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7 Best Massage Chairs for Neck and Shoulders

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Whether you suffer from cervical spondylosis, neck arthritis, fibromyalgia, or high levels of stress from work, a massage chair will help alleviate your pain and improve the quality of your life. If you’re looking for a massage chair that can help relieve neck and shoulder pain, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best massage chairs for neck and shoulder pain relief. 

7 Best Massage Chairs for Neck and Shoulders Review

OHCO M.8 LE – Best Massage Chair for Neck and Shoulders

Designed as a bespoke edition of the M.8, this LIMITED EDITION is the most current version of the classic M.8. This version of the classic M.8 features top-grade leather coverings, Ultrasuede® accents in the back pad, the Arms of Embrace, and Ken Okuyama’s special certification. 

  • Knead And Stretch Headrest: With each session, the M.8 headrest gently relieves pressure on your cervical spine with air-driven neck stretching, followed by mechanical rollers that help massage the back of your neck muscles.
  • MAX-TRACK™: You can comfortably massage your back from neck to hamstrings using OHCO M-Series massage chairs whether you are upright, in zero gravity, lying flat, or in any other position in between.
  • THERAELLIPTICAL™ Calf Kneading: As shiatsu masters gently compress and knead your calves, tension is melted away, enhancing circulation in your calves, and leaving them fresh and revitalized.
  • M-SENSE Light Pool: As soon as you arrive, the M-Sense Light Pool enlightens the path to your OHCO experience. The M-Series uses a motion sensor and a warm LED to create a hospitable and luxurious environment.

You will only be able to purchase 2,000 Limited Edition M.8s. If you’re looking for something truly unique and sure to become a Ken Okuyama collector’s item, this is the model for you! OHCO M.8LE is a luxury model. It is important to note that limited production sometimes means limited availability, resulting in longer delivery times. If you are looking for a massage chair that will meet your highest standards, this is it.

Human Touch Super Novo – TOP Full Body

As one of the best features of the Human Touch Super Novo, you can connect with Alexa and let all of your worries go away. You can also find the perfect massage program for your needs with the Super Novo because it comes with 38 different programs.

From the shoulders and spine to the thighs, the Advanced Multi-Dimensional Massage Technology extends massage coverage. There is also a dual lumbar heat function in the massage chair, which can be very helpful for releasing tight muscles and relieving pain.

You can relax while listening to the immersive sounds of nature with this innovative massager equipped with an Altec Lansing sound system. It also features a narration of the Super Novo’s features and health benefits. Using Cloud Touch Acupressure applies pressure to key healing points and manipulates your body in a way that stretches your muscles and heals back pain and muscle injuries.

  • Virtual Therapist: Featuring a captivating design complemented by Alexa functionality, this massage chair will put an end to all your worries as soon as they start to creep in.
  • Airbags: strategically placed on key healing points apply pressure to key healing points in order to stretch muscles. The different zones can be independently turned on and off and the intensity can be adjusted on 5 levels.
  • SL Track: a multidimensional track that extends from your neck all the way down to your thighs. The Unibody design covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional chairs.
  • Dual Lumbar Heat: Three levels of intensity can be adjusted to help relieve back pain and relax tight muscles.
  • Super Novo 38 Programs: There are 38 programs, including deep tissue, full-body immersion, and therapeutic relaxation and recovery programs. There are 7 main programs, each with variations.

Partners, Spouses, Families: Human Touch’s Novo is one of only a few that can truly be considered a one-size-fits-all option. It is a favorite, and often one of the only choices when partners, spouses, and families are making a purchase that will accommodate everyone’s needs.

Furthermore, the Super Novo has a unique unibody design that provides a more complete massage experience than conventional chairs.

D.CORE Stratus – Best for Upper Body Massage Chair

With its patented 3D+ True Shiatsu Action and patented forearm Wave arrays, combined with heat therapy, air compression, and zero-gravity recline, the Stratus massage chair is the perfect intersection of form and function. With its real black walnut trim and Japanese-inspired design, the Stratus evokes a sense of calm and organic elegance in any room.

  • 3D+ TRUE Shiatsu Action Mechanism: By simulating finger and joint structures and organic movements of a massage therapist, stratus’ patented massage mechanism goes beyond 3D. Shiatsu massage is more realistic and therapeutic than you’ve ever experienced in any massage chair thanks to this remarkable innovation.
  • Forearm & Calf Wave Arrays: These oscillating rollers deliver deep tissue massage to your arms and legs, which are not typically treated with air cells in most massage chairs.
  • Real Black Walnut Trim: A sense of Japanese elegance and beauty is infused into your home with Stratus’ trim made of real black walnut.
  • Heated Back Massage: In addition to providing a deep and therapeutic massage, Stratus’ back heating feature soothes and loosens tense muscles.
  • L-Track: Stratus’ L-Track is perfected to deliver therapeutic and soothing relief all the way from the neck to your hamstrings with its 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism.

Stratus reclines to a zero gravity position, cradling and relieving pressure so that your body is prepared to receive the most benefit from its massage.

Panasonic MAJ7

The advanced MAJ7 massage recliner relieves sore, tired muscles throughout the body with a full range of preset and manual stretching options and techniques. By extending and relaxing the neck, spine, and lower/middle back, as well as the arms, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, pelvis, legs, lower core, and feet, you can relax the entire body. You can choose your massage technique depending on your level of muscle stiffness or how you feel that day.

  • Total Body Comfort: An exceptional massage lounger, upholstered in supple synthetic leather, reclines 170 degrees for optimum relaxation. Its easy-to-clean upholstery ensures years of comfort.
  • Focused Air Massage: A full range of muscle compression and release movements are replicated by 37 separate air cells within the massage chair to mimic the techniques of a professional massage therapist. Air cells are used to relieve shoulders, hips, thighs, buttocks, calves, feet, forearms, and hands.
  • 3D Massage System: Powered by whisper-quiet motors and advanced robotic engineering, 3D Independent Drive allows massage heads to effortlessly move vertically, horizontally, and back and forth to perform multiple massage techniques. Then, you can create a massage that is more relaxing, natural, and effective by replicating the dexterity of the human hand.
  • Infrared Heated Rollers: A heated massage roller provides therapeutic warmth directly to the body’s muscles to relieve stiff and sore muscles. It uses infrared-heated elements integrated into the roller heads to keep the chair’s upholstery warm and soothe the body’s muscles.

MAJ7 massages the lower core thoroughly, unlike most premium massage chairs. In addition to providing relief for pain and tightness in the stomach, glutes, upper hamstrings, and hips, heated massage heads and 3D Drive motion in the massage chair’s seat lift the entire body. Sore, weary feet are also part of full-body well-being. 

Among the MAJ7’s massage techniques are full foot, toes, and sole massage, arch kneading and massage, and sole Shiatsu for relieving everyday foot fatigue.

Kyota M673 Kenko – Best Affordable

Having been in business for over ten years, Kyota has established a solid reputation. They are known for producing high-quality products, which they put their heart into designing and engineering while remaining committed to providing exceptional customer service through every step of the manufacturing process – from design to distribution.

A great addition to any home or office, the Kyota M673 Zero-Gravity Massage Chair can accommodate two people at once and comes with simple instructions so you’ll be up and running in no time.

  • Four-Node Traveling Rollers (Imitate Human Hands): A heated lumbar mode provides relief to tired backsides along with four massaging rollers that move side-by-side, up and down, and inward toward your spine.
  • True Zero Gravity Recline: In full reclining inversion mode, calves are elevated above the heart, allowing tension to be relieved from the spine and cardiovascular system, thus enhancing therapeutic massage.
  • Truefit™ Body Scanning: By utilizing special technology within the massage chair’s hardware & software, the chair can provide the user with an individualized massage based on their size and shape.
  • Zero Wall Fit: requires just 2 inches of clearance to the wall
  • Ultimate Calf Compression & Foot Reflexology: Reflexology triple foot rollers also increase circulation and provide relief for aching feet with the extra-long calf massage module for the Kenko.
  • Targeted Arm Therapy: By using arm compression therapy, you will relax and enjoy the sensation of human hands relieving stress throughout your tired muscles while reducing arm and wrist tension.

For a customized personal experience, the rollers on this cutting-edge recliner massage chair are adjusted to the perfect position according to the body size and shape of each user. With its US-based customer care and four-year limited warranty, this massage recliner allows you to integrate music therapy into your everyday life.

Infinity Genesis Max

A culmination of research and innovation, the Genesis Max 4D is designed to be the best and bring out the best in you. It is designed for everyone and will scan the user and adjust the massage accordingly. So everyone can sit and enjoy this massge chair, from mom and dad to grandma and grandpa.

With the Genesis Max, you can customize anything from the speed and depth of the rollers to the amount of airbag inflation to the music that is played during the massage. Use the all-new, intuitive Infinity Controller to control your massage chair, or connect your phone through Bluetooth and use the Genesis Max App to control it.

  • 4D Massage Technology: In addition to the 3D technology, the Genesis Max uses 4D technology to vary the speed of the 3D motion. The rollers are adjustable for width, length, and depth (intensity) for a more personalized massage.
  • Four-Wheel Massage Mechanism: Four high-tech rollers provide pressurized massage strokes that methodically knead away muscle tension.
  • 49″ L-Shaped Massage Track: Featuring a 49″ L-track, the quad rollers of the Infinity chair provide a comprehensive massage from head to thigh.

By elevating your knees above your heart, zero gravity positioning allows your spine to decompress, creates a feeling of weightlessness, and maximizes massage roller effects. Your muscles are gently relieved of gravity’s pressures by the Genesis Max 4D massage chairs.

OS-7200H Osaki

Users between 5’2 and 6’4 can enjoy the OS-7200H’s calf and foot massager automatically adjusts to their height when they select a massage mode, ensuring the airbags are concentrating on the right areas.

Choose from six unique pre-programmed modes: Anti-Stress, Muscle Relief, Wake Up, Recovery, Lower Body, and Upper Body.

  • 2-Stage Zero Gravity Massage Chair: You can choose from two Zero Gravity recline positions on the OS-7200H, which raises your legs above your heart and evenly distributes your weight. Research has shown that this position relieves pressure on the spine, relaxes the neck and back, increases circulation and blood oxygen levels, increases lung capacity, and helps correct spinal alignment.
  • S-Track Movable Intelligent Massage Robot Design: With the same massage pressure, the chair’s massage rollers follow the natural S-curve of the human spine, providing an even massage on the neck, shoulders, mid and lower backs. There are many massage chairs that have a straight track that provides a deep massage to the mid-back region but not so much to the neck and lower back. On the other hand, the OS-7200H massage chairs include an S-track Robot feature that provides a uniform, hand-like massage to your neck, shoulders, back, and lumbar area.
  • 51 Airbag Massagers: There are 51 airbags on the OS-7200H, more than any other Osaki model, which are strategically placed to target the vital areas not covered by a roller track, including the neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, calves, feet, and lumbar region.
  • Heating: The shoulder area is fitted with two elements that apply soothing heat therapy to relieve muscle tension and improve massage effectiveness.

Prior to your massage, the OS-7200H scans your entire body so that it is tailored specifically to your body type and size. As a result of the chair’s new technology, the rollers can map back curvatures more accurately than ever before. Furthermore, you can make micro-adjustments as needed to provide a more humanistic and scientific massage experience.

The Benefits of A Neck & Shoulder Massage

Having a weekly massage can seem unrealistic when you’re busy. It may seem logical to rub some Tiger Balm on your tired muscles and call it a day — but best massage chairs provide the perfect at-home spa experience that is more convenient (and often better!) than the real thing.

The neck and shoulders work all day long while you are awake. They assist you in carrying things, sitting straight, and turning your head. At the end of the day, our shoulders and neck may feel extra sore because we carry a lot of tension. 

It is also possible to experience headaches caused by tight shoulders, which can lead to increased stress. Massage on the neck and shoulders can help release tension, allowing us to de-stress the rest of our body and enter a more relaxed state of mind.

The following conditions can be treated with neck and shoulder massages:

  •     Fibromyalgia
  •     Cervical spondylosis (age-related wear and tear on the spinal disks)
  •     Neck arthritis
  •     Work-related stress

The targeted relief and relaxation that neck and shoulder massage therapy provides are beneficial for anyone suffering from certain conditions. 

The effects of health conditions like fibromyalgia, neck arthritis, and compressed discs can be positively managed through massage chairs with neck and shoulder massage therapy. With routine massage chair use, you can also manage age-related spine wear and tear, or Cervical Spondylosis.

A massage chair is a perfect amenity to provide convenience in modern times. Imagine relaxing and releasing irritating soreness from your home, without a babysitter or dog walker! You do not need to hire a babysitter or dog walker to get to your secluded massage chair paradise.

Questions and Answers

What to Look For In A Neck & Shoulder Massage Chair?

For your neck and shoulders, there are a few key features to look for in a quality massage chair.

  •     Body Scanning: The technology scans your whole body to detect pressure points, which results in a more customized massage chair experience.
  •     Heat Therapy for Neck & Shoulders: Best massage chairs include neck and shoulder massage functions, but the heat that targets these areas can help relax sore muscles.
  •     Headrest with Head & Neck Massagers: There is a headrest on every massage chair, but only those that target the neck and shoulders have rollers in the headrest and around it.

What to Look For In A Neck & Shoulder Massage Chair?

The key difference between 3D and 4D massage chairs lies in the dimensionality of their massage techniques, providing distinct levels of depth and complexity in the massage experience. To understand this difference, it’s essential to delve into the specifics of each technology:

  1. 3D Massage Chair:
    • Three-Dimensional Movement: A 3D massage chair offers a three-dimensional massage experience. This means that it can move in three directions: up and down (vertically), side to side (horizontally), and in and out (in terms of depth). This depth adjustment is what defines the “3D” aspect of the chair.
    • Depth Control: Users can typically adjust the depth of the massage rollers to customize the intensity of the massage. By moving the rollers closer to or farther away from the body, users can achieve a massage that feels more or less intense.
    • Variable Intensity: The ability to control the depth of the massage rollers allows for a more personalized experience, catering to individual preferences and specific massage needs.
  2. 4D Massage Chair:
    • Four-Dimensional Movement: A 4D massage chair builds upon the 3D technology by adding an additional dimension: time. In addition to the three movements (up and down, side to side, and in and out), a 4D chair introduces the element of speed and rhythm. This means that not only can the chair adjust the depth of the massage, but it can also vary the speed and rhythm of the massage strokes.
    • Enhanced Realism: The fourth dimension, time, allows for a more dynamic and human-like massage experience. It can mimic the natural variations in pressure, speed, and rhythm that a skilled human massage therapist would employ during a massage session.
    • Advanced Customization: 4D chairs often provide more advanced customization options, allowing users to choose from a wider range of massage styles, intensities, and speeds.

In summary, the primary difference between 3D and 4D massage chairs is the level of complexity and realism in the massage experience. While both chairs offer depth control, 4D chairs take it a step further by introducing variations in speed and rhythm, making the massage feel even more lifelike and closely resembling the techniques used by human massage therapists. This enhanced level of customization and realism can provide a more satisfying and therapeutic massage experience for users who seek the utmost in relaxation and tension relief. However, it’s important to note that 4D massage chairs tend to come at a higher price point compared to their 3D counterparts due to their advanced technology and capabilities.


Using a massage chair to relief lower back or neck pain help to relief upper or lower back pain is a good idea. These 7 massage chairs all do this automatically, and the wide range of settings allows you to customize every massage. With these massage chairs, you should feel less neck pain and stiffness. If you are looking for a massage chair that will target your neck and shoulders, the OHCO M.8 LE is the best massage chair choice. This chair comes with body scanning technology that will tailor the massage to your specific body type and size. Additionally, the rollers in the massage chair can map back curvatures more accurately than ever before. You can also target specific areas with the spot massage feature.

The second best choice for a neck and shoulder massage chair is the Human Touch Super Novo. This chair comes with airbags that are designed to provide relief to your neck and shoulders. The Super Novo also has a heat function that will help to loosen up any tight muscles. The third best choice for a neck and shoulder massage chair is the D.CORE Stratus. This top massage chair for neck and shoulders comes with two rollers that are designed to target your neck and shoulders. Additionally, the Stratus has a heat function that can help to ease any tension in your muscles.

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