Oakworks is a reliable brand known for its quality portable massage chairs. They offer some of the best options available in the market. The portable massage chairs made by Oakworks are highly praised for their excellent quality, comfort, and durability. This makes them a preferred choice for massage therapists and wellness practitioners around the globe.

Designed with both the practitioner and client in mind, these chairs provide optimal support and relaxation during treatments. Oakworks portable massage chairs are the best option for professionals who want convenience without sacrificing the quality of their therapeutic services. This is due to their advanced features, innovative design, and commitment to excellence.

About Company

Oakworks is a US-based, family-owned manufacturer of spa, massage, and medical equipment. With over 45 years of design and manufacturing experience in a state-of-the-art facility in Pennsylvania. It is a reputable company that produces and supplies top-of-the-line equipment and accessories for the medical, spa, and wellness industries. They are known for their reliability and commitment to producing innovative products, making them a market leader.

They make high-quality products that improve people’s well-being and encourage healthy living. Oakworks has been successful in achieving this goal by creating and producing various products that meet the different requirements of its customers.

Oakworks LogoOakworks specializes in creating massage tables and chairs, which are crafted with precision and attention to detail. These products ensure optimal comfort for both clients and therapists, utilizing high-quality materials and advanced technologies.

As a result, Oakworks’ ergonomically designed massage tables are highly sought after by professionals in the massage therapy industry.

Oakworks provides various accessories, including bolsters, cushions, and positioning aids for massage tables. These accessories are intended to improve support and comfort for clients during treatments, enabling practitioners to provide more effective services.

In addition, Oakworks provides more than just massage therapy products. The company also manufactures medical tables, examination tables, and treatment furniture for healthcare facilities to cater to the specific requirements of medical practitioners. These products are intended to guarantee patient comfort and safety during procedures and examinations.

Oakworks is dedicated to innovation and invests in research and development to improve its existing products and create new ones. This commitment has helped them earn recognition in the healthcare and wellness industries.

In addition to prioritizing product quality, Oakworks emphasizes sustainability. The company is dedicated to using environmentally friendly practices in its manufacturing processes and obtaining materials from sustainable suppliers. By making sustainability a priority, Oakworks hopes to reduce its environmental footprint and support a more eco-friendly future.

Oakworks is a trusted company that has had a major influence in the healthcare, spa, and wellness fields. They prioritize quality, innovation, and sustainability, and offer outstanding equipment and accessories that promote well-being and improve therapeutic experiences for professionals and individuals alike.

Best Portable Massage Chair Models by Oakworks

Oakworks is a company that provides various models of portable massage chairs, which have become highly favored by therapists and wellness practitioners all over the world.

Oakworks Portal Pro Portable Massage Chair Package

The Oakworks Portal Pro Portable Massage Chair is an excellent choice for massage therapists seeking ultimate portability and comfort. With its super portable design, built-in wheels, and lightweight construction (only 19 lbs), this chair allows you to take your practice wherever your clients are. The chair’s durable nylon carry case makes transportation a breeze.

Oakworks Portal ProDesigned for optimal access to the client’s neck, shoulders, arms, and back, the Portal Pro Massage Chair offers versatility and customization. Its adjustable working height ensures proper body mechanics during massages, and the chair is suitable for clients of all sizes and shapes.

The chair’s high-quality aluminum bones provide durability to support up to 350 pounds, while the comfortable and long-lasting foam in the seat, knee pads, chest, and armrest offer exceptional support and comfort.

Featuring Oakworks’ TerraTouch™ Upholstery, this chair is resistant to oils, abrasions, and tears. The PVC-Free material is not only durable but also soft to the touch, ensuring a pleasant experience for both the therapist and the client. The included Oakworks patented QuickLock™ Face Rest with double articulating adjustability ensures a perfect fit for all body types, including clients with cervical injuries.

With its outstanding features, durability, and comfort, the Oakworks Portal Pro Portable Massage Chair is a top-notch choice for therapists who prioritize convenience and client satisfaction.

Oakworks Portal Pro 3

The Oakworks Portal Pro 3 Portable Massage Chair is a reliable and time-tested option for massage therapists. With its familiar design, this chair provides a sense of comfort and ease, especially for those who are just starting out in the field.

Oakworks Portal ProDespite its relatively modest footprint, the chair boasts a sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum frame that weighs only nineteen pounds, making it highly portable for mobile operations. It can support up to 350 pounds of user weight, accommodating most clients with ease.

However, it’s worth noting that the chair’s package deal includes only the vinyl carrying case, with additional accessories like the sternum pad and masseuse stool sold separately. On the bright side, the chair offers a wide selection of upholstery colors, allowing you to establish a consistent aesthetic for your massage business. The Oakworks Portal Pro 3 is highly configurable, with adjustable features for the face cradle/pillow, seat, sternum pad, and armrest, providing optimal positioning and comfort.

While the upholstery is made of high-quality PU material, some users may have preferred an option to upgrade to top-grain leather. Despite these minor drawbacks, the chair itself is durable, comfortable, and designed for daily use and transport. Investing in the Oakworks Portal Pro 3 ensures years of reliable service, making it a worthwhile choice for those seeking top-tier equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Oakworks Massage Chairs Suitable for Professional Use?

Yes, Oakworks massage chairs are designed and built with the needs of professionals in mind. Oakworks chairs are popularly used in massage therapy due to their durability, comfortable design, and flexibility that suits different client sizes and body types. These chairs enable therapists to access the client’s body easily, leading to effective treatments.

Can Oakworks Massage Chairs Be Easily Transported?

Yes, Oakworks offers portable massage chair models that are specifically designed for easy transportation. Portable chairs for therapists are designed to be lightweight and have built-in wheels and a durable carry case. This feature makes them convenient for those who need to travel to different locations or provide on-site massages. Despite being highly portable, these chairs are stable and functional.

What is the Quality of the Upholstery Used in Oakworks Massage Chairs?

Oakworks is known for using high-quality upholstery materials in its massage chairs. One of the options they offer is the TerraTouch™ upholstery which is exclusive to them. It has a soft texture and is resistant to oils, abrasions, and tears. It is also PVC-free and meets safety and hygiene standards in the industry. This upholstery is meant to provide comfort and durability for long-term use.

Can Oakworks Massage Chairs Accommodate Clients of Different Sizes and Weights?

Yes, Oakworks massage chairs are designed to accommodate clients of various sizes and weights. Massage chairs usually come with adjustable features like height, face cradle/pillow, and seat adjustments to give the best possible positioning and support. They also have weight limits that are designed to accommodate various client weights, guaranteeing a comfortable and safe experience for every user.


To sum up, massage therapists and wellness practitioners prefer Oakworks Portable Massage Chairs due to their functional design, durability, and comfort. The chairs from Oakworks are designed to be portable and lightweight, which makes them easy to transport. This feature allows therapists to take their practice to different locations. Additionally, the Oakworks chairs have adjustable features that ensure that therapists have proper access to their clients’ bodies while also maintaining the right posture.

They are built with top-notch materials such as aluminum frames and strong upholstery to ensure long-lasting use even with daily wear and tear. The company’s dedication to quality is visible in its customization options that include varied upholstery colors and accessories. These chairs are versatile and can be used in spas, offices, or for mobile practices, providing the utmost comfort and satisfaction to both the therapist and the client.

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