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Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair Review

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Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair

The Kenko M673 3D/4D was designed with daily massage in mind. With its 3D back mechanism and 40 strategically placed air cells, the Kenko gives you a full body massage. You don’t have to travel to a spa to experience a massage when you can get one from your home at any time.
With its 3D/4D massage technology, this machine mimics deep tissue massage using a 3D mechanism that moves up and down, left and right, as well as in and out (intensity), and adds a fourth dimension (speed).

Kristina Martin

kyota m673 kenko
Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


By using Truefit Body Scanning, the full-body massage is customized to the individual’s size and shape. In the headrest are Bluetooth® Speakers that play music, while the back mechanism moves down the 49″ L shape following the spine from the neck and shoulders to the glutes. Among the many unique features of the Kenko is its Extra Long Calf Coverage. This massage covers the legs from the knees to the feet, releasing pressure and tension from the legs. The Kenko is precision engineered with top-quality craftsmanship to provide a complete full-body massage experience. Bring health and relaxation home to you and be rewarded daily.


Reasons to Buy

Customized Full-Body Scanning For Individualized Massage
Space Saver
3 Stage Zero Gravity
3D/4D Roller Intensity Control
Sophisticated 3-Dimensional Technology

Reasons to Avoid

No Memory Capability
No Apple &/or Android Apps
No Waist Airbags


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Reclining Feature

The chair’s zero-gravity reclining feature evenly distributes your weight across the chair, reducing pressure on your spine and improving blood flow to your heart. This results in stress relief, reduced muscle tension, and overall relaxation.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

The customizable intensity settings and adjustable airbag pressure allow you to choose the massage intensity that suits your preferences. Additionally, the comprehensive coverage area targets all major muscle groups, providing full-body relief from aches and pains.

Heating Feature

The heating feature warms up your muscles, improving circulation and easing pain. This is especially helpful for individuals suffering from chronic pain or stiffness.

Kneading feature

The kneading feature imitates the hands of a professional massage therapist, delivering deep tissue massage to your muscles. This is effective in releasing knots and tension, providing relief from soreness and pain.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

The chair is designed to provide a comfortable and intuitive user experience, with an easy-to-use remote control and an intuitive design that ensures you can use the chair without any hassle.

Space Saving

The chair’s space-saving design makes it ideal for individuals who have limited space in their homes. Its compact size allows it to fit into smaller spaces without compromising on comfort or functionality.

Design and Aesthetics

The sleek and modern design of the chair adds elegance to any room, and its comfortable seating and stylish appearance make it an attractive addition to any home.


The Kyota Kenko M673 massage chair typically comes with a warranty that covers the chair for a certain period of time, such as one to three years

Unique Technology & Features

The chair’s range of unique technologies and features set it apart from other massage chairs, including airbag compression massage, foot rollers, and a Bluetooth-enabled sound system.

Brand Reliability & Support

Kyota is a well-established brand known for its reliability and quality, and the company provides excellent customer support to ensure that users can get the help they need if they encounter any issues with their chair.

Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair Specifications

ModelM673 Kenko
3D/4D Roller Intensity Control


Airbag Intensity Control


Apple &/or Android Apps


Arm Airbag Massage


Arm Roller Massage


Auto/Power Recline


# Auto Programs


Automatic Shut-Off


Bluetooth Connectivity


Body Scan Technology


Calf Airbags


Calf Rollers


Chair Weight (lbs)



Black, Brown



Design/Engineer Country


Dim-Reclined (H” x W” x D”)


Dim-Upright (H” x W” x D”)


Foot Airbags


Foot Rollers





Yes (Lumbar)

Hip/Thigh Airbag Massage


In-Home Warranty Service Period










Low Back Roller Massage


Manufacture Country (Stated)


Massage Cycle Time Max (minutes)


Massage Stroke Length (inches)


Memory Capability


# Motors


Music System


Neck/Head Airbags


Neck Roller Massage


Ottoman Length Adjustment


Power Consumption (Watts)


Power Ottoman Up/Down


Program Time Indicator


Reclining Angle (degrees)


Recommended Max. User Weight (lbs)


Removable/Adjustable Pillow


Recommended User Height (app.)

4’10”- 6’4”



Rotating/Hidden Ottoman






Seat Massage

Yes (Rollers)



Space Saving Recline


Speed Control




Swivel Base




Total # Airbags/Aircells


Total # Back Rollers



Synthetic Leather

Upper Arm/Shoulder Massage




Waist Airbags


Warranty (parts & labor/parts/frame)


Zero Gravity

Yes (3 Stage)

My Personal Experience Using Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair

As an experienced member of the massage chair industry, I highly recommend the Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair for anyone seeking a comprehensive and enjoyable full-body massage at home. It is an exceptional product that delivers excellent results.

The massage chair has a remarkable feature – 3D/4D massage technology. The technology imitates a deep tissue massage of human hands using a 3D mechanism that moves in multiple directions and varying speeds, thus creating a highly realistic massage experience.

The chair is designed with an intuitive interface and user-friendly remote control, making it easy for anyone to operate without any difficulties.

The TrueFit™ Body Scanning is a remarkable feature that scans the user’s body to identify their size and shape. This way, the massage provided by the chair is personalized to the user’s specific requirements, resulting in optimal benefits.

This chair has a 49″ L-Track feature that provides a spa-quality massage. The L-track follows the spine curve, reaching from the neck to the lower back and extending down to the gluteal muscles. It is helpful for people experiencing back pain or stiffness.

The chair’s Extra Long Calf Coverage feature is noteworthy for its extended length of calf massage compared to other chairs. It offers a compression massage from the knees down to the feet, which is helpful in alleviating pressure and tension. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who experience leg strain due to extended time standing or poor circulation.

The massage chair has a feature called Weightless Zero Gravity Recline, which was developed by NASA. This feature raises the feet above the heart, reduces pressure on the spine, and improves circulation, providing therapeutic benefits. It makes you feel weightless and helps decompress your spine.

The massage chair now has the Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology feature with triple shiatsu rollers per foot that cover a greater area of the foot sole. This feature targets key pressure points on the feet that are connected to different parts of the body.

The Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair is an exceptional product that offers a complete full-body massage experience in the comfort of your home. It is precise engineering and superb craftsmanship guarantee a relaxing massage experience. Investing in this massage chair is an investment in your relaxation and health that will bring you daily benefits.

What Makes Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair Stand Out from the Competition?

Firstly, its zero-gravity reclining feature evenly distributes your weight across the chair, reducing pressure on your spine and improving blood flow to your heart. This feature is not available in many other massage chairs, and it provides a unique and highly effective massage experience.

Secondly, the chair offers a comprehensive range of massage techniques, including kneading, tapping, shiatsu, and rolling. Additionally, the airbag compression massage and foot rollers provide a full-body massage that targets all major muscle groups. This variety of massage options is not commonly found in other massage chairs and ensures that users can customize their massage to their specific needs and preferences.

Thirdly, the chair’s heating feature warms up muscles, improving circulation and easing pain, which is especially helpful for individuals suffering from chronic pain or stiffness.

Compared to Other Chairs

The Kyota Kenko M673 massage chair is a great choice for those looking for an affordable solution to daily massage. With 46 airbags and 4 motors, it offers many of the same features as much more expensive chairs such as 3-Stage Zero Gravity, Space Saving Recline, SoothMe sound therapy, and Waist Twist Therapy.

Osaki OS-Pro 3D Admiral

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The Kyota Kenko M673 and the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Massage Chair are both excellent massage chairs, but when it comes to features, Kyota is superior in many ways – offering more airbags, and motors, and is generally cheaper. Kenko M673 has 3 stages of zero gravity opposite one stage of zero gravity of the OS-Pro Admiral Chair.

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Infinity IT-8500 Plus

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The Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair offers a range of features that make it superior to the Infinity IT-8500 Plus Massage Chair. These include: Bluetooth connectivity, an L-Track, Space Saving Recline, Kenko’s 3 Stage Zero Gravity vs 2 Stage of Infinity’s Model, and 3D/4D Roller Intensity Control that Kyota Kenko is provide. Additionally, the Kyota Kenko M673 is more affordable than the Infinity IT-8500 Plus Massage Chair. Therefore, if you are looking for a massage chair with superior features and excellent value, then the Kyota Kenko M673 is an ideal choice.

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Additionally, the Kyota Kenko M673 is much more affordable than both the Osaki OS-Pro Admiral Massage Chair and the Infinity IT-8500 Plus massage chair.

FeaturesKyota Kenko M673Osaki OS-Pro 3D Admiral
Zero-gravity reclineYesYes
Airbag compression massageYesYes
Heating featureYesYes
Kneading featureYesYes
Tapping featureYesYes
Shiatsu featureYesYes
Rolling featureYesYes
Foot rollersYesYes
Space-saving designYesNo
Bluetooth connectivityYesYes
User weight capacity265 lbs265 lbs
WarrantyVaries3-year limited warranty

In comparison to static displays or control panels, full-color displays M673 provides a menu-driven interface with additional features. All these features make it a great option for those looking for an all-around massage experience.

Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features

3D/4D Back Massage Mechanism

By using a 3D mechanism that moves up and down, left and right, in and out (intensity), 3D/4D back and gluteus massage mimics deep tissue massage of human hands. A fourth dimension is also added to these movements, by varying their speed, so that they feel like they are being massaged by human hands.

Truefit™ Body Scanning

Incorporating special technology into the chair’s hardware and software, the chair can determine the dimensions and shape of the user, providing them with customized massages.

Weightless Zero Gravity Recline

The Zero gravity position was developed by NASA to elevate your feet above your heart, relieve pressure on your spine, and improve circulation. A massage chair provides a sense of weightlessness that aids in the therapeutic benefits of decompressing the spine.

Extra Long Calf Coverage

From your knees down to your feet, this massage combines air massage with node pressure point relief. Circulation enhancement is used to relieve pressure and tension.

Targeted Arm Therapy

The sensation of human hands relieving your tired muscles is a wonderful way to benefit from arm compression therapy. Relax and enjoy the sensation of human hands relieving your arm, wrist, and hand tension.

Airbag Compression Therapy

The chair is equipped with airbags that inflate and deflate to provide a compression sensation that mimics the feeling of human hands. Each airbag consists of an air cell.

Triple Foot Roller Total Sole Reflexology

Using three Shiatsu rollers per foot, this feature covers the soles of the feet, which are linked to other parts of the body, which is the best coverage possible in a massage chair.

Kyota Kenko M673 Warranty

Kyota 4-Year U.S. Residential Limited Warranty. 4 Year structural framework warranty. No-cost replacement on covered parts for 2 years. Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor (in-home, if required) for 1 year.

What Do Users Say About Kyota Kenko M673 Massage Chair?

“It’s a chair I’m currently sitting in, and I’ve been using it every day since I got it. When it arrived, it was in perfect condition. It looks great, operates perfectly, and gets me moving every morning. I am older, and this chair keeps me moving. When we gather for Sunday dinners, my family fights for the chair. I looked at chairs in the seven to eight thousand range, but this chair competes with all of them. Neither I nor my five children would hesitate to recommend this chair.”
Dany B.
“As 74”, I can fit the chair, but have to push down on my feet to get past the aping loaded leg height system or I will not be able to get a good knee squeeze. It works well for heat. Since the pillow is one size fits all, tall people may need to lift it to get a neck massage. Customer service was excellent. Several auto programs I couldn’t adjust the 3D feature to lessen the force. Speakers worked well with Bluetooth. Overall, the massage is good and yes, it works well on the feet.”
Gunnar H.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who This Chair is For?

The chair is perfect for people who love deep-tissue massages. It fits both short and tall people (up to 6’4″). Also works well in smaller spaces (4″ clearance).

Where is This Kenko M673 Made?

China manufactures this chair that was designed in the United States.

Does Infinity Make Kyota Massage Chairs?

Yes, Infinity & Kyota massage chairs are made by the same company.

What is the Maximum User Shoulder Width Measurement This Chair Will Comfortably Fit? Chairs are specified by their outside width is 29″ inches.

The measurement for the shoulder width is 22”.

Final Thoughts

You can benefit from the relief of a personal masseuse right at home with the Kyota Kenko 3D massage chair, designed to provide daily massage. With 22 strategically placed air cells, the M673 Kenko gives you a full-body massage while reducing stress, anxiety, and muscle pain. The slide forward technology lets you place this chair just a few inches from a wall, yet still recline to the zero-gravity position, with your legs elevated above your heart, so why go to an expensive spa? Kenko’s M673 brings therapeutic massage to your home with precision engineering.

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