D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair

This D.Core massage chair model features patented True Shiatsu Action and Wave Arrays, which produce the most lifelike massage on the market. The Wave Arrays found in Cirrus’ arms and legs make Cirrus the first and only massage chair that features mechanical massage units for the arms and calves, simulating the finger structure and organic movements of a massage therapist. Cirrus features a luxurious design and real black walnut trim for a high-therapy massage.

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Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


With its design and its use of real black walnut wood, D.Core is inspired by an ancient Japanese sense of beauty: natural settings that let you escape from the chaos of everyday life and discover a calmness that quietly penetrates your heart and mind. Cirrus is the first and only massage chair that features mechanical massage units for the arms and calves. The True Shiatsu Action mimics the finger structure and organic movements of a massage therapist, while the Wave Arrays make Cirrus the only massage chair that uses mechanical massage units for the arms and calves.


Reasons to Buy

3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism
Harmonious S+L Track Design
Neck Roller Massage
Deep Core Intelligence Massage
Wall Hugging

Reasons to Avoid

No Apple &/or Android Apps
No Neck/Head Airbags
No Memory Capability


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Reclining Feature

The D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair has an excellent reclining feature that allows me to fully recline and get comfortable during my massage sessions. This feature provides a deeper level of relaxation, and helps me relieve stress and tension in my muscles. I appreciate the ability to adjust the angle of the chair according to my preferences and needs.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

The intensity settings on this massage chair are very impressive. I can adjust the intensity level of the massage to my liking, and the chair provides a deep tissue massage that targets specific areas of my body, such as my neck, shoulders, back, and legs. This is especially beneficial for those who suffer from muscle pain or tightness, as it can help to alleviate these symptoms.

Heating Feature

The heating feature on the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair is another great benefit. The heat therapy helps to increase blood flow, which can enhance the massage experience and provide further relaxation. The heating function can also help to soothe sore muscles and improve overall circulation.

Kneading feature

The kneading feature of this massage chair provides a deep tissue massage that helps to release tension and promote relaxation. The kneading motion can help to loosen tight muscles and relieve soreness, which is particularly useful for those who engage in physical activity or have a sedentary lifestyle.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

The D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair is very user-friendly, with easy-to-use controls that make it simple to adjust the settings to my preferences. The chair also has a variety of pre-programmed massage modes, which I find very helpful. The user experience is overall excellent, and I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a massage session.

Space Saving

The space-saving design of the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair is another great feature. The chair can be placed close to the wall, which saves space in my living room. This is particularly useful for those who live in smaller homes or apartments.

Design and Aesthetics

The design and aesthetics of this massage chair are sleek and modern, and the chair fits well with the decor of my home. The chair is also available in different colors, which allows me to choose a color that matches my personal style and preferences.


The D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair comes with a comprehensive warranty, which provides me with peace of mind and ensures that I am protected in the event of any issues with the chair.

Unique Technology & Features

The D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair incorporates several unique technologies and features, such as air compression massage, which provides a more comprehensive massage experience. The chair also has a body scanning feature, which customizes the massage to my specific body shape and size. These features help to provide a more personalized and effective massage experience.

Brand Reliability & Support

D.Core is a well-known and reputable brand in the massage chair industry, and I feel confident in their products. The customer support team is also very responsive and helpful, and they have assisted me with any questions or concerns that I have had.

D.Core Cirrus Specifications


D. Core Cirrus

Recommended Height Range
5’0″ – 6’4″
Recommended Weight Limit
Roller Type
Leg Extension
Up to 9″
Roller Track Type
D.Core Light (LED)
Foot Rollers
Zero Gravity
Auto Programs
Deep Tissue Massage
Manual Programs
Air Cells
Air Massage
Arms, Calves, Shoulders, Legs, GLutes                                       
Timer Settings10 to 30 minutes
Safety Timer40 minutes when used continuously
MP3 PlayerNo
UpholsterySynthetic Leather
Dimensions Upright (L” x W” x H”)72.4″L x 37″W x 49.75″H
Dimensions Recline (L” x W” x H”)72.4″L x 37″W x 37″H
Power SupplyAC120V
Rated Power150W
Rated Frequency60HZ
Package DimensionBox 1 (Main Body & Leg): 31″W x 58″L x 45″H
Bpx 2 (Arm): 64″W x 29″L x 20″H
Massage Chair Weight297lbs
Manufactured in

My Personal Experience Using D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair

As a massage chair industry expert, I can confidently say that the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair is one of the best massage chairs in the market. This model has a number of innovative features that make it stand out from the competition.

The patented True Shiatsu Action and Wave Arrays of the Cirrus are the most realistic and therapeutic massage mechanisms available in any massage chair. The True Shiatsu Action mechanism simulates the finger structure and organic movements of a Shiatsu massage therapist, while the Wave Arrays provide mechanical massage units for the arms and calves. These features allow for a full-body therapeutic massage that works deep into the tissue.

The Cirrus also has a heated back massage feature that soothes and loosens tense muscles, allowing the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism to provide an even deeper and more therapeutic massage. The L-Track is optimally shaped to deliver therapeutic and soothing relief all the way from your neck to your hamstrings.

The Cirrus has a zero gravity recline function that cradles your body and alleviates pressure to encourage blood flow, which prepares your body to get the most from its massage. It also has a full-body air massage feature that gently compresses and massages your entire body to provide gentle therapy and relaxation.

One of the most innovative features of the Cirrus is the Forearm & Calf Wave Arrays. These oscillating rollers extend the therapeutic power of the 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism to your arms and legs, providing deep tissue massage to areas of the body where most massage chairs only work with air cells.

The Cirrus has a sleek and elegant design that imparts a sense of Japanese natural beauty and elegance to your home with its real black walnut trim. It also has high-grade synthetic leather upholstery that is comfortable to the touch and easy to clean.

Overall, the D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair is a highly recommended investment for anyone who is looking for a high-quality therapeutic massage chair. It is unique features and innovative design make it stand out from the competition and provide the most realistic and therapeutic massage experience available in any massage chair.

What Makes D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair Stand Out from the Competition?

The D.Core Cirrus massage chair is a revolutionary device that stands out from the rest with its True Shiatsu Action and Wave Arrays, simulating the finger structure and authentic movements of an experienced masseuse. Its 3D+ True Shiatsu Action technology provides a life-like shiatsu massage experience like no other on the market today! With this therapeutic effect, you can take advantage of all of its benefits in comfort — leaving your worries behind as if they were coming straight from an expert’s hands.

The revolutionary Wave Arrays of the Cirrus massage chair uniquely amplify its 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism to reach even deep tissues on your calves and arms. With that kind of therapeutic power, you can now enjoy a full body massage from areas not typically accessible with most other chairs.

Featuring real black walnut trim, the Cirrus massage chair is equipped with a heated back massage that relaxes tight and stressed muscles in order to facilitate an even more therapeutic experience. To further enhance your relaxation session, its L-Track system has been specifically shaped to provide deep relief from tension – all the way from the neck down to the hamstrings. Combined with its advanced 3D+ True Shiatsu Action mechanism, this luxuriously designed model provides users with an unparalleled massage experience.

The Cirrus’ zero-gravity function offers an incomparable massage experience by supporting your body and stimulating blood flow. Its full-body air message feature, coupled with its foot rollers, gently compresses all areas of your body to deliver deep relaxation and therapeutic treatment. Experience the luxury of complete comfort today.

Compared to Other Chairs

A 3D L-Track massage is available on both D.Core Cirrus and Stratus chairs, and programs are available so you can find exactly what you need at any given moment. The Cirrus is a top-of-the-line model and offers an enhanced wood arm design that increases the drama and visual appeal of the chair. The Stratus has wood arms and side paneling, but its arms are shorter. 

The Stratus has 16 rollers in comparison to the Cirrus’ 22 rollers. The Stratus also lacks the calf rollers that the Cirrus has. You might want the rollers in the calves instead of just the airbags if you want an intense leg massage. A highly sought-after feature of the Cirrus is its stretch feature, which the Stratus lacks. Furthermore, the Cirrus has additional airbags in the glutes, whereas the Stratus does not have glute airbags.

D.Core Stratus

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Despite having wood arms and side paneling, the Cirrus arms are shorter, and the Cirrus has a more advanced wood arm design. As for 3D massage, the Cirrus has 22 rollers, whereas the Stratus has 16 rollers. The Cirrus has calf rollers, but not the Stratus. If you want a deep leg massage, you might want rollers in the calves rather than just airbags. Stratus does not have glute airbags, which is a popular feature of the Cirrus; additionally, the Cirrus has a stretch feature and 43 airbags, whereas the Stratus does not have them.

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The chairs are both designed with an S-Track.
There are 14 auto programs on the OHCO M.8; there are 9 auto programs on the D. Core Cirrus.
Bluetooth is available on the OHCO M.8 but not on the D.Core.
The two models are equipped with Body Scan Technology.
Airbag massage is available on the D Core, but not on the OHCO M.8.
There is a Program Time Indicator on M.8 whereas there is none on D Core.
Waist Airbags are available on M.8, but not on D.Core. Both models have no memory settings.

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The Factory Certified M.8 Massage Chair from OHCO is an excellent way to relax at home. It has an excellent stretch massage program that will improve your mood after a workout, long drive, or even flight. It is similar to a physical therapy session in that it eases tight muscles.

FeaturesD.Core Cirrus Massage ChairOHCO M.8 Massage Chair
3D+ True Shiatsu ActionYesYes
Forearm & Calf Wave ArraysYesNo
Real Black Walnut TrimYesNo
Heated Back MassageYesYes
Zero GravityYesYes
Full Body Air MassageYesYes
Foot RollersYesYes
Roller Type3D4D
Length Type35.4″50″
Leg ExtensionUp to 9″Up to 12″
Roller Track TypeSL-TrackS-Track
D.Core.Light (LED)YesNo
Auto Programs913
Deep Tissue MassageYesYes
Manual Programs616
Air Cells4248
Automatic ProgramsQuick, Master Shiatsu, Recovery, Flow, morning, Night, Neck & shoulder, Low Back, Air FocusStretch, Yoga, Swing, Demo, Recovery, Wake up, Night, Back and Hip, Neck and Shoulder, Lumbar, Sleep, Recharge, All Air
Manual ActionsArm, Leg & Foot, Knead, Shiatsu, Tap, RollArm, Leg, Foot, Knead, Shiatsu, Tap, Roll
Manual Air ProgramArm, Leg & FootArm, Leg, Foot
Timer Settings10 to 30 minutes5 to 30 minutes
Safety Timer40 minutes when used continuously15 minutes
Mp3 PlayerNoYes
Reclining Angle113 to 145 degrees120 degrees
UpholsteryHigh-Grade Synthetic Leather + Real Black Walnut WoodSynthetic Leather
Wall HuggingYes, 5″ from the wallYes, 3.5″ from the wall
Total Roller CountNot specifiedNot specified

With its innovative design, technology, and space-saving features, the OHCO M.8 chair is one of the best chairs on the market today. With an entry-side door-like armrest, aromatherapy, air ionizer, approach LED lighting, heated rollers, and Thera-Elliptical calves, this chair is among the best on the market today. With the OHCO M.8 Massage Chair, you have a greater range of motion and are more flexible.

D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features

True Shiatsu Massage

With D.Core’s patented True Shiatsu Action, you experience a remarkably life-like massage that relieves pain, increases mobility and improves overall health.

Infinity Wave Array

Cirrus by D.Core utilizes mechanical rollers in the forearms and calves, making it the only massage chair on the market with patent-pending wave arrays.


It measures 35.4″ from the neck to the glutes then down to the hamstrings.

Air Massage

There are 41 air cells positioned throughout the chair to massage the shoulders, arms, glutes, calves, and legs.

Zero Gravity

As you recline into the zero-gravity position, your back is virtually supported by the backrest, allowing the massage to be as intense as possible. By bringing your knees above your chest, you will optimize blood flow, which will help you relax more.

D.Core Cirrus Warranty

For the first three years, in-home labor service is also included in this item. The parts are covered by a five-year manufacturer’s warranty. Whenever you need service, a technician will come to your home to provide it. You never need to ship the chair.

During the Service Period, we will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, any defective Product. They will return the Product to a properly functioning state at no cost to you. To obtain performance you must be the original purchaser and be able to provide us with the original, dated proof of purchase for the Equipment. This Limited Warranty extends only to the Customer. Replaced parts shall be covered under this Limited Warranty for the remainder of the Service Period or for thirty (30) days, whichever is longer.

They will provide on-site service as necessary on regular workdays between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. your local time. If a particular replacement part is not available, they will make reasonable efforts to locate a compatible replacement part.

If we are unable to locate a compatible part, we may replace your Product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the Product. If you choose not to accept a replacement for your Product, we shall no longer be responsible for making repairs under this Limited Warranty.

What Do Users Say About D.Core Cirrus Massage Chair?

“Since 2005, I’ve had an Inada chair, but it was time to upgrade. With so many new companies entering the industry, I had considered getting another Inada chair, but I chose the D.Core. A quality chair designed by Inada’s son, it is the best looking chair on the market. Designed by his son, it offers quality construction, innovation, and a great price. It meets my family’s needs. It is adjustable to different preferences, with a wide range of intensity settings. He was a great student of his father, and created an amazing chair. Move over dad, there is a new king of massage chairs. “
Devon M.
This does very well of deep tissue massage. It is a high intensity chair and the special shiatsu massage movement is a very impressive feature. It works very well on the calves and the arms with the massage rollers. I have never experienced a massage chair like this before. It takes up a lot of room, and it does a very good job of deep-tissue massage (but so do the other massage chairs I considered).
Harry S.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Differences Between the D.Core Cirrus & Stratus?

These chairs offer 3D L-Track massages that let you decide when and how to massage.

Is 4D massage Chair Worth It?

When considering the investment in a massage chair, the term “4D” frequently emerges, promising an advanced and immersive massage experience. But is a 4D massage chair truly worth the higher price tag? Let’s delve into the specifics to evaluate its value.

A 4D massage chair builds upon the capabilities of 3D massage chairs by adding an element of variability in speed and rhythm. While 3D chairs can move rollers along the X, Y, and Z axes (width, height, and depth), 4D chairs enhance this with adjustments in the intensity and pace of the rollers. This technology allows the chair to mimic the nuanced movements of a human masseuse more closely.

Enhanced Realism: The variable speed and intensity changes in real-time provide a more lifelike massage experience, addressing muscle tension more effectively.

Customizability: Users can fine-tune their massage preferences, ensuring that the therapy targets specific needs, such as deep tissue relief or gentle relaxation.

Comprehensive Coverage: Advanced 4D models often incorporate additional features like heat therapy, zero gravity positioning, and body scanning for a highly personalized massage.
For those seeking a superior, customizable massage experience, a 4D massage chair is worth the investment. Its advanced technology delivers a more authentic and therapeutic experience, making it a valuable addition to a wellness routine.

How Long Do Massage Chairs Last?

The lifespan of a massage chair is a crucial factor for potential buyers to consider. Typically, a well-maintained massage chair can last between 10 to 15 years. However, this longevity can vary based on several key factors.

Quality of Materials and Construction: High-end massage chairs, built with premium materials and robust construction, tend to last longer. Brands known for their quality often provide more durable products.

Usage Frequency: The lifespan of a massage chair is significantly affected by how often it is used. Chairs used daily may experience more wear and tear compared to those used occasionally.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning, checking for mechanical issues, and ensuring proper usage, can extend a chair’s lifespan. Following the manufacturer’s maintenance recommendations is crucial.

Technology and Features: Advanced features and technologies can add complexity to the chair, potentially impacting its durability. However, these same features, if well-engineered, can also enhance the chair’s resilience.

Many reputable manufacturers offer warranties ranging from 3 to 5 years, covering parts and labor. These warranties can provide a good indication of the expected durability and the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.
In conclusion, with proper care and maintenance, a high-quality massage chair can be a long-term investment, providing comfort and therapeutic benefits for over a decade.

Final Thoughts

Featuring Wave Arrays, Cirrus is the first and only massage chair to offer mechanical arm and leg massage units. In addition to the black walnut trim and soothing heat, the Cirrus has some significant upgrades. They include a high-quality therapeutic massage and luxury design.

A true indulgence for a long time, this chair’s exquisite Japanese craftsmanship will last for a long time. OHCO’s M.8 Massage Chair is a great choice for those seeking an innovative, space-saving massage chair with a range of advanced features.

OHCO’s M.8 Massage Chair offers a luxurious massage experience that cannot be matched by Stratus or Cirrus thanks to its unique entry-side door armrest and neck pillow rollers, aromatherapy, air ionizer, approach LED lighting, heated rollers, and Thera-Elliptical calves. Its 42 airbags are double the 16 on Stratus, and it offers a stretch feature not available on Cirrus or Stratus. OHCO’s M.8 Massage Chair offers all these features and more, making it one of the best massage chairs on the market today.

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