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Vigor 4D

Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair

Titan Vigor 4D massage chairs offer the best value for money when it comes to premium chairs. With the Titan, you’ll enjoy the industry’s most popular features along with cutting-edge technology so you can have unbeatable massages at any time. Titan Vigor 4D’s quad-rollers are fully customizable – you can adjust speed, pressure, spacing, and timing. Vigor’s versatility extends beyond 3D to address a broader range of areas beyond your spine, from the shoulders to the glutes.

Kristina Martin

Titan Pro Vigor 4D
Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


As a result of its intelligent computerized body scanning and long-reaching SL track, the Vigor massage chair can effectively map out every inch of your spine and shoulders, ensuring the massage rollers are able to exert the appropriate amount of pressure, no matter who is using it. Heat is usually only applied to selected, isolated areas (such as the lumbar region) on most massage chairs. The Vigor, on the other hand, provides even heating all along the spinal column with its unique heated back rollers. Using these advanced rollers, you can further relax knotted muscles by applying mild heat in a smooth motion from the neck area to the glutes.


Reasons to Buy

2 Stage Zero Gravity
Computerized Body Scanning
SL-Track Technology
4D Massage Mechanism
Space Saving Technology
Deep Calf Kneading

Reasons to Avoid

No Mobile App Control
Manual Massage Techniques Are Limited, But Overall There are Plenty of Options


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Reclining Feature

The chair has a full-body recline function that allows me to adjust the angle of the backrest and footrest to a comfortable position. This feature helps me to relax and reduce stress on my back.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

The chair has various intensity settings that I can adjust to suit my needs. It also provides coverage for the entire body, including the feet and calves, which is great for relieving muscle tension and improving circulation.

Heating Feature

The chair has a heating function that helps to soothe sore muscles and joints. This feature is especially useful during cold weather or after a long day of physical activity.

Kneading feature

The chair has a kneading function that replicates the hand movements of a professional masseuse. This feature helps to loosen tight muscles and knots, providing a relaxing and therapeutic experience.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

The chair is user-friendly, and its features are easy to navigate. The controls are intuitive, and the instructions are straightforward, making it easy to use even for beginners.

Space Saving

The chair is designed to save space, which is ideal for those with limited living space. It can be placed close to a wall and still fully recline, making it a great option for smaller apartments or rooms.

Design and Aesthetics

The chair has a modern and sleek design that would complement any home decor. The quality of the materials used is evident, and the stitching is well done.


The chair comes with a comprehensive warranty, which provides peace of mind and protection against defects and malfunctions.

Unique Technology & Features

The chair has 4D technology, which provides a more realistic and human-like massage experience. It also has an air massage system that helps to improve circulation and reduce muscle tension.

Brand Reliability & Support

The Titan brand is known for producing high-quality massage chairs and providing excellent customer service. This gives me confidence that the chair will last a long time and that I can rely on the brand for support if needed.

Titan Pro Vigor 4D Specifications

ModelPro Vigor 4D
Recommended Weight Limit270 lbs
Type of massage track
Roller Type
Roller Glute Massage
Roller Strength Adjustments
Roller Speed Adjustments
Roller Width AdjustmentYes
Body Scan TechnologyYes
Zero GravityYes
Automatic Programs
Adjustable Shoulder
Extendable Footrest
Deep Tissue Massage
Manual Styles
Spot/Parital Massage
Bluetooth Speakers
Rated Time
15 Minutes
Rate Frequency
Power Supply
AC 110 – 120V
SL Shape 52.8”
4D Massage
Forward Distance (8 level Approx 3.9”)
Strength & Speed (5 level)
Airbag Intensity
5 Level
Extension of Footrest
Approx 7.1”
Dimensions Upright (L” x W” x H”)62″L x 31″W x 48″H
Will Fit Through Standard Household Doorways?
Dimensions Recline (L” x W” x H”)79.5″L x 31″W x 45.7″H
Shoulder Width20.5″
Seat Width17.5″
Minimum Doorway Size31″
Power Supply Wire70.9″
Environment Temperature32°F ~ 95°F
Contrasting Humidity20 – 80RH
Storage Temperature23°F ~ 95°F
Storage Humidity20 – 80RH
Safety FeatureEquipped with overheated and power
Massage Chair WeightApprox 252.6 lbs

My Personal Experience Using Titan Pro Vigor 4D

As an expert in the massage chair industry, I can attest that the Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair is one of its kind. This advanced and cutting-edge device provides a thorough and gratifying massage experience like no other. It’s truly among the finest offerings on today’s market!

One of the standout features that I noticed of the Titan Pro Vigor 4D is the 4D massage mechanism. This technology allows the massage rollers to attend to every inch of your spine, shoulders, neck, and glutes with precision and determination, providing a thorough and invigorating massage experience. The computerized body scanning system is also a great feature that allows the massage rollers to adjust their pressure according to the individual’s physique, ensuring that every massage is tailored to the user’s needs.

The SL-Track design of the chair ensures that the massage rollers guide from the shoulders down to the glutes, providing a complete massage experience. The heated rollers are another great feature that provides a mild heat from the neck to the glutes, creating a calming and continuous motion.

The two-stage zero gravity reclining feature is also noteworthy as it enables the user to recline in a weightless position, promoting relaxation and comfort. The space-saving technology ensures that the chair can be placed as close to 4.5 inches away from the wall and still achieve a full and complete recline.

The 32 air cell full-body compression feature is another standout feature of the Titan Pro Vigor 4D, providing compression therapy and acupoint massages that fill in the gaps of the massage rollers, ensuring that every inch of the body is massaged.

The specialized foot massage and deep calf kneading functions are great features that provide relief to the lower body. The kneading foot massage is a great alternative to airbags and memory foam intelligently applies force along the sides and tops of the feet for maximum relief.

The automatic extendable footrest is also a noteworthy feature that automatically extends up to 7.1 inches in order to accommodate people of all heights. The touchscreen control, surround sound Bluetooth speakers, and wireless phone charger make the chair easy to use and modern.

The Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair is a highly advanced and cutting-edge massage chair that provides a complete and effective massage experience. Its unique and innovative features make it stand out from other massage chairs in the market, and its tailored approach to massage makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality massage chair.

What Makes Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair Stand Out from the Competition?

The Titan Pro Vigor 4D massage chair has several features that make it stand out from the competition. It has 4D heated rollers that travel on an SL-Track to offer an incredible humanistic massage from your neck down to your glutes. It also has a two-stage zero gravity recline, a body scan system, space-saving technology, and 32-cell full-body compression. Additionally, it has specialized foot massage with deep calf kneading and kneading foot massage, touch screen navigation, Bluetooth speakers, and wireless charging. These features can provide users with a comfortable and personalized massage experience.

Compared to Other Chairs

This is precisely why the Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair delivers a unique experience since it was released just this year. There are many features and technologies that it offers that aren’t available in other models. With its luxurious design and innovative features, it fits well into modern interiors. This is what makes it unique from the others in the industry.

Consider the track system and massage mechanism when choosing a massage chair. You will have a significantly different experience depending on these factors. The track system is the path followed by the rollers. Those rollers are covered by the massage mechanism. The depth to which they can reach depends on whether they are able to move across the surface of your back or penetrate deep into your muscles. 

The great alternative to Titan Vigor 4D is the OHCO M.8 Series massage chair represents the pinnacle of engineering and continues what the Classic offered. There is nothing like this luxury shiatsu massage chair when it comes to massage. Featuring easy entry, high-quality materials, a zero gravity program, and an enhanced MaxTrack, you’ll have an unforgettable experience.

Another good alternative D.Core Cirrus massage chair offered patented True Shiatsu Action and patented Wave Arrays that provide a more therapeutic and life-like massage than any other chair available.

Cirrus’ True Shiatsu Action simulates the finger structure and organic movements of a massage therapist, while its Wave Arrays, which are situated in its arms and legs, are the only massage chairs with mechanical massage units on the arms and calves. The Cirrus combines the benefits of therapeutic massage with a luxurious design and real black walnut trim.

D.Core Cirrus

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With Cirrus, you’ll get a deep tissue back roller massage, arm rollers (first in the industry), wooden side panels, proprietary calf rollers, and a 3-year parts & labor warranty. Titan Pro Vigor 4D offers a 5-year parts & labor warranty. In both chairs, the footrest can be extended and there is a deep-tissue massage feature. There is no difference in price between these chairs. Memory settings and mobile app control are not available on these chairs, but with Titan Vigor 4D, you can navigate through your massage via the touchscreen, which makes the device a comprehensive tablet with control over even the smallest of details. Featuring an easy-pivot mount, you can position it in any direction.

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The OHCO M.8 is equipped with armrests that open with the push of a button, allowing you to get into the chair like getting into a car. In comparison with OHCO’s M.8 14 auto-programs, Titan Pro Vigor 4D uses automatic programs only eight. Both chairs offer Quad (4) Rollers technology. M.8 has unique Lie-Flat & Inversion technology for the most relaxing positions, also it has Enhance Shiatsu Massage Technique for an incredibly precise massage. While both chairs have the same price on the market, OHCO is a leader, so if you want the best, you should check it out.

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The D.Core Cirrus and the Titan Pro Vigor 4D are both high-end massage chairs with several features. The D.Core Cirrus has patented True Shiatsu Action and patented Wave Arrays in the arms and legs, real black walnut trim, and heated back massage. The Titan Pro Vigor 4D has 4D heated rollers that travel on an SL-Track, a two-stage zero gravity recline, a body scan system, space-saving technology, and 32-cell full-body compression. Here is a table comparing some of the features of these two chairs:

FeatureTitan Pro Vigor 4DD.Core Cirrus
Zero GravityYes (two-stage)Yes
Body Scan TechnologyYesNo
Roller Type4D rollers on SL-TrackTrue Shiatsu Action
Memory FunctionNoNo
Foot MassageYes (specialized)Yes (with Wave Arrays)
Shoulder Width AdjustmentNoNo
Heat TherapyNoYes (back)

Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features

You’ll be at ease with the Titan Pro Vigor 4D, a massage chair optimized for total relaxation. As a full-body massager with 32 cells, two-stage zero-gravity recline, SL-track, and 4D rollers, the Vigor is sure to provide a great massage every time.

4D Massage Technology

With Titan Vigor, you can relieve everyday aches and pains quickly and effectively by using cutting-edge massage technology. With precision and determination, the four-dimensional massage rollers massage your spine, shoulders, neck, and glutes.

Body Scan System

Each individual has a unique physique, which is why the Vigor uses a sophisticated computerized body scan to map every inch of your spine and shoulders. The massage rollers can therefore provide the appropriate amount of pressure to each individual.


As the massage rollers travel down your spine and become lodged in your glutes, the Vigor uses a SL track designed specifically for this device. Invigorating and thorough, the laser-crafted design offers a comprehensive experience.

Heated Rollers

Heat is generally applied to one isolated area in heated massage chairs, but Vigor takes this a step further with its Heated Massage Rollers. Using these advanced rollers, mild heat is applied from the neck to the glutes in a calming and continuous motion.

Lumbar Heated Back Pad

Complementing the intelligent massage rollers on Vigor are compression therapy and acupoint massages. Compression massages can be felt in the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and even the lower back.

Specialized Foot Massage

The Vigor’s foot massage will relieve your tired feet after a long day on your feet. A combination of acupuncture foot rollers and kneading pressure melts away tension and stress.

Automatic Extendable Footrest

To accommodate people of all heights, the footrest on the Vigor extends outward by 7.1 inches. As soon as you begin your massage, the footrest extends automatically to ensure your legs are positioned at the right length.

Titan Pro Vigor 4D Warranty

Titan Chair LLC provides this NON-TRANSFERRABLE Warranty.

We guarantee that your qualified product will be replaced or repaired at our option, without cost to you, should it be deemed defective because of faulty parts, quality, or structural defects during the first THREE (3) years of ownership, excluding specific limitations contained herein.

What Is Covered:

  • This warranty explicitly covers all parts, labor, and framework of the chair.
  • This warranty includes parts costs and labor for the first year at no cost to the customer.
  • This warranty includes parts costs covered for the second year at no cost to the customer.
  • Structural Framework on selected products carries for three (3) years.
  • The additional extended warranties include parts and labor costs covered at no cost to the customer.

5-Year Extended Manufacturer’s / Parts & Labor Warranty

What Do Users Say About Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair?

“It’s amazing how comfortable this chair is. Since I’ve had it for a few months now, I still get excited when I use it, and every time afterward, I feel like – one more please! I love how easy it is to use the tablet control center on the chair because it offers a wide range of settings. It’s easy to understand and very responsive. I have a routine and I know how each setting feels like, but it took me some time to get there. It has number of default settings and not all of them work for me. It has 8 auto massage programs and large variety of semi-auto and manual settings. I can use buttons on the right side of the chair if I don’t want to use the tablet. It has wireless charger and bluetooth speakers that are perfect to set the mood. The heated rollers and calf kneading feature of this chair are my favorites. This chair has been a great place for me to nap for many hours and I plan on spending many more in it! :-)”
“Last night, we installed the chair. Fast and friendly service was provided by the guys. Taking turns with my wife, we spent hours massaging each other. There is a bit of soreness this morning! Is it possible that we overdid it? Several programs are available, and we enjoy them all. Programs are available for specific areas, which we appreciate. I enjoy full-body stretching, while my wife likes the neck and shoulder programs. Furthermore, I like that I can charge my phone while I’m using the chair, and the interface is really easy to use.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Osaki and Titan the Same?

It is important to note that Titan and Osaki massage chairs are both distributed by the same company located in Carrollton, Texas, despite being technically separate product lines. When it comes to premium massage chairs, the distinctive features of all the brands and models can be confusing.

Where are Titan Massage Chairs Made?

China produces the majority of massage chairs worldwide. The biggest Chinese brands, such as Osaki, Titan, and Human Touch, are right here in America.

What Does 4D Mean on a Massage Chair?

The term “4D” on a massage chair refers to the advanced technology integrated into the chair’s design to provide a more immersive and customizable massage experience. Unlike traditional massage chairs that offer basic movements along predefined pathways, 4D massage chairs incorporate additional dimensions of control, allowing for a wider range of massage techniques and intensities.

The first dimension of the 4D massage experience is depth. This refers to the ability of the massage rollers to adjust their protrusion into the body, providing a more penetrating massage that can target deep-seated tension and knots in the muscles. By controlling the depth of the massage, users can tailor the intensity of the treatment to their individual preferences and needs.

The second dimension is width. In 4D massage chairs, the width of the massage rollers can be adjusted to cover a broader area of the body or focus on specific muscle groups with precision. This versatility allows for a more comprehensive massage that can effectively address tension across different parts of the body, from the shoulders and back to the calves and feet.

The third dimension is speed. 4D massage chairs offer variable speed settings that control the pace at which the massage rollers move across the body. This flexibility enables users to customize the rhythm and tempo of the massage, whether they prefer a slow, soothing massage or a more vigorous, invigorating treatment.

Finally, the fourth dimension is time. 4D massage chairs often come equipped with pre-programmed massage sequences that mimic the techniques used by professional massage therapists. These sequences can vary in duration and intensity, allowing users to enjoy a complete massage experience tailored to their schedule and preferences.

In summary, 4D massage chairs elevate the massage experience by offering advanced control over depth, width, speed, and time. This technology enables users to enjoy a more personalized and effective massage that can target specific areas of tension and promote relaxation and well-being.

Final Thoughts

A Titan Pro Vigor 4D Massage Chair is a perfect choice if you want a unique and satisfying massage experience. A number of standard features have been improved over previous models, and it comes with the latest technologies. A great choice for people who need help reducing stress, improving flexibility, and relieving tension and pain. There is no other massage chair on the market that offers features such as those found in the Japanese-made OHCO M.8, so this is a great choice to consider.

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