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10 Best Massage Chairs Under $5000

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Best Massage Chairs Under 5000$

If you’re looking for the best massage chair under $5000, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, make sure to pick a chair with advanced features that will suit your needs. Second, look for a chair with the excellent build quality. And finally, consider your budget and choose a model that fits your price range. We all know how hard it is to find the perfect massage chair. With so many massage chairs available, we wanted you to make your search easier and recommend these top 10 picks for bestsellers in this price range:

Osaki Os Pro Admiral Massage Chair

Osaki’s Pro-level collection is full of surprises. The latest addition, their Osaki Admiral massage chair has quickly become one the most popular on market! It offers premium quality features and technologies at an unbeatable value for this category with 16 Advanced Auto Massage programs as well 3D body scanning technology that can be used in conjunction or separately from traditional methods like L-track maneuvers to target specific areas more effectively depending upon your needs during use – all backed by Osakis’ two-year warranty should you ever need it too.

  • 3D Roller Technology: the rollers on this model move in three dimensions – up/down, side to side, and back again. It is because they can do so that makes 3-dimensional roller skates so popular among people who want a lot of variety when they skateboard or commute on foot! Plus you get more intense massages with those which have tracks oriented toward giving your legs an awesome workout – perfect for anyone looking after their health at any age group from beginners all the way through to professional athletes.
  • Dual Heat Therapy: it’s got dual heating pads in the lower back area, and infrared elements in the lower leg/calf area.
  • Auto Body Scan: this technology will perform a body scan to map the key areas of the neck and back to provide the optimal amount of pressure applied during the massage. The scanning technology will detect your shoulder height, which can be re-calibrated once the scan is complete.
  • SL-Track Massage: as the roller system massages the neck area, it continues through to the lower back and then proceeds to massage the glutes and upper hamstrings.
  • Full Body Air Massage: multiple airbags are located throughout the massage chair to offer a full body massage experience. A total of 24 airbags in that Osaki massage chair. Airbags are located at the shoulders, feet, lower back, arms, and calf areas. This compression massage helps to continue increasing blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension.

We found that the Osaki Admiral will be a great balance between therapeutic value and affordability. The dual-stage heat design provides relief in both your back as well as calves/knees; it also has an airbag that will provide you with deep tissue foot massage while stimulating acupressure points at the same time!

What really stood out though was how 3 different reflexology styles were included – by using this particular massage chair, not only are there more opportunities for soothing kneading therapy but users can get targeted treatment on specific areas like feet or head too (depending on what type they need).


Titan PRO Jupiter XL Massage Chair

Titan PRO Jupiter XL Massage Chair provides the latest innovation of the 3D massage that helps contour the back with pinpoint accuracy, delivering consistent massage pressure from top to bottom as it extends in and out hugging the curves of the lumbar and shoulder/neck region.

Most traditional massage chairs will stop at the hips where as the L-Track allows for the rollers to extend past the glutes, reaching the top of the hamstrings. With the combination of 3D technology and the L-Track, the feel of the massage truly is out of this world! Titan invites you to experience it for yourself and feel the difference.

  • XL – Designed To Handle 6’6″: the Titan Jupiter has engineered its tracks to extend out an additional 12.6 inches from the default position. Although designed to accommodate the taller person, it still fits like a glove even at 5 feet. The seat base has also been widened by 2” more than the standard, giving it a total of 21” of seat clearance.
  • Rolling & Scrapping Dual Action Foot Massage: in order to get a different type of massage at once, the 1st action is when your roller spins with bumps on its outer part. You can feel this as thumbs pressing against bridge balls and heels while walking or running in place- it’s like having three types rolled into one! The second thing I love about these rollers is their forward/backward motions – you’ll be able to scrape off layers using just those rounded points without ever getting anywhere near hard surfaces because they land softly enough so there won’t hurt anything else around us (even if we’re not wearing shoes!).
  • Unique Head Massage: this has reinvented the head massage, perfecting the pressure applied to the sides of the head. The air will inflate on the sides of the pillow expanding like an accordion, intended to squeeze the temple region, delivering a soothing massage.

The PRO Jupiter XL D is equipped with the latest technology, which allows for the rollers to map the back curvature with even more accuracy, which translates into a more precise massage hitting all the key areas. Regardless of your body type, this highly advanced massage chair can measure many body types making each massage experience feel customized. The massage chair is not just for when you are feeling sore.

The innovative design team at Titan has created this space-saving technology so that your living room won’t feel too cluttered, even with all of its furniture in place! When reclined back fully three feet will be reserved behind each side panel to allow free flow between walls and ceilings while still keeping away from any doorways or windows which may cause obstruction during use.


Infinity IT-8500 Plus Massage Chair

The IT-8500 Plus is the massage chair for most of your needs. The s-track design of the massage chair matches the natural shape of your spine in order to hit all your areas of tension and properly realign your body from your neck down to your lumbar.

It comes with a wide variety of features that will meet anyone’s standards. If you want to give yourself an amazing deep-tissue therapeutic session then this product can do just what its name suggests – provide intense pressure on demand! And if spinal decompression sounds like something appealing?

You won’t be disappointed either because not only does it offer complete relief but also helps promote blood flow by increasing circulation near our nervous systems.

  • 4-Node Back Massage Mechanism: massage chair provides 5 different massage techniques (shiatsu, kneading, sync, tapping, and knocking) as it travels down your back.
  • Automatic Programs:
  • 4-Wheel Mechanism: The IT-8500 Plus massage chair provides pressurized massage strokes with four high-tech rollers that methodically knead out muscle tension.
  • Body Scanning Technology: the massage rollers hit all of your unique pressure points by adjusting the position of the rollers and tailoring them to your body.
  • Apple & Android App Functionality: operate the massage chair right from your Apple or Android device with its app-based functionality.
  • Nature Sounds: new with the Infinity IT-8500 Plus is sounds of Nature to help relax your mind. You can choose between White Noise,  Crickets, Ocean Surf, Airplanes, Rain, Nature, Car Rides, Fireplace, Thunderstorms, and Windy Nights.

The IT-8500 Plus Massage Chair includes features such as a body scan sensor, soothing lumbar heat an unprecedented spinal decompression stretch, and rejuvenating foot rollers.

There are 3 massage rollers on each side with three different levels of speed to tailor the massage to your needs. These rollers target the acupoints on the bottom of your feet to provide great reflexology and deep tissue massage on the soles of your feet.

The IT-8500 Plus has airbags located throughout the massage chair that inflate and deflate to provide a feeling on the muscles that sense like real human hands.

For any repairs needed during the 3-year parts warranty coverage, Infinity Massage Chairs will provide covered parts at no cost; however, the consumer is responsible for any and all shipping, duties, and brokerage fees.


Osaki OS3D PRO CYBER Massage Chair

Osaki’s Cyber Massage Chair provides a human-like massage. The Osaki OS -3D Pro offers three different heads to choose from; each head has been designed for outstanding range and flexibility, with the ability to protrude up 8 mm deep into your skin at any desired angle or depth (in order to give you the super deepest level).

It may seem like an evolution of conventional 2d technology but it actually goes much further than before by incorporating 3-dimensional space which allows reaching those hard-to-reach places on our bodies without putting unnecessary stress onto them while providing better precision during treatment sessions leaving us feeling revitalized after every use.

  • 9 Different Pre-Set Massage Programs: these range from labeled energy, deep press, comfort, relax, demo, full air, stretch, music sync, and de-stress, each unique from one another. Each preset program will go through all the variations of the massages but selecting a specific choice focuses on one style more than the other.
  • 2 Stage Zero Gravity: that is a unique massage chair that lets you enjoy deep tissue massages in zero gravity. The specially designed backrest allows the weight of your entire body to rest on it, maximizing comfort for any type or severity of pain while giving an optimal level every time.
  • Six Soothing Massage Types:  starting from, palm style, deep tissue, Swedish, combination, kneading, and shiatsu.
  • Easy-to-Use LCD Display: The OS-3D Pro Cyber remote presents one of the largest viewing screens (5″) to easily visualize what functions the massage chair has activated. There is also a flip-down cover to access the manual functions of the chair. The remote allows you to select the massage type, speed, intensity, and location. You can also independently set the area of full body airbag massage. The manual mode massage includes kneading, rolling, tapping, combination, shiatsu, and knocking.
  • The Calf and Foot Massager: capable of making adjustments according to each individual’s leg length ensuring that the massage airbags are concentrated on the correct areas. At the start of the massage, the PRO CYBER chair will fully extend out and then retract. Once the foot massager has reached the desired length, firmly press down on your toes to indicate to the massage chair to stop.

The OS-3D Pro Cyber massage chair has a variety of techniques to target 350 acupoints with incredible accuracy. You can select from six different styles, including palm style and Swedish massages for your hands; deeply soothing Shiatsu nodes that work on deeper muscle groups like shoulders or feet; combined pressure points that focus attention simultaneously at two specific areas while distributing gentle rocking motions through all other parts between them during this type’s duration (great if you want more focused relief); kneading gestures designed specifically around hard-to ear complainers such as an arm.


Infinity Aura Full Body Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Infinity Aura is a fully featured massage chair with a Weightless Zero Gravity recline to help improve circulation while gaining all the therapeutic benefits of massage. This massage chair has everything you need to feel relief from the stresses of everyday life. The L-track massages your neck and spine, while zero gravity positions provide comprehensive muscle relaxation for all parts of our bodies.

With a variety of options including heating lumbar support seats that help release tension in lower backs as well reflexology foot rollers that soothe soreness throughout each toe filaments; this luxury item will be sure not only to make sitting more comfortable but also to provide total mind + body wellness when used daily.

  • Adjustable Air Massage Intensity: Aura’s airbags are strategically placed throughout the body to provide an intense compression massage. The bag system works in tandem with back and foot rollers as well, inflating at just enough time for perfect rhythm so you can feel like you getting probed by skilled fingers!
  • Spinal Correction & Decompression Stretch: during this full-body stretch, the massage chair’s airbags grip your shoulders & legs as it reclines accordingly to soothe and relieve your spine. The spinal correction feature uses strong stretching techniques to extend and decompress your spine in order to relieve back pain.
  • 4-Node Back Mechanism: back massage rollers travel up and down the back.
  • TrueFit™ Body Scanning: special technology within the hardware & software of the massage chair allows the massage chair to pinpoint the user’s shape and size, providing a customized massage specific to them.
  • Zero Wall Fit™ Space-Saving Technology: with the simple push of a button, this sleek and stylish massage chair will recline to provide you with an extra few inches needed for space between it and any nearby walls. Without that feature included on all massage chairs (as opposed to some), those who use them must sit much farther away from their wall taking up more floor or desk area in order to make room for other items like bookshelves, and valuable living space but also keep things organized!

Get ready to melt into the Aura with the lumbar heat therapy setting as you listen to your favorite podcast through the built-in.

Enjoy all your massage and relaxation needs and then some, with the Aura massage chair. Balance your own aura in the comfort of your home, whenever you need it.


Osaki OS-4000XT B Massage Chair with LED Light Control

The OS-4000XT has an Ache Sensor which detects the painful point of the user’s body by putting their hands into the sensor naturally in the armrest. The massage will be focused on the collected aching points accordingly. Connect your phone to the 4000XT via Bluetooth to fully control the spatial audio accompanying your massage. Listen to your favorite tracks, audiobooks, murder mystery podcasts, or ASMR in genuine high-fidelity 3D audio.

  • 6 Massage Styles: kneading, tapping, clapping, Swedish, rolling, and shiatsu
  • 2-Step Zero Gravity Mode: with both positions activated, your legs will be higher than your heart, meaning that the force of gravity is evenly distributed throughout your body; this position takes all the pressure off your spine and other joints
  • 6 Auto Massage Programs: Thai, neck/shoulder Strengthen, recover, sleep, and relax
  • Unique Foot Roller Massage: it has one spinning reflexology massage roller located on the bottom of the feet, providing a soothing kneading style application.
  • Full Body Airbag Massage: There are multiple airbags located throughout the massage chair to offer a full body massage experience; the massage chair offers a total of 24 airbags in the massage chair. Airbags are located at the shoulders, arms, feet, and calf areas. This compression massage helps to continue increasing blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension.

Osaki’s newest chair, the OS-4000XT massage chair is an ideal choice for anyone looking to get a medium/strong massage. This affordable and comfortable seat has the top features you want in high-end massage chairs like its height suited for people up to 6’3″, as well as a maximum weight limit of 260 lbs which covers most users.


Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 Recliner Massage Chair

The Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 massage chair is designed by over 25 doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and pain specialists. This model has advanced medical body scans. It works perfectly to pinpoint your unique dimensions and needs.

  • Chiropractic Back Stretch: The inflatable airbags in the massage chair will grip your hips and gently stretch the muscles in your back, relieving tight muscles and boosting spinal health.
  • Medical Body Scan:  when you first sit in the massage chair it will scan your body to correctly customize the position of the massage rollers, so each massage it delivers is the one you need.
  • Toe Massage: the Medical Breakthrough 4 has a flappy thing that goes over your toes and massages them. It’s unbelievably relaxing. This is one of the few massage chairs to offer this feature and makes me wonder why more massage chairs don’t have it.
  • Zero Gravity: position distributes your weight evenly across the massage chair so you will feel virtually weightless, ensuring a deep sense of relaxation as you get a soothing massage.

It also has that amazing L-track that uses true deep-tissue massage throughout the track. It’s also of similar quality and also has extra padded cushions.

Massage Techniques:

  • Shiatsu
  • Kneading
  • Flapping
  • Knocking

This model comes with multiple massage functions – the basic techniques, but in reality, it’s quite a pricey massage chair for the minimal preset programs you get. It does make up for this slightly with the fact that it has 2 memory slots for personalized massages. But it doesn’t quite live up to the standard set by the 6 v4.

If you really wish to take care of yourself in the long run both physically & psychologically with regular massage then Medical Breakthrough 4 v2 is for you.


Kahuna SM-7300S Massage Chair

SM means Superior (Spacious) massage chair. SM series has many distinctive features that make it stand out from other tracks. For starters, there are 6 or 8 rollers depending on the model instead of 4 which provides more pressure when applying strokes to your skin at any given time and also helps provide an individualized experience for taller people since they can be seated in massage chairs with higher backrests without feeling cramped due to its extra space.

  • SL-Track Massage System: is the shape of a roller trail with a curve that is designed to support your neck to back and all the way to your buttocks. This system will cover your entire back and decompress everyone’s spine and increases the effects range of massage by far.
  • Computer Smart Body Scan Technology: scans will detect your body size automatically when you start one of the auto programs and you can now enjoy custom fit body massage.
  • Lower Back and Leg Heat Therapy: the heating function of SM-7300S can be turned on or off separately for your back and leg to provide you with the most comforting experience possible.
  • Acupressure Points on Arm: acupressure points are added on the fabric of the arm air-cells that amplifies the massage effect promoting better circulation in hands and arms.
  • Dynamic Stretching Program: new Kahuna stretching program that performs multi-speed stretching throughout the program while functioning all massage techniques mixed dynamically for your entire back.

The materials used to construct this product was built stronger so you’ll never have worries about durability. SM-7300 has a newly added cosmetic design of LED lights on the sides of the massage chair that casts a cool and relaxed tone of colors to help create a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying your massage in dim lighting.

4 Stretching Programs:

  • Yoga Stretching
  • Active Stretching
  • Dynamic Stretching.
  • Sv-Chiro Stretching

4 Special Programs:

  • Office Person,
  • Senior Mode
  • Golfer
  • Dynamic Sport

Superior Kahuna Massage Chair SM-7300S accommodates all body types including heavier and bigger body figures adding 3 more inches to the shoulders and hip area to adapt all body types up to 6ft 5 inches and 320 lbs.


Massage Expert 4D by ForeverRest

The Massage Expert 4D Full Body Massage Chair is the perfect way to end an exhausting day. It offers relief for sore muscles and tired joints, helping you relax after a long night or tough workout with its deep tissue massage techniques that work on all parts of your body simultaneously! You may detach the head pillow from the massage chair for a deeper neck massage.

  • 4D massage chair Technology Quad Roller Massage Mechanism: 4D deep tissue massage system performs extreme deep tissue massages along your back and around your neck in the shape of your spine. The specially designed massage rollers protrude deep into your back, neck, and lower back to ensure that your whole body can enjoy the healing potential of a massage.
  • 24 Auto Programs: choose one of 24 different auto programs based on area-focused massages like “Neck Care” or Lumbar Care.” You can also choose a program based on your lifestyle like “Senior Care” or“Commuter” or  The Special Sleep and relaxation programs prepare you for the day ahead like “Morning,” which improves blood circulation. The “Sleep & Rest” program prepares you for bed, relaxing your muscles and massaging away fatigued muscles. Additional programs include Swing, Hip Twist, and more.
  • One Touch Zero Gravity: zero-gravity positions are great for those with back pain because they take pressure off the heart and alleviate any lower spine discomfort.

Customize your massage with 8 Manual Massage modes to choose from such as (Tapping 1&2, Kneading 1&2, Tuina, Tapping/Kneading, Clapping/Kneading, Clapping 1&2,  Vibration, Acupressure) with Area Massage, Point Massage, and Full Body Massage.

For the best custom massage, you can pinpoint the mechanism to the area of your choice or adjust the depth, width, and speed of the rollers with a touch of a button. The sleep-aid helmet keeps bright light from behind away from the eyes while immersing you in relaxing surround sound.

You won’t find any cheap plastic motors or thin PU Leather here, only copper brushless for the quietest and smoothest operation with no brushes to maintain. You’ll love how thick high-quality leather is! Plus you get a touchscreen remote controller that’s user-friendly in dimly lit rooms; it even has lights on its back so you can use this device easily when your hands are even wet.


Kyota Kaizen M680 Massage Chair

The Kyota Kaizen M680 4D Massage chair is a complete package. Designed to target your entire body for a complete back massage experience, this machine has no rival when it comes to coverage of the broadest area possible in massaging one’s shoulders and lower spine!

You can’t get better than that – but we will make sure you do with our unrivaled 6-node design which provides just what everyone needs: total access from head to toe across both arms and every nook imaginable along the spinal column too!

  • Complete Calf™ Kneading + Oscillation: the innovative roller design provides unparalleled lower leg relief by employing a unique combination of kneading rollers in the back, orbital oscillation on either side for sore calves, and air cells that provide compression with adjustable intensity.
  • 6-Node 3D Back Mechanism: travel up and down the back compressing your muscles through tapping and kneading motions to relieve muscle tension.
  • 5 Massage Techniques Mimic Human Hands: programs are choreographed using Tapping, Sync, Kneading, Knocking, and Shiatsu massage techniques on the back. Each technique can also be run manually to customize your own session.
  • TrueFit™ Space-Saving Technology: place this massage chair only 2” from the wall; the slide-forward technology will move the massage chair away from the wall when in use, then slide back up to the wall when finished.
  • Tri-Zone Heat: deep penetrating heat loosens and relaxes stressed muscles to prepare them for optimal recovery. Advanced heat in the foot, the lumbar, and the back massage nodes deliver unmatched heat therapy.

Convenient and easy-to-use automated & choreographed programs with the push of a button. Each program automatically changes massage techniques, intensities, and chair movements to create a complete massage session. Replicating thumb and finger technique of applying pressure to vital points on the soles of the feet, which sends relief to other areas of the body. Get a more precise fit with adjustable shoulder airbags to better suit your body.

The Kyota Kaizen M680 4D massage chair helps you change your health and your life by integrating massage therapy into your everyday wellness routine.


Why Should You Choose Massage Chair?

Full-Body Massage chairs provide a number of benefits that can help improve your overall health and well-being. Regular massage can help reduce stress, relieve pain, and improve circulation. Massage chairs are a convenient way to receive regular massages, as you can use them in the comfort of your own home.

Massage chairs are available in a variety of styles and features to suit your needs. When choosing a massage chair, it is important to consider your budget, as well as the features that you desire. Be sure to read online reviews before making your purchase, as this will help you choose the best massage chair for your home.

Full Body Massage chairs are also relatively affordable, making them a great option for those on a budget. When choosing a massage chair, it is important to consider your specific needs and requirements. Make sure to read online reviews before making your final purchase decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will a Massage Chair Last?

A massage chair’s lifespan primarily depends on several factors, including its quality, usage frequency, maintenance, and overall care. On average, a well-built and properly maintained massage chair can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or even longer.

The quality of the massage chair plays a crucial role in determining its longevity. High-end models constructed with durable materials like top-grade leather, sturdy frames, and reliable mechanical components tend to have a longer lifespan compared to budget-friendly options.

How often you use the massage chair also affects its longevity. If the chair is used extensively, such as on a daily basis, its components may wear out faster. However, occasional usage, like a few times a week, can extend the chair’s lifespan significantly.

Maintenance is another critical aspect. Regular cleaning and servicing can prevent the buildup of dirt, dust, and debris that could potentially clog or damage the mechanical parts of the chair. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines, such as lubricating moving parts and tightening screws, can help prolong the chair’s life.

Proper care also involves placing the chair in an appropriate environment. Avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, or excessive humidity, as these factors can degrade materials over time.

While massage chairs are designed for durability, over time, wear and tear are inevitable. Components like motors, rollers, and electronic controls might eventually require replacement. Investing in a reputable brand with a history of providing replacement parts can extend the chair’s lifespan through maintenance and repairs.

In conclusion, the longevity of a massage chair can vary widely based on quality, usage, maintenance, and care. By choosing a high-quality model, using it moderately, maintaining it diligently, and promptly addressing any issues, you can ensure that your massage chair provides years of relaxation and comfort.

How Much Should I Pay for a Good Massage Chair?

The cost of a good massage chair can vary significantly based on its features, brand reputation, and build quality. Generally, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 for a high-quality massage chair that offers a satisfying and comprehensive massage experience.

In the lower price range (around $1,000 to $2,000), you can find basic human-touch massage chairs with limited features such as basic massage techniques, a few pre-programmed modes, and simpler designs. While these chairs might provide decent relaxation, they might lack advanced features and durability found in higher-priced models.

Moving up the price ladder (around $2,000 to $3,500), you can access a broader range of massage chairs with more advanced features. These might include a wider variety of massage techniques, customizable settings, better build quality, and improved ergonomic design for enhanced comfort. Chairs in this range often provide a more effective and thorough massage experience.

At the top tier (around $3,500 to $5,000 and beyond), you’ll find premium massage chairs that boast the latest technology, extensive massage programs, adjustable settings for intensity and focus, and top-notch materials. These chairs often mimic human-like massage techniques and come with additional features such as heating elements, Bluetooth connectivity, and zero-gravity positioning.

It’s important to strike a balance between your budget and the features you desire. While investing in a higher-priced model can offer a superior massage experience and longer lifespan, it’s also possible to find a good-quality chair in the mid-range that meets your needs.

When purchasing a massage chair, consider factors like the reputation of the brand, customer reviews, warranty coverage, and available customer support. Researching thoroughly before making a decision can help you find the best massage chair that fits your preferences and budget while ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating massage experience for years to come.


If you’re looking for the best massage chair under $5000, the Osaki Os-Pro Admiral Massage Chair is the clear winner. With its advanced features 16 Advanced Auto Massage programs and excellent SL-track build quality, it’s sure to give you the best massage experience possible. The Titan PRO Jupiter XL D Massage Chair comes in second, offering a very similar experience but has a Unique Head Massage feature at a slightly lower price point. And the Infinity IT-8500 Plus Massage chair rounds out the top three massage chairs, offering a 4-Node Back Massage Mechanism at a very competitive price. So whatever your budget, there’s a massage chair out there that will suit your needs.

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