Only a few massage chairs are authentically manufactured in the USA. Why? Cost of labor, of course! As a result, only a few massage chairs are authentically manufactured in the USA and that is why businesses are looking to other countries to produce and manufacture their products. But those few models that are manufactured in the USA are of a superior quality to those made in China or even Japan. One of those brands is Luraco.

This Chair, as an example, is one of the TOP 3 chairs in the worlds right now and actually cost less than some of it’s competitors that are manufacture their chair in other countries. Also, branding something as “Made in America” isn’t completely true either, since even brands that are made in USA have some of their parts imported from other countries such as Taiwan

Apart from its trademark identity, Luraco massage chairs having countless 5-star reviews and tested by independent labs, that further certify its quality. If you’re looking for a massage chair brand that’s is fully American, Luraco is the only play in town.


Top 3 American-Made Massage Chairs Review

In addition to being durable, reliable, and of the highest quality, chairs that are being made in the USA provides more jobs for Americans. Also, it is more environmentally friendly because it reduces delivery and transportation costs.

Below are three chairs you might want to consider investing in iif you want to help out with the environment and get the best chair.

i9 Luraco

Some people might think massage chairs are the same, but Luraco Technologies proves they are not, and AMERICAN-MADE massage chairs are the best!

During the last five years, Luraco has developed a unique and advanced massage machine called the Luraco i9 (9th Generation) that delivers superior medical grade massages. The Luraco i9 Max Medical Massage Chair has been granted 7 U.S. patents, with several more pending. The chair was developed by the Luraco Research and Development team.

Patented SPLIT L-Track: Featuring the first-of-its-kind Massage Track, the i9 MAX is proudly made in the USA with high-quality materials that will last for years to come. A split L-Track that delivers all the benefits of an L-Track chair while also offering superior stretch functions.

Patented Powered Easy-Entry Armrests: It has long been difficult for users to enter and exit chairs. Luraco has introduced a solution to this problem.

Patented 3D “Butterfly Technology”: It also utilizes robotic rollers to give an even closer experience to receiving a hands-on massage. Note that Luraco i9 is considered a 7D chair if air, motor speed, music, and body heat therapy are considered dimensions.

Foot Rollers: A complete calf massager that embraces air massagers for a complete massage therapy experience, along with TRIPLED FOOT ROLLERS that give full toe-to-heel coverage and Achilles Heel Massage Nodes.

A Kneading and Tapping massage can be controlled independently of each other using speed and rhythm controls. Button to Pause/Resume (for when the user does not want to continue their massage) The chair fits the needs of larger bodies better than any other imported chair on the market! It is recommended for users with heights ranging from 4’7″ to 6’10” and weight up to 300 pounds.

There are 6 sections providing multi-intensity massage control (Neck, Upper Back, Lower Back, Arms, Calves, and Feet). There are 5 levels of intensity control with TRUE 3D technology and adjustable settings to meet individual needs. The device is FDA-approved, UL, and CE listed, and is built to provide medical benefits and safety.

You will love this chair if you are looking for premium design, genuine leather, and USA-made quality. A total of seven U.S. patents have already been granted for the chair, and several more are pending. With the sliding door (for easy access), Adjustable Shoulder & Bicep Air Bags, it is perfect for those who are shorter or taller. Aside from being one of the quietest chairs available, it is also one of the most comfortable. It can also accommodate tall people up to 6'10", making it one of the best chairs for tall people.


Luraco Legend Plus L-Track

A Luraco Legend Plus L-Track Massage Chair, or simply Legend Plus, is another amazing option for the perfect massage chair. This chair is unquestionably one of Luraco’s most advanced chairs, simply because of its features alone. The chair has a built-in touch-screen remote control, so you can explore its numerous features at your leisure.

The 3D Massage Roller: A Luraco Legend Plus L-Track can be adjusted to a deep tissue massage or a gentle massage with its 3D design. The roller can be adjusted up and down, side-to-side, and in and out. On its 58″ track, the quad-style roller can accommodate people up to 300lbs and 5’2″ in height.

Body Scan Technology: Legend Plus uses intelligent sensor technology that provides accurate 3D body scanning for accurate back, neck, and shoulder massage.

Reflexology Massage: A double foot roller is located on the bottom of the ottoman of the Luraco Legend massage chair, focusing on your acupoints for a tremendous reflexology massage. Airbags also add extra pressure to the massage.

Automatic Programs: Luraco Legends Plus comes with 9 programs to help you live a better life: Health, Demo, Shiatsu, Stretch, Night, Air, Morning, TV Mode, and Soft.

Independent Adjustability: There are several unique features of the Luraco Legend Plus L-Track massage chair, including the ability to customize the intensity of your massage based not only on the region, but also at the neck, mid back, lower back, buttocks, arms, and legs.

Due to its high-end automation technology, Legend Plus offers nine automatic programs for your convenience, so you can enjoy your time completely in silence. The Legend Plus also comes with noise reduction technology, so you can enjoy your time in complete silence. This chair has everything you need, from the “Health” settings that boost blood flow to the “Air” settings that help you relax.


Zarifa USA Z-Smart Adjustable Deep Tissue

If you are looking for the ultimate comfort source to relax your muscles and treat chronic body pains, buying a reliable massage chair is one of the best choices you can make. ZarifaUSA has been developing high-quality massage chairs for decades. ZarifaUSA’s products provide a wonderful massage that is guaranteed to result in positive results.

With the Deep Tissue Massage Chair, you can prioritize your wellness. There are five levels of speed, adjustable motor pivots, back width adjustment, three memory modes, LED accent lights, integrated speakers, and more, all of which make this space-saving design unique.

With Alice, the zero gravity massage chair’s artificial intelligence assistant, you can control all functions with your voice. You can choose from eight different nodes and five different massage techniques to create a completely custom experience. This adjustable massage chair is available in Black and Blue to complement your existing decor.

  • Meet Alice: You can control all the features of this deep tissue massage chair with the help of your personal AI assistant.
  • S+L Combo Track: the smart massage chair uses massage rollers that follow the unique curvature of your spine and lower extremities, resulting in a individualized massage. From the upper back to the lower back and down through the glutes and hamstrings, this massage uses actual massaging nodes to provide a complete massage.
  • Optimized with Heat: A carbon fiber heated lumbar on the full body massage chair offers soothing infrared heat along your lower back from the premium carbon fiber heated lumbar. As a result of this therapeutic heat, stiffness is reduced, muscle tension is reduced, circulation is improved, flexibility is increased, and a feeling of comfort is experienced.
  • The Sensation of Real Hands: With 60 separate airbag pieces, the massage chair with speakers’ AirBag Compression System creates a gentle massage that mimics a real hand massage.

  • Relax Deeper: The zero-gravity position creates the feeling of weightlessness, taking stress off the spine and elevating your legs and feet over your heart for increased oxygenation as you rest in the deep-tissue massage chair.

In order to mimic the feel and touch of real hands, 78 separate airbag pieces gently massage the feet, legs, arms, thighs, and more in a relaxing manner. With the Z Smart, you’ll enjoy a full body massage targeting your head to your toes. The Z Smart is the only Zarifa chair with 3D targeting.


American vs Chinese vs Japanese Massage Chairs Comparison

In the world of massage chairs, three countries dominate the market: Japan, China, and the United States. Almost every massage chair from these three countries has similar features. What is the importance of country of origin when choosing the best massage chair?

Should you look for a Chinese, Japanese, or American-made chair? Let’s find out. The most famous aspect of Japan-made massage chairs is their efficiency. After all, massage chairs started in Japan and the Japanese were the first to mass-produce these chairs. When a massage chair is branded “Made in Japan,” there is quite a bit of expectation attached to it.

Japanese products are known for their accuracy, reliability, and precision, which they surely carry over to their massage chairs as well. Japanese massage chairs, especially those made professionally, can already outperform their counterparts from Japan and the US. They are made by big companies like OHCO, Panasonic, Synca, Inada, and Dr. Fuji. Many of the world’s largest and most well-known Chinese massage chairs, including Osaki, Titan, and Human Touch, are made in China. China currently produces most of the world’s massage chairs.

If you choose a massage chair made in China from an unknown brand, however, you might want to be cautious because some of them might not be of high quality. According to studies, unknown Chinese massage chairs fail more than Japanese-made ones. In order to ensure quality, it’s always a good idea to stick with established brands.

Today, US-made massage chairs are also getting rave reviews for their effective massage features. It is the only chair on the market that qualifies as made in the USA from Luraco. Additionally, Luraco massage chairs are the first and only medical massage chairs to be FDA, CE, and UL listed in the world and are researched, developed, and assembled in America.

We highly recommend American-made massage chairs, because they are locally manufactured and have outstanding customer support. They have won several awards and have gained the trust of many customers.


Questions and Answers

Where Are Titan Massage Chairs Made?

Titan Massage chairs are some of the most popular massage chairs on the market (chairs mostly are made in China). They are known for their high quality and durability. But where are Titan massage chairs made?

Titan chairs are manufactured in China. The company has a factory in Shenzhen, China, where all of its products are made. The factory is ISO 9001:2008 certified, which means that it meets international standards for quality management.

Titan chairs are made with high-quality materials and construction. The chairs are made to last and provide a comfortable, relaxing experience. Titan chairs are a great investment for anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

Where is Ogawa Massage Chair Made?

In spite of the fact that Ogawa Ogawa is a Japanese manufacturer, its chairs are 100% made in China. The Ogawa Group has been a leading designer and manufacturer of products for Health and Wellness for over 20 years.

Is Osaki Massage Chair Made in China?

Yes, the Osaki massage chair is manufactured in China. China has established itself as a major player in the global manufacturing industry, producing a wide range of consumer goods, including massage chairs. The manufacturing sector in China has developed advanced capabilities and infrastructure, making it an attractive location for companies to outsource their production.

Osaki, a well-known brand in the massage chair industry, has chosen to manufacture their products in China due to various factors such as cost-effectiveness, access to skilled labor, and the presence of specialized manufacturing facilities. Chinese manufacturers often employ advanced production techniques and quality control measures to ensure the consistency and reliability of their products.

It is important to note that the country of origin does not necessarily reflect the quality or performance of a product. Osaki, like other reputable brands, places a strong emphasis on design, engineering, and rigorous quality assurance processes to deliver massage chairs that meet international standards. Additionally, they may source components and materials from various countries to ensure optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, while the Osaki massage chair is indeed manufactured in China, it is crucial to evaluate the specific features, specifications, and customer reviews of the product to determine its quality and suitability for individual needs.

Is Osaki Massage Chair a Japanese Brand?

No, the Osaki Massage Chair is not a Japanese brand. Despite its name, Osaki is not a Japanese company, but rather a brand based in the United States. The name “Osaki” may lead to confusion due to its resemblance to Japanese brands, as Japan is often associated with advanced technology and precision engineering.

However, it is essential to note that branding and names can be chosen for various reasons, and they do not always reflect the actual origin or ownership of a product. In the case of Osaki, the company chose a name that could evoke a sense of quality and craftsmanship often associated with Japanese products.

While the Osaki is not a Japanese brand, it is important to evaluate the specific features, specifications, and customer reviews of the product to determine its quality and suitability for individual needs. The company behind Osaki, based in the United States, likely collaborates with manufacturers from different countries, including China, to produce their massage chairs.


If you are considering buying a chair, make sure that the company has been in the massage chair business for a long time with consistent results. Do thorough research first on the product and the manufacturer before you give it a try – regardless of its origin. The tendency is to limit your search to chairs made in a particular country, but you may end up confused if you don’t realize that it is common to outsource some steps in the production process of massage chairs.

With a massage chair made in the USA, you are assured of its durability and quality, two important features to look for in a massage chair. Buy This Chair Here, as it is the ONLY US chair that is worth considering.


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