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A brand that specializes in making massage chairs is Kyota. The company has been operating in the industry for over a decade and remains at the top. 

The Kyota massage chair is considered a premium brand in North America, with a reputation for putting the customer first. Kyota’s commitment to quality is reflected in every model that it designs and manufactures. Their commitment to their craft is reflected in the products that they distribute.

About the Company

Kyota massage chairs are choreographed and built in Asia, the birthplace of massage, and provide everything you need for an exceptional full-body massage experience. Our line-up includes a few clear options for full-body massages. Designed for busy people who wish to maintain healthy, active lifestyles, these devices are functional and easy to use.

You work with a reliable brand when you choose Kyota, where customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Kyota Massage Chairs are supported by U.S.-based service and support as well as our 4-year residential limited warranty. Shop Kyota Massage Chairs with confidence from our trusted online retailers.

Kyota Massage Chairs Review

Kyota M673 Kenko 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Kenko M673 3D/4D is designed to be used on a daily basis. It uses 40 strategically placed air cells and a 3D back mechanism to simulate human hands, giving you a full-body massage experience. You don’t need to go to a spa when you can get a massage at home whenever you need it.

Through the use of a 3D mechanism that moves up and down, left and right, plus in and out (intensity), the product replicates deep tissue massage of human hands, and adds a fourth dimension (4D) of variable speed. A full-body massage begins with TrueFit Body Scanning, which determines a user’s size and shape and provides a customized massage. 

As the back mechanism follows the spine, from the neck and shoulders to the glutes, it follows the 49′′ L-shaped track, allowing you to sync music to the Bluetooth® Speakers located in the headrest. This is the longest calf massage you can get, providing a compression massage from the knees down to your feet that relieves pressure and tension.

It’s one of the unique features of the Kenko. You can still relax in the Weightless Zero Gravity Recline Chair when placed just a few inches from the wall thanks to the Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology.

A complete full body massage experience is provided by Kenko, precision engineered with the highest quality craftsmanship. Bring health and relaxation into your home every day and you will be rewarded for it.

Review of Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair


Kyota Yutaka M898 4D Massage Chair

This Yutaka M898 4D delivers silky smooth therapeutic massage with the best materials, technology, and state-of-the-art design. You will be immersed in the maximum coverage from your neck and shoulders, down your back, your arms, palms, your entire calves, and feet.

You can customize the width, length, and intensity of the Yutaka Massage using the 4D Back and Glutes Mechanism for an incredible massage. In addition to chromotherapy light programs, Intersound Technology provides nature sounds through the Premium Bluetooth Speakers (you can also listen to your own favorite music), and an Air Ionizer to help melt away stress, the Yutaka has an integrated Air Ionizer. 

Combined with the Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology rollers, the Complete Calf Kneading & Oscillating massage provides much-needed relief from being on your feet all day. A wireless charging pad is included on the Yutaka. 

To select auto programs, use the Joystick Quick Access Control. It requires just 2′′ of wall clearance with Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology, so if you are concerned about space, don’t worry. The Yutaka M898 4D massage chair is no ordinary massage chair and spares no expense to make you feel great every day. It’s time to bring health and relaxation inside your home.


Kyota Kokoro M888 4D Massage Chair

Designed with high-quality materials, the Kyota Kokoro M888 4D features some of the most advanced massage technology on the market today, including J-Track Massage for maximum coverage and flexibility.

Kokoro M888 4D offers exceptional back relief with its 4D Back Mechanism plus J-Track (or Flex Track) design. It provides neck-to-glue coverage of an L-track and superior stretching capabilities of an S-Track. Add in the Triple Heat in the back, arms, and feet and your whole body will thank you! 

The Complete Calf Kneading + Oscillation combination with the Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology with an enclosed footbed provides the ultimate foot massage. Just sit back, relax, and tell your chair where you want to go with its Intelligent Voice Command system!

Relax with your favorite music playing from the Bluetooth Speakers and refresh yourself with the Integrated Air Ionizer to create the perfect spa experience. Take advantage of the Kokoro M888 4D’s “place away” experience to unwind, rejuvenate, and melt away stress.


Kyota Kaizen M680 4D Massage Chair

Designed to massage the entire body, the Kyota Kaizen M680 4D offers the broadest range of back massage coverage available on the market today.

In addition to the 6-Node back mechanism that provides more contact from your neck to your glutes, Kaizen’s Tri-Zone heating system helps loosen up sore muscles as it travels from your neck to your glutes. By combining the Advanced Kneading Arm Mechanism with compression airbags, this armchair can reduce arm, wrist, and hand pain. 

Your calves will be soothed thanks to Complete Calf Kneading + Oscillation paired with fully enclosed, wrap-around airbag compression. With the Quick Access Control panel, you can easily select one of 10 Auto Programs. If you are concerned about space, this chair uses Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology so it requires just 2 inches of wall clearance.

Kyota Kaizen M680 4D massage chairs integrate massage therapy into your everyday wellness routine for improved health and well-being.


Kyota Nokori M980 Syner-D® Massage Chair

The Nokori M980 Syner-D is the flagship of the Kyota line-up. Its refined design is paired with advanced massage technology to create a chair that not only looks good but feels good too. This Nokori M980 features two separate massage mechanisms that work synergistically together to deliver therapeutic relief thanks to Syner-D® Technology. 

Flex-Track provides superior spinal decompression and a full-length neck-to-glutes massage by combining the full-body coverage of an L-Track and the stretching capabilities of an S-Track. With its state-of-the-art massage technology, the Complete Calf Kneading + Oscillation combined with Total Sole Reflexology gently soothes the lower body and provides the ultimate foot massage.

With the Nokori M980’s intuitive touchscreen tablet controller, you can easily navigate and operate your chair, and you can control your massage experience to the letter. Nokori’s M980 Syner-D® brings the experience of total body health and wellness straight to your living room. Enter your happy place with a massage every day.


Kyota Kansha M878 4D Massage Chair

With the Kyota Kansha M878 4D, you can enjoy the complete health and wellness experience at home. With its state-of-the-art 4D back mechanism, the Kansha will deliver a professional massage experience, whether you’re winding down after a long day at work, recovering from a workout, or simply recharging.

The Kansha is designed to help you relax. Equipped with Intelligent Voice Command + Control, you will never need to sit up and reach for the remote again. The Kansha’s Complete Calf Kneading + Oscillation and Total Sole Reflexology Foot Rollers work together perfectly to mimic the hands of a professional massage therapist. 

By combining these two powerful ingredients, your calves and feet are stimulated and tension is gently relieved. You can achieve the perfect state of relaxation by turning on the IntersoundTM Bluetooth® System and the Integrated Air Ionizer for clean air intake. 

As a final bonus, Kansha’s Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology requires only 2′′ of space behind the backrest when in any given position. It’s never been easier to feel great every day with the Kyota Kansha M878. This massager’s latest technology and top-quality materials make it easy to feel great every day.


Kyota Genki M380 Massage Chair

The Kyota M380 Genki is a high-end massage chair with high-end features but at an affordable price. Now anyone can benefit from head-to-toe massage, regardless of where they are.

It has a 360° sweeping 4-node back massage mechanism, with five different massage techniques that move from your neck to your glutes. Intersound Bluetooth® speakers allow you to enjoy Triple Foot Roller Total Sole Reflexology and music. Intelligent Voice Command + Control is one of the advanced features of the M380 Genki; simply choose your massage program and it will do the rest! 

With Total Calf, you can knead and oscillate your calf. MyMassage Memory Program lets you store your own custom massages. The Zero Wall Fit Space-Saving Technology on this chair means you only need 2″ of wall clearance, so if you are worried about space, don’t worry.

The Kyota M380 Genki massage chair delivers daily therapeutic massage without compromising your healthy lifestyle. Live better, relax, and renew with the best value in a massage chair today.


Kyota Kofuko E330 Massage Chair

This Kyota Kofuko E330 is the ideal choice for a daily massage at an affordable price; it provides a classic full-body massage featuring 5 therapeutic massage techniques.

The Kofuko has 4-Node, traveling rollers that massage the back from the neck and shoulders to the glutes with sweeping side-to-side and up-and-down motions. A choreographed combination of kneading, tapping, kneading with tapping, shiatsu, and knocking creates a soothing and relaxing experience. Back relief is just a click away with One-Touch Weightless Zero Gravity, Decompression Stretch, and heated lumbar. 

With the Kofukos 9 Auto Programs, you can easily switch between massage techniques to stimulate, recover and relax your body. Choose from a variety of massage techniques with Target Zone Massage Mapping programs. 

With Foot Reflexology Rollers, your feet will feel relieved of aching with pressure applied to their vital points. With TrueFitTM Space-Saving Technology, you can position the chair within 2 inches of the wall to save space. You will feel great every day with a daily therapeutic massage that the entire family will enjoy.


Kyota Yosei M868 4D Massage Chair

It looks as good as it feels. From the quality and design to the easy-to-use remote, this massage chair can be customized to meet your specific needs.

A number of new features are built into the Yosei M868 4D, including a 4D back mechanism that provides lumbar heat for sore muscles along the spine from the neck to the glutes. The Triple Roller, Total Sole ReflexologyTM in an enclosed foot massage is an amazing foot massage experience. 

The unique Integrated Air Ionizer helps facilitate healthy oxygen intake, while the MyMassage Memory Programs allow you to store your favorite customized massage programs. With the built-in Bluetooth Speakers, you can enjoy your favorite music when you’re winding down after a long day. Worried about space? 

Don’t be! There are only 2 inches of space behind the backrest at all times. With the Yosei 4D chair, you can rejuvenate and recover your body in the comfort of your home. Kyota is constantly striving to attain the highest levels of luxury and relaxation.


Kyota vs Osaki Massage Chair

You can expect both Kyota and Osaki to last a long time. They are both extremely comfortable and durable. Kyota and Osaki are top-of-the-line massage chairs, so you can expect them to last a long time. 

These two massage chairs are well-made and are well worth the investment. They offer excellent customer service, and they are both backed by a good warranty. Relax and unwind in a Kyota massage chair. 

Featuring high-pressure foot massagers, soft massage balls, and adjustable speed control, this massage chair is built from quality materials. With the comfortable massage chair, you will be able to get a nice relaxation after work. Enjoy the relaxing time by taking time off. This chair will be useful for people who want to relax after long working hours.

You can customize your massage chair with many options. It is available in different colors and can be used for any type of massage.  

With a recline function and a timer, you can customize your massage. When using the massage chair, always use rechargeable batteries. You can also download the massage app from your home computer and use it to customize your massage. A deep massage and muscle stretching effect are provided by the Osaki chair. This dual massage system will relieve stress and promote relaxation by deepening your back massage and stretching your lower legs.

A convenient and quiet noise-making mechanism is included in Osaki, which produces the right amount of sound to complement your home environment. The settings can be adjusted to suit your comfort level. If you enjoy relaxing and taking time to unwind, this is a great investment.

A unique massage system combines vibration with heat to create a unique massage experience. The Osaki Chair can also be used as a single massage chair, which provides a unique massage experience that is very relaxing.

For a complete massage experience, you can attach the Osaki Chair to your existing massage chair or use it as a single massage chair. With its built-in audio and video features, it is suitable for everyone, even children. It comes in a variety of colors to complement your decor. It can accommodate any type of massage chair.

Using its three remote controls, you can easily switch on the system and convert it into a recliner. The controls are easy to access. The height can be adjusted using the tilt mechanism. It is easy to assemble. A 10-year warranty is included.

Questions And Answers

Where are Kyota Massage Chairs Made?

In Asia, where the art of massage is well understood, Kyota massage chairs are choreographed and built. In addition, we customize every model of our massage chairs to make sure they are intuitive and have everything you need to enjoy a truly relaxing massage every day.

What Kyota Chair is Best for Me?

Selecting a massage chair requires consideration of several factors:

  • Are you looking to address a specific pain point? Reduce stress? Improve your overall health?
  • Are you looking for a specific type of massage experience?
  • How intense would you like your massage to be (e.g., gentle or vigorous)?
  • A chair’s height and weight should match the individual or individuals who will be using it
  • How much space is available in the chair’s intended location? Is it going to be used at home or in the office?
  • Cost-effectiveness

What is the Warranty and What Does it Cover?

As part of the Kyota Promise, you’re covered for 4 years for the following:

  • Technical support & customer service based in the USA
  • A four-year structural framework warranty
  • Replacement of covered parts is free of charge for two years
  • One year of total care and no-cost parts and labor (in-home, if necessary)

Are Kyota and Infinity the Same?

Kyoto and Infinity are not the same; they are fundamentally distinct concepts with unique meanings and applications. Kyoto refers to the city in Japan known for its rich cultural heritage, historical significance, and traditional architecture. It is famous for its numerous temples, shrines, and gardens, including the iconic Kinkaku-ji (the Golden Pavilion) and Kiyomizu-dera, making it a major tourist destination. Kyoto is also historically significant as the former imperial capital of Japan for over a thousand years.

Infinity, on the other hand, is a mathematical and philosophical concept that denotes an unbounded, limitless, and unending quantity or extent. It is often used in various scientific and mathematical contexts to describe concepts such as infinite series, limits, and the unending nature of space and time. Infinity has no specific location or physical manifestation but serves as an abstract concept to describe the concept of endlessness.

In summary, Kyoto and infinity are entirely different concepts. Kyoto is a geographical location with cultural and historical significance, while infinity is a mathematical and philosophical concept representing boundlessness and endlessness in a wide range of disciplines. It is crucial to differentiate between the two to avoid confusion in discussions or studies related to these concepts.

Conclusion. Is Kyota a Good Massage Chair?

Despite rare cases of manufacturing defects, these limited warranties exclusively cover manufacturing defects on Kyota Massage Chairs. All covered parts deemed necessary will be sent to the consumer by Kyota, and, if necessary, an authorized service provider will repair the product at the customer’s residence, free of charge. 

Kyota can replace your product if it is no longer manufactured with a similar part. However, the retail replacement price of the product cannot exceed the original net price. Should you choose not to accept a replacement, Kyota will no longer make repairs under your warranty.

A Kyota massage chair would be our first recommendation. It is more affordable, has many options, and has a lifetime warranty.

The best way to choose the right massage chair is to consider the features of the chair as well as the benefits it will provide you. There are many models on the market. The most important thing is to choose a chair that meets your needs. A massage chair is a great investment, so you should choose one that will suit your needs. 

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