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Indispensable Function of Massage Chair – Adjustable Intensity

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Adjustable Intensity

As anyone who has ever had a massage knows, one of the most important factors in determining how effective the massage will be is the intensity of the pressure applied. Too light and the massage will feel like nothing more than a gentle tickle; too hard and it can be quite painful.

The good news is that the intensity of most massage chairs can be easily adjusted to suit your needs. On the lower end of the intensity spectrum, some massage chairs feature a light massage setting that is perfect for those who are new to massage or have sensitive skin. If you find yourself wanting a bit more pressure, simply increase the massage intensity until you find the sweet spot.

For those who like a really deep massage, there are also massage chairs that offer an intense setting. This is perfect for working out knots and tension in your muscles. Just be sure to start slowly and increase the intensity gradually, as going too high too fast can be quite uncomfortable.


Adjustable Intensity in Massage Chairs

One of the great things about massage chairs is that you can adjust the intensity of the massage to your liking. This is perfect for those who want a gentle massage or a more vigorous one.

To adjust the intensity, simply look for the intensity knob or button on the chair. Once you find it, you can increase or decrease the intensity as desired. Some massage chairs even have multiple intensity levels that you can choose from.

If you’re not sure how to adjust the intensity, consult the user manual for your specific chair model. Once you’ve figured it out, enjoy your perfectly customized massage!

There are 2 ways, in general, that a chair can adjust intensity:

  • Airbags. Are designed to keep you safe when sitting in a massage chair. When the user increases their roller intensity, two airbags will deflate and allow for closer contact with the ground or other users around them while receiving a massage; decreased pressures cause these same bags to inflate again at just enough distance so that it’s still comfortable but not too close! You can also control how much force there is by reducing/enriching its volume – which works similarly during massages as well since we know some people prefer light touches versus strong strokes.
  • Massage Rollers. Some massage chairs use 3D or 4-Dimensional rollers to increase and decrease the intensity of your session. In massage chair that is moving forward/backward motion provides an additional level for you to enjoy throughout each session!

Adjustability in Practice

Intensity adjustment is key to finding the perfect chair! Some offer airbag massage adjustments and some have roller controls for varying degrees of firmness. However, it’s important to know that based on the type you may be able to adjust differently in each seat – if only using one yourself or sharing with others who will also like their massage sessions.

Top Adjustable Intensity Massage Chairs:


The Ohco M.8 LE Series massage chair Series massage chair represents the pinnacle of engineering. The luxury shiatsu massage chair is “massage redefined.” From the easy entry doors to the Zero Gravity programs and enhanced MaxTrack, you’ll experience an amazing experience.


Luraco i9 Massage Chair

With Luraco i9 you can customize the intensity of your massage for six different areas of your body: Neck, Mid-Back, Low Back, Calves, Arms, and Feet.

A variety of recline angles, leg angles, leg lengths, and zero gravity positions are also available. One new adjustment to the market is adjusting the seat height, which helps to accommodate shorter or taller people more easily.


D. Core Cirrus Massage Chair

The D. Core Cirrus massage chair intensity feature is one of the most unique and innovative features on the market. With its patented D. Core technology, this feature allows you to adjust the intensity of your massage with the touch of a button. Whether you want a gentle massage to relax your muscles or a more intense massage to relieve pain, the D. Core Cirrus has you covered.

Positive Posture Brio+ Massage Chair

The Positive Posture Brio+ is an amazing massage chair that offers a full body massage from head to toe. It comes with 10 expertly designed massage sessions, as well as hundreds of manual massage combinations to provide customized relief.

The Brio+ also features 4D L-track massage, foot rollers, True Zero Gravity recline, and heat (including the NEW heated rollers providing a “hot stone” sensation!), all perfectly choreographed to provide you with maximum therapeutic relief and relaxation from head to toe.

The Brio+ is the brand-new flagship model for the Positive Posture USA family and is exclusively distributed by Relax For Life in Australia. It comes with a 3-year full comprehensive warranty that is extendable to 5 years. If you are looking for a top-of-the-line massage chair that will provide you with an incredible massage experience, the Positive Posture Brio+ is a perfect choice


OSAKI OS-4000T Chair

The Osaki OS-4000T is an amazing massage chair that automatically detects the natural curvature of your body and adjusts the massage to fit. It also features Zero Gravity, which elevates your legs above your heart and more evenly distributes your weight.

Additionally, the OS-4000T has hip air massage, seat vibration massage, neck and shoulder air massage, air and vibration arm massage, heat therapy for your lumbar/lower back area, and foot rollers.

The Osaki OS-4000T comes with 7 unique auto programs: Muscle Relief, Thai, Stretching, Anti-stress, Demo, Neck/Shoulder, and Back/Lumbar. You can also manually adjust the massage for the upper body with three options: full body, partial, and fixed.



Frequently Asked Questions

What to Look for in a Massage Chair?

When looking for a massage chair, several important factors should be considered to ensure you select the most suitable and effective option. Firstly, focus on the massage techniques offered by the chair, such as kneading, rolling, shiatsu, or tapping, and ensure they align with your specific massage needs.

Next, pay attention to the intensity and adjustability of the massage rollers. A high-quality massage chair should allow you to customize the intensity to your preference, providing both gentle and more vigorous massages.

Consider the chair’s design and ergonomics, ensuring it fits your body size and shape comfortably. Look for features like body scanning technology, which personalizes the massage based on your unique physique.

A reliable massage chair should have multiple massage programs and settings to target different areas of your body and offer diverse massage experiences. Heat therapy is another valuable feature, as it helps relax muscles and promotes blood flow.

Check for additional functionalities like airbags, foot rollers, and zero-gravity positions, as they enhance the overall massage experience. It’s also crucial to evaluate the noise level and durability of the chair.

Lastly, read reviews and consider the brand’s reputation and customer service. Investing in a reputable and well-reviewed massage chair ensures you are getting a reliable product backed by good customer support.

By thoroughly assessing these aspects, you can confidently choose a massage chair that meets your individual needs, providing you with a rejuvenating and satisfying massage experience.

How Do You Lower the Intensity of a Massage Chair?

To lower the intensity of a massage chair, you can typically adjust the settings using the chair’s control panel or remote. Most modern massage chairs offer options to customize the massage experience, including intensity levels. Look for buttons or settings labeled “Intensity” or “Strength” on the control panel or remote.

By pressing the corresponding buttons, you can decrease the force applied by the massage rollers or airbags, resulting in a gentler massage. Some chairs may have specific intensity levels, while others allow for gradual adjustments, giving you more control over the massage pressure.

It’s essential to pay attention to your comfort during the massage and make adjustments as needed to avoid discomfort or overstimulation. Lowering the intensity can be beneficial for individuals with sensitive muscles or those who prefer a milder massage experience.

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