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Best Massage Chairs for Lower Back Pain

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Having chronic muscle pain can be mentally and physically draining. Aside from having to deal with the discomfort day in and day out, diagnosing it is often difficult and treatments can be expensive. It is estimated that 1.5 billion people globally suffer from chronic pain, and roughly 100 million Americans are affected by it. Chronic pain is more common in the United States than diabetes, heart disease, and cancer combined.

According to a systematic review published in the International Journal of General Medicine in 2013, massage therapy can relieve lower back pain and accompanying disability to some degree, particularly in the short term. With rollers, nodes, and other electronic components, modern massage chairs simulate hands-on massage.

Chronic Pain Stats

Back pain is the most common source of pain (27%), followed by neck pain (15%), according to a National Institute of Health Statistics survey.

Among Americans under 45, back pain is the number one cause of disability, and 28% of respondents reported limited activity due to chronic conditions. In order to deal with their chronic back pain symptoms, sufferers often take disability leave (20%), switch jobs (17%), require assistance in day-to-day life (13%), and relocate to a more manageable house (13%).

It is common for chronic pain sufferers to exhaust all their resources trying to treat their symptoms. In addition, if you’re looking for a holistic or alternative solution, you won’t find one. Doctor visits, sleepless nights, and drugs don’t do much to improve your stress level.

The good news is that there’s an entire industry dedicated to studying holistic approaches to wellness- the massage industry. Massage chairs allow you to reap the benefits of this proven form of treatment right in your own home, even if you once believed it was only for the elite. Massage chairs provide long-term relief and long-term benefits for those who seek natural treatments.

Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain

  • Muscle discomfort that does not go away on its own
  • Tender to the contact, persistent knot in a muscle
  • Deep pain in your back muscles
  • Insomnia due to chronic muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness or reduced range of motion due to constant discomfort and pain

Massage as a Prevention

Having regular massages can help reduce muscle stress that can cause trigger points, improve circulation which may help with arthritis, and ease chronic back and neck pain from working at a desk or being active all the time. Myofascial pain is more common among people who experience stress and clench their muscles repeatedly as a result of it, according to one theory. The reason for this is that it can cause tension, making the muscles more vulnerable to trigger point-induced pain and other problems.

With massage, you can improve your mental state, boost your energy, and relax while reducing stress. In addition to reducing swelling, improving circulation, and relaxation, massage can reduce the risk of myofascial pain and injuries by relieving chronic tension.

Benefits / Are massage chairs good for your back?

Those who suffer from chronic pain like those mentioned above will notice the noticeable benefits of massage because it soothes and relaxes muscle pain. Furthermore, massage therapy has a wide range of benefits that go beyond these conditions. According to studies, massage therapy may also be helpful for:

  • Digestive issues
  • Anxiety, Stress, & Depression
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Joint pain
  • Insomnia
  • Soft tissue strains or injuries
  • Sports injuries

Massage chairs can certainly address a variety of issues, but the technology is more adept at handling some than others.

The best course of action, for example, is to visit a chiropractor or a professional licensed massage therapist regularly if your pain is primarily centered around your neck and head (for instance, if you have suffered from whiplash after a recent auto accident).

While it’s not back pain per se, massage chairs don’t do a great job on this front. It’s obvious that back pain is related, so you can’t ignore it.

Choosing the Right Massage Chair for Every Type of Pain?

There are many massage chairs with large rollers and nodes that simulate long, deep strokes common to Swedish-style massage, as well as massage chairs with smaller rollers and nodes that mimic pressure points, deep tissue, and Shiatsu massage, so you’re sure to find one that works for you.

In order to ensure that the rollers are massaging the right areas, body scan technology locates pressure points and the top of the shoulders. Furthermore, it allows your massage to be tailored to your spine and body shape. In the event that you suffer from chronic leg and foot pain, there are massage chairs that incorporate rollers as well as airbag compression to massage your calves and feet.

A massage chair that massages the entire body can be found with air compression as a standard feature. And of course, you have control over the intensity and areas you want to be massaged.

OHCO M.8 – Best Massage Chair for Lower Back Pain Relief

A renowned shiatsu master begins Okabayashi sensei’s therapeutic sessions with just a single, simple touch. It is this intuition that Okabayashi sensei brings to the OHCO M.8 symphony of movement – he discerns the clients’ emotions, feels the stiffness in the music, and begins to bring the body back into harmony.

OHCO engineers, under his direction, have created a unique orchestration of touch that brings harmony to the whole person, unlocks the body’s natural healing powers, and rejuvenates the mind and body.

  • Body Scanning Technology:  Shiatsu point locator technology allows you to receive a customized massage based on the scan of your body.
  • Easy Entry Doors:  With swinging doors that open on either side of the chair, OHCO makes it easy for you to get into and out of your massage with ease and relaxation. In case you have mobility issues or just want a better, easier way of getting into and enjoying your massage, this feature can be invaluable.
  • Massage Programs: The chair features 14 automatic preprogrammed massages to get you started right away. These include Quick, Full Body massage, Stress Relief, OHCO, Morning, Night,  Unwind, Stretch, Full Body Air, Sports Recovery, Neck & Shoulders, Low Back, Glutes, Feet & Calves, and Sports Recovery.
  • SENS8™: It is powered by our proprietary Sens8 engine, which delivers a lifelike, intuitive massage that transforms the way you feel. Aside from simple movements—tapping, kneading, and rolling—Sens8 4D mimics the hands of massage therapists with advanced massage algorithms. With its precision control of massage speeds, it can handle a wide range of movements, from fast to ultra-slow. Movements and patterns become more varied with increasing motor speed; this deepens M.8’s human qualities.
  • MaxTrack™: This chair is designed to match the contours of the human body with its proprietary MaxTrack framework. Delta Wave is able to travel in a J-shape that isn’t fixed with its Delta Wave mechanism. Because of its freedom of movement, the mechanism can remain close to your body throughout the track while still allowing the seat, back, and legs to adjust individually, ensuring a precise massage at every point of contact. OHCO’s M-Series Massage Chairs allow you to massage your back in any position you choose, including upright, zero gravity, lying flat, and everything in between.

When you select a massage, the remote will start a color massage therapy session that enhances your massage experience. A simple and intuitive remote control allows you to link two massage sessions together, extending the total massage time to 35-40 minutes.


Luraco i9 3D Split L-Track – Best Medical Massage Chair for Sciatica

A medical-grade massage can now be provided by the Luraco Technologies i9 Max Medical Massage Chair using robotics and artificial intelligence for the first time in history. The design, engineering, and therapist teams behind this innovative product have been working on this product for five years.

This cutting-edge technology has already been granted seven US patents, and several more are pending. It will be available at major retailers between now and 2023, with a patented design available anywhere. FDA-registered, UL-listed, and CE-listed, the Medical Massage Chair i9 is a great choice.

  • True Zero Gravity: It is an important addition to any massage chair, especially one of this caliber. It is a zero-gravity massage chair that provides you with the benefits of this position by merely pushing a button. The legs are raised above your heart as you recline back, so the gravity of gravity on your spine and joints is reduced, allowing them to decompress and relax the surrounding muscles as well. For some people, this relaxation creates a sense of weightlessness.
  • Patented Adjustable Shoulder and Bicep Airbags:It is common for people to be of different sizes, and therefore their shoulders will be different heights when seated in a chair; this function allows the i9 to be adjusted to personal body sizes, just like the sliding armrests. In order to adjust to different heights, the shoulder/bicep airbag mechanism slides up and down as well.
  • Limitless Customizable Manual Programs: 9 different automatic programs and 5 personal memory settings
  • Patented Butterfly Technology: featuring 8 sets of rollers, this highly advanced and exclusive model provides an unforgettable therapeutic experience; butterflies open and close to deliver a truly unique feel for every area being massaged; it is like getting butterfly-supervised relief from tension all over again. With 4 pairs of wings moving independently, no two parts are ever treated exactly the same or matched perfectly by chance.
  • 6 Independent Areas for Intensity Controls: independent areas are the neck, upper back, lower back, arms, calves, and feet. The user can personalize what area of their body to be more or less intense.
  • Patented Stretching: unique body and 2-position foot stretching. Body swivel with twist stretching not found on any other products.
  • Patented Noise Reduction Technology: to maximize relaxation and improve health and wellbeing.
  • 9 Presets: Health, Soft, Quick, Morning, Night, Sport, Shiatsu, Stretch, and TV

Luraco realized that in many homes there will be multiple people who will use the i9 with all the options available to make it fit perfectly. It’s like having 5 massage chairs in one with the i9 3D! Imagine that! Luraco Remotes have been outpaced by touchscreen technology, but the i9 3D allows five users to save their favorite chair settings!

They are the only manufacturer providing customization with additional features such as: Luraco is the first manufacturer to bring this interface into massage chairs. Their design is sleek but intuitive enough for most people to enjoy! Luraco is the only manufacturer offering customization with additional features such as:

  • Customized Remote Screen with Owner’s name.
  • Built-in Wireless Cell Phone Charging: Relax your body and recharge your phone at the same time.
  • Personalized Leather Name Tag of the owner on the headrest.
  • Back-Up Emergency Power to restore the chair position if power is interrupted (Patented).
  • Luraco Blood Pressure Monitor that usually an optional product, but it is included free in Custom Edition

With its unique features and patented technologies, the Luraco i9 3D Medical Massage Chair offers a truly unique experience. It is ideal for anyone seeking relaxation or healing with a massage therapy session. Note: Do not be misled by 4D and 5D space advertisements from other manufacturers. If air, motor speed, music, and heat are considered dimensions, then the Luraco i9 would be a 7D chair.


Positive Posture Brio Plus – Best Massage Brand Chair with Heating

The Brio+ experience will be refreshing and calming at the same time. Positive Posture’s choreography is carefully crafted, so your body feels comfortable while being transported away from daily stressors to a peaceful place where you can reflect on what really matters.

  • Heat: During massage sessions, you can feel the deep and soothing heat radiating from the massage chair’s heated surface at your lower back as well as at your feet.
  • Intelligent 4D Massage Mechanism: A massage that suits any individual’s needs is now possible with Brio+; this device features a variable pressure setting and soothing rollers for a soothing experience
  • Automatic Body Scan: With an automatic body scan, the chair determines your shoulder position and adjusts each massage to your unique body type; whether you’re 5 feet tall, 6-foot-5, or anywhere in between, the chair can be adapted to your needs.
  • 10 Automatic Programs: Full Body, Refresh, Quick, Relax, Meditate, Stretch, Low Back, Neck & Shoulder, Feet & Calves, and Full Body Air Massage.
  • Intuitive Remote Control: A sleek design that combines style and functionality creates the ultimate in relaxation with the Brio+ remote, which lets you easily navigate user-friendly menus and select what you want.

Only 4′′ (10 cm) is required between the backrest and the wall in order for the outstanding wall-hugging technology to fit almost anywhere. Using Positive Posture’s True Zero Gravity position, you can improve blood circulation, and blood flow and relieve joint and spine pressure at the push of a button.

With a beautiful and luxurious interior, the Brio+ adds a touch of elegance to your home. The removable back upholstery allows for deeper massages to be enjoyed by all.


Infinity IT-8500 X3 3D/4D – Best Model with Spinal Decompression Stretch

Through combining quality, technology, and comfort, the Infinity IT-8500 X3 3D/4D aims to help you live a healthy, relaxed life. A 3D/4D massage system on the IT-8500 X3 makes it feel like you’re being massaged by real human hands. It offers natural pain relief.

You’ll also benefit from the Triple Roller Total Sole Reflexology feature, as well as the Spinal Decompression Stretch with True Inversion.

  • 360° 4-Node + Massage: The enhanced 4-Node Plus Back Massage Mechanism performs a 360° figure 8 sweeping motion down the entire length of your spine while delivering five comprehensive massage techniques: tapping, tapping + kneading, kneading, shiatsu, and knocking.
  • Truefit™ Body Scanning: The chair’s hardware and software utilize special technology to pinpoint the user’s size and shape and deliver a customized massage.
  • Near Flat Reclining S-Track: The S-Track rollers move from the neck to the lower back, following the curve of the spine. With this feature, your hips are held in place while your legs are pulled down, stretching your back.
  • True Inversion: To reduce pressure on your vertebrae, recline the chair below a horizontal level, to below 180 degrees.

Listening to your favorite tunes is easy with Bluetooth®-enabled speakers while controlling your massage with your smartphone is easy with Apple® and AndroidTM apps. The IT-8500 X3 will spice up your health routine. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, a massage chair can provide the highest level of comfort, relaxation, and stress relief.


Osaki OS-4000T – Best Model with S-Track Design

The OS-4000T massage chair features beautiful upholstery, Zero Gravity, Body Scan Technology, an S-Track Massage Robot, air massage for the entire body, and seat vibration.

  • S-Track: It is possible to contour the spine curves of the OS-4000 Zero Gravity massage chair to fit a variety of spines. Each individual’s spine curves are unique. The S-track system allows the roller heads to massage along the back from the neck down to the lower spine with consistent pressure in the massage, as well as comfortable support. Inconsistencies in pressure result from linear massage tracks, which result in weak neck and lower back massages.
  • Intelligent Body Scanning: This roller is equipped with the most advanced technology, which allows it to map your back curvature more accurately, resulting in a more precise massage that targets all of your back’s key areas. Regardless of your body type, you will enjoy every massage experience thanks to its self-adjusting features.
  • Air Compression: With new air massage technology, the Osaki OS-4000T streamlines the air massager to a lower count. With our innovative engineering, we have significantly reduced the number of airbags while increasing the massage volume and surface area. In this way, there are drastically fewer working valves than on the previous version, resulting in one of the most mechanically sound massage chairs available.
  • Auto Recline and Leg Extension: You can recline the backrest, adjust the leg rest, extend the footrest, and achieve zero gravity by remote control with this fully automatic chair.

There are seven unique auto massage programs to choose from Muscle Relief, Thai, Stretching, Anti-Stress, Demo, Neck/Shoulder, and Back/Lumbar. Shiatsu, Swedish, Kneading, Clapping, Rolling, and Combo are some of the most desirable massage techniques. With five different speed and intensity settings, you can customize your massage to suit your needs.


Infinity Imperial 3D/4D – For Upper Body

It’s no surprise that the Infinity Imperial massage chair is built around cutting-edge massage chair technology given that it’s Infinity’s flagship chair.

Using the 49″ hybrid L/S track, the quad rollers can go from the head and neck to the glutes and the back of the thighs and provide a world-class massage.

  • 3D Body Scan: 3D Body Scanning Technology works hand in hand with the above to ensure that all pressure points are hit by the rollers. If the technology doesn’t quite work out, the Imperial also offers manual controls that let you adjust both the roller placement and the width of the massage field, so you’re sure to get a perfect massage every time.
  • 4D Massage Roller Technology: There’s a lot to like about the Infinity Imperial massage chair, including its 4D Technology. Some people think it’s mostly a marketing gimmick, but it does have real value.
  • Zero-Gravity Seating: Designed to enhance the overall massage experience, Zero-G seating uses reclining seats so that your knees are elevated slightly above your heart, which is inspired by NASA. As a result, you feel weightless, and your body’s weight is pressed against the rollers so you get a deeper massage. Moreover, the Imperial offers two Zero-G seating options, giving you even greater flexibility and choice. The addition of this feature is excellent.

Its body stretch feature is another therapeutic feature. If you suffer from chronic pain, it is likely to be your favorite element of the design, because it relieves your pain almost instantly. As the chair reclines to a greater angle, the airbags hold you firmly in place, relieving pressure on compressed discs in your spine.


Kahuna SM-7300 – Top SL-Track Massage Chair For Chronic Leg and Foot Pain

With many new massage features, the SM-7300S is an updated version of the original SM-7300 massage chair. It focuses on providing a better experience in terms of variety, 13 automatic programs that cover more body areas at once, and advanced techniques like kneading tapping combinations for higher quality massages.

With its innovative 2D rollers, this massage machine provides a guided experience for optimal pleasure with its accurate scanning of the entire body.

  • Zero Gravity and Heat Therapy: Although a chair is well-versed in massage therapy, it also focuses on several other fields of massage therapy, such as heating therapy on the back and legs with separate on/off buttons.
  • Space-Saving: A total of 3 zero gravity positions have been upgraded with a greater angle
  • Shoulder Position Detection: Personalized massages are possible with this function.
  • 4 Variety Stretching Programs: In this stretch, the shoulders are held vertically while the neck is stretched out while the shoulders are held vertically and pushed out.
  • 36 Air Bag Massagers: Body massage that is all-in-one
  • Auto Smart Body Scan: Using an auto smart acupoint detection scanning system, your body will be scanned and the size of your body will be determined for individual custom fit massage.

4 Special programs:

  • Dynamic Sport
  • Office Person
  • Golfer Mode
  • Senior Mode

4 Stretching programs:

  • Yoga Stretching
  • Sv-Chiro Stretching
  • Active Stretching
  • Dynamic Stretching

It has a longer operation time of up to an hour per massage session. 6 rollers allow the whole body to be embraced while the massage is being processed and the experience of being massaged by six different hands. In addition to the premium speakers on both sides, Kahuna’s designers recommend height and weight as 5’2″ to 6’5″ and 350lbs.


Negative effects of massage chairs

As well as causing damage to the internal motor of the massage chair, excessive use can cause muscle damage, inflammation, bruises, and damage to the internal motor. You should take it slow and easy when using your massage chair for the first time. Overuse does not outweigh its perceived benefits.

Despite the fact that not every session with a massage chair will lead to anything concerning, it also depends on the person who is receiving the treatment. After all, different people have different tolerances to pain and health conditions. Using a massage chair can result in a variety of adverse side effects.


Among the most common side effects of a massage are body pains or soreness. Although it usually lasts for days, it can become more uncomfortable and last for days. It’s regrettable that you end up with more body pains when the massage was supposed to relieve them. Do not worry, though, for this side effect can be avoided fairly easily.

You may experience soreness after using a massage chair due to incompatibility. Therefore, do not rely solely on universal settings and have the device adjust to your preferences, build, and needs. Use the appropriate massage program and the pressure should not be too much. Also, do not overextend the treatment and instead stick to the set timer.


You’ll feel relaxed and sleepy after a massage because of the gradual release of muscular tension. If you feel unnaturally exhausted, however, this fatigue might be due to high levels of muscle stress. Therefore, adjust the massage’s intensity to avoid subjecting your body to too much pressure. Make sure you don’t overuse the massage chair while you are at it as well.


In general, irritations are not very common, but they are possible at times. The most likely culprits behind this are allergies, bacteria, and prolonged use. It is why you must check if the product is made of latex, leather, or any material that triggers your allergies. Clean it frequently to prevent bacteria contamination and do not leave it too long.


It is unlikely that massage chairs will cause injury to bones and muscles directly. In the event that the settings are incorrect or cannot be adjusted, the likelihood of getting such side effects increases. In order to avoid such side effects, look for a massage chair that allows you to adjust the pressure. Also consider your existing injuries, especially external ones, since the massage may worsen them.

Medical Condition Complications

In addition to external injuries, other medical conditions could become complicated by massages. For instance, illnesses related to bones or muscles, circulatory problems, and low blood pressure are a few examples. Therefore, if you have any existing health conditions, speak with your doctor first. Stick to the recommended massage type and intensity or diagnosis.

Questions And Answers

Are massage chairs good for sciatica?

Massage can provide physical as well as mental health benefits. Does massage help sciatica? It may! According to one study, deep tissue massage can eliminate lower back pain that can lead to sciatic nerve pain as effectively as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Many people have turned to owning a massage chair instead of scheduling regular massage appointments (as well as paying expensive session fees each time) to answer the question, “Does massage help sciatica pain?” It may be more beneficial to treat and relieve sciatic nerve pain immediately if massage therapy is available at home whenever it flares up. You might be able to receive deep tissue massage benefits in the privacy of your own home, instead of having to schedule an emergency massage therapy session.

Do doctors recommend massage chairs?

Yes, doctors can recommend massage chairs for lower back pain. Massage chairs can provide relief by helping to loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow to the area. When choosing a massage chair, be sure to look for one that has adjustable settings so you can customize the intensity of the massage to your needs. You should also look for a chair that has a heat feature, as this can help to further relax the muscles.

What are the Disadvantages of a Massage Chair?

While massage chairs offer a plethora of benefits, it’s essential to be aware of their disadvantages to make an informed decision about their use. Here are some of the disadvantages associated with massage chairs:

  1. Cost: Massage chairs can be quite expensive, with high-quality models ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 or more. This upfront cost can be a significant barrier for many potential users.
  2. Space Requirement: Massage chairs are typically large and bulky, requiring a dedicated space in your home. This can be a disadvantage if you have limited space or live in a small apartment.
  3. Maintenance: Massage chairs require regular maintenance, including cleaning and occasional repairs. This can add to the overall cost of ownership and inconvenience if the chair malfunctions.
  4. Complexity: Some massage chairs come with a wide range of features and settings, which can be overwhelming for users who prefer a simple massage experience. Learning how to use all the features can be time-consuming.
  5. Limited Customization: While modern massage chairs offer various massage techniques and intensity levels, they may not provide the same level of customization as a human massage therapist. Some users may find it challenging to achieve their preferred massage style.
  6. Intensity and Pressure: The intensity and pressure of massage chairs may not be suitable for everyone. Individuals with certain medical conditions, such as osteoporosis, may need to be cautious about the pressure applied by the chair.
  7. Lack of Personalization: Massage chairs typically have built-in body scan technology to adjust the massage to your body’s contours. However, they may not always provide a truly personalized experience, as they don’t adapt to your changing needs or preferences.
  8. Overuse Risks: Spending too much time in a massage chair can lead to overuse and potential negative effects, such as muscle soreness or skin irritation. It’s crucial to use the chair in moderation and follow recommended guidelines.
  9. Not Suitable for All Health Conditions: People with certain medical conditions, such as pregnancy, deep vein thrombosis, or recent surgery, should avoid using massage chairs, as they can exacerbate these conditions or lead to complications.
  10. Lack of Human Touch: While massage chairs can simulate various massage techniques, they cannot replicate the intuitive touch and sensitivity of a trained human massage therapist. Some individuals may prefer the human touch for a more personalized and therapeutic experience.

In conclusion, massage chairs offer numerous advantages, including convenience and accessibility to massage therapy in the comfort of your home. However, they also come with disadvantages such as high costs, space requirements, and the potential for limited customization. Users should carefully consider their individual needs and preferences when deciding whether a massage chair is the right choice for them. Additionally, consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable, especially for individuals with specific health concerns or conditions.

Conclusion. what is best chair for lower back pain?

An excellent massage chair can provide ongoing physical, mental, and emotional relief if you’re looking for a way to treat and lessen chronic pain at home. Whether you’re about to leave for work, at the end of the day, or whenever you need a quick relaxation session, sitting down is all you need. You can also schedule your muscle therapy around your schedule and responsibilities, which gives you the flexibility to do so.

If you’re looking for the best massage chair to ease lower back pain, the OHCO M.8 is the best choice. With its ergonomic design and advanced massage techniques, it’s sure to provide relief. The Luraco i9 3D Split L-Track is a close second, offering a comprehensive massage experience with its many massage features and customizable options. Last but not least, the Positive Posture Brio Plus is a great choice for those who want a cheaper option that doesn’t sacrifice quality or massage features. Whichever massage chair you choose, you’re sure to find relief from lower back pain.

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