cozy design makes it unique. Additionally, it comes in three colors (black, beige, and brown) to suit every taste. 

From the neck to the hamstrings, the massage chair provides full-body L-Track massage. This innovative chair provides 10-on-10 support, with an adjustable back pillow that helps to reduce the intensity of the massage.

In contrast, the Osaki OS-4000T has been re-engineered and has developed the next generation of air massage technology. This has resulted in a slimmer design with a lower number of air massagers. As a result of innovative engineering, the total number of airbags was reduced, but the massage area and volume were increased. 

With the Katana 700, you get a more calming, relaxing massage thanks to the Cooling Air Massage system. This Katana 700 massage chair is perfect for anyone looking for a luxurious massage chair at a reasonable price.

Osaki OS-4000T

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Both chairs feature a 2 Stage zero gravity design. Designed by Titan and Osaki, the chairs feature space-saving technology by reclining straight as they slide. On the other hand, OSAKI OS-4000T has S-track technology, while TP-Alpha uses advanced L-Track technology. With Titan Pro Alpha you can store up to 2 different massage programs, but the Osaki chair does not have a memory function. Both chairs have the same price and are a great choice in this category.

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Katana 700

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The Katana 700 is a full-featured, full-body massage chair at a remarkably affordable price, but more expensive than the Titan Pro Alpha. These chairs offer kneading, rolling, tapping, and compression. Both chairs provide an L-Track design. Katana 700 is a real space saver, and wall hugger, design requires just 2″ (5cm) inches behind the chair’s backrest. Katana 700’s Shiatsu Sensei Massage Mechanism applies the soothing massage movements that make this massage experience unique and memorable. In comparison to the Pro Alpha massage chair, the Katana 700 is more expensive.

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The Osaki OS-4000T and the Titan Pro Alpha are both massage chairs with several features. The Osaki OS-4000T has a two-stage Zero Gravity recline, Body Scan Technology, an S-Track Massage Robot, and heat therapy for the back.

The Titan Pro Alpha has 2D rollers mounted on an L-Track, a memory function to save customized massages, 3 types of foot massage, and the ability to adjust shoulder width. Both chairs have foot massage capabilities and offer a zero gravity position for extra relaxation. These features can provide users with a comfortable and personalized massage experience.

FeatureOsaki OS-4000TTitan Pro Alpha
Zero GravityYes (two-stage)Yes
Body Scan TechnologyYesNo
Roller TypeS-Track2D rollers on L-Track
Memory FunctionNoYes
Foot MassageYesYes (3 types)
Shoulder Width AdjustmentNoYes
Heat TherapyYes (for back)No

What Makes Titan Pro Alpha Stand Out from the Competition?

The Titan Pro Alpha massage chair has several features that make it stand out from the competition. Some of its key features include 2D rollers mounted on an L-Track, the option to save massage to memory, 3 types of foot massage for tired and achy feet, and the ability to adjust shoulder width. Additionally, it offers a zero gravity position for extra relaxation and an L-track roller design in the seat that targets the bottom and glutes for pain relief. Would you like more information on any of these features?

Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features

A new level of convenience is offered by the Titan Pro Alpha. Using the remote to control the chair’s most important functions is no longer necessary. The Titan Pro ALPHA Massage Chair offers a stylish design with convenience, comfort, and support.

It has an updated new arm design along with five adjustable speed and intensity levels for a more personalized massage experience, as well as a remote control with an LCD screen and side panel control. The massage chair is best known for providing therapeutic neck massages and also has a space-saving technology feature. All in all, it is an excellent massage chair from Titan Pro that can provide you with the best massage experience.

Dual Action Foot Rollers

Two types of massage enhancements are located at the bottom of the foot massager. The first roller spins with bumps on the outer part of the wheel, mimicking the feeling of thumbs pressing on toes or bridges. As the rounded points move forward and back, they scrape the bridge and heels of the feet with the forward and back motion. You receive three types of massage simultaneously with airbag compression. There are three different speeds that can be adjusted for the rollers.

​New Ergonomic Straight Arm Massage Design

Using the side panel cavity, you can slide your arms and hands in. Due to the unibody construction of the arms massager, it will remain in the same position no matter how far the backrest is reclined or raised. By putting your arms straight, you are able to fully relax them, which allows you to drop your arms naturally to your sides.

Computer Body Scanning System

Activating the chair will initiate a computer body scan that will roll from top to bottom, measuring the key areas of the back and your height. With such a design, the chair can deliver a highly effective massage with consistent pressure throughout the course of its pre-programmed session.

2 Stage Zero Gravity

The backrest virtually supports your entire weight when you recline into the zero gravity position, which maximizes the intensity of your massage. As you recline, your legs will become higher than your heart level, resulting in a second stage of zero gravity.

Lumbar Heated Back Pad

The lower lumbar area is equipped with individual heating pads on either side. It is a perfect complement to the back massage to includes heat therapy. Blood circulation is increased when the body’s temperature is raised. Tight muscles are also loosened by raising the body’s temperature. It is not recommended to use the heating pad for more than 30 minutes a day.

6 Massage Techniques

The are 6 manual massage techniques that come equipped on the Titan Pro Alpha: Kneading, Shiatsu, Flap, Kneading & Flap, Tapping, and Knocking. Each one has its own therapeutic benefits.

Back Pad Pillow

Chairs with the L track technology have always had difficulty controlling the intensity of the back massage.  Deep tissue L-track chairs cannot be adjusted for intensity, so they are typically deep tissue.  At Titan, engineers have developed a simple but genius way to reduce the intensity of the massage for those who would like a milder massage while preserving its benefits. 

Titan Pro Alpha Warranty

For the first THREE(3) years of ownership, Titan guarantees to replace or repair the qualified product without charge, should it be found defective because of faulty parts, workmanship, or structural defects. Parts, Labor, and Structural Framework are covered for the first year of ownership, Parts and Structural Framework for the second year, and the Structural Framework for the third year.

What Do Users Say About Titan Pro Alpha Massage Chair?

“I would buy this again. The chair is easy to use, the controls are intuitive, and the glutes are massaged to perfection. Chairs today come with 3D or 4D rollers. Typically, these chairs are more expensive than traditional 2D chairs.
“A 2016 massage chair that now seems ancient: the Titan Pro Alpha. Back then, it was popular for it’s features as well as its reasonable price, although it’s about 7 years old now.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Osaki and Titan the Same?

Despite being technically separate product lines, Titan and Osaki massage chairs are distributed by the same company based in Carrollton, Texas. There can be a lot of confusion when it comes to the distinctive features of all the brands and models when it comes to premium massage chairs.

Where are Titan Massage Chairs Made?

Globally, most massage chairs are produced in China. It’s no surprise that some of the biggest Chinese brands are running right here in America, such as Osaki, Titan, and Human Touch.

Is Titan Comfort 7 Massage Chair Good?

Assessing the quality of the Titan Comfort 7 Massage Chair involves evaluating its features, design, and overall performance. This chair boasts several notable features that contribute to its functionality and comfort.

The S-Track design is a key feature of the Titan Comfort 7 Massage Chair, offering a longer length down to the sacral region. This ergonomic design follows the natural curvature of the spine, providing targeted massage therapy to alleviate tension and promote relaxation throughout the entire back.

The Power Recline function, operating on both the backrest and footrest simultaneously, enhances user comfort by allowing for customizable reclining positions. This feature enables users to find their preferred angle for optimal relaxation and support.

Another notable feature is the Seat Vibration Massage, which adds an extra dimension of relaxation by providing gentle vibrations to the seat area. This massage technique can help improve circulation and reduce discomfort associated with prolonged sitting.

Additionally, the inclusion of Air Massage on the arms and footrest enhances the overall massage experience by targeting additional areas of the body. Air massage utilizes airbags to apply gentle pressure and compression, promoting muscle relaxation and reducing tension in these areas.

The Auto Recline feature adds convenience and ease of use to the Titan Comfort 7 Massage Chair, allowing users to effortlessly recline the chair to their desired position with the touch of a button.

Overall, the Titan Comfort 7 Massage Chair offers a range of features designed to enhance comfort and relaxation. Its combination of S-Track design, Power Recline, Seat Vibration Massage, Air Massage, and Auto Recline make it a compelling option for individuals seeking therapeutic relief from muscle tension and stress. However, personal preferences and individual needs should be considered when determining if this chair is the right choice for you.

Final Thoughts

The Titan Pro Alpha massage chair is therefore designed to promote relaxation, comfort, and all the advantages of a therapeutic massage chair you can only dream about. By offering advanced & soothing massages, Titan Pro Alpha is a successful massage chair that offers numerous health benefits and also improves sleep quality. 

The massage chair comes with an impressive range of features that are certainly worth the cost. Furthermore, the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty is a great convenience as it covers any sort of issue and provides technical support along with replacement parts.

Both chairs Katana 700 and Osaki OS-4000T compared to Pro Alpha have the same price and almost all functions; these massage chairs are a great alternative in this category.

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