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Where to Buy Massage Chair in Arizona

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Are you looking for a way to unwind after a long day or relieve tension in your muscles? Investing in a massage chair could be the solution you need. If you’re based in Arizona, you may be wondering where to start your search.

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top places to buy massage chairs in Arizona, helping you make an informed decision on where to purchase the perfect chair for your relaxation needs.

When shopping for a massage chair, it’s important to consider the country of origin. While there are massage chairs made in various countries, opting for a chair made in the USA can have several advantages. USA-made massage chairs are often built with higher quality materials and are subject to stricter manufacturing standards, ensuring a durable and long-lasting product. Additionally, buying a USA-made massage chair supports American businesses and jobs, contributing to the local economy.

Places to Buy Massage Chairs in Arizona

If you’re based in Arizona and looking for a massage chair, you have plenty of options to choose from. In addition to specialized stores and big-box retailers like Costco, you can also find a wide range of massage chairs on Amazon.

With its vast selection, competitive pricing, and convenient online shopping experience, Amazon has become a popular destination for buying all kinds of products, including massage chairs. However, with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start your search. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the top places to buy massage chairs in Arizona, including Amazon and other retailers, to help you find the perfect chair to suit your needs and budget.

Walmart is another popular destination for buying massage chairs in Arizona. This big-box retailer offers a variety of massage chairs at affordable prices, making it a convenient option for those on a budget. Additionally, Walmart has numerous locations throughout Arizona, making it easy to find a store near you. Whether you’re looking for a basic massage chair or one with advanced features, Walmart has options to suit a range of needs and preferences.

Brody Massage Supply Store in Phoenix, AZ

Whether you are searching for massage or salon supplies, Brody Massage offers a wide variety of products. Some items may not be listed on the website but can still be found in our warehouse.

BrodyThe website is frequently updated to include new products, such as portable or stationary massage tables, massage chairs, tattoo tables or chairs, facial steamers, mag lamps, and more.

Discounted wholesale prices are available for massage therapists, estheticians, eyelash extension technicians, and tattoo artists alike.

The tables are not only comfortable enough to sleep on but also provide significant benefits for individuals who have recently undergone eye surgery and require a specific position.

What customers are saying:

I contacted Scott Brody in a panic after my table broke. He responded promptly and answered all my questions in a satisfactory manner. After placing the order, I received my new table within a few days and I must admit that I love it. The table is well-built with thicker and more comfortable padding, and has a professional look similar to that of higher-priced brand name tables. Overall, I am completely satisfied with both my table and Brody Massage.


Located at:

Deer Valley Business Park

Address: 1725 W Williams Dr. Suite # 53 Building E, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone: (602) 404-4444

Their website:

Relax The Back in Mesa, AZ

For more than 30 years, Relax The Back has been providing a comprehensive approach to promoting overall health and wellness in six key areas: sleep, recliners, massage, fitness, travel, and office products. The consultants at Relax The Back are knowledgeable about common spinal health disorders and strategies to enhance well-being.

Relax the BackClients receive a personalized experience that includes education and product solutions tailored to their specific needs. Many healthcare professionals consider Relax The Back as a reliable source of products that alleviate and prevent back and neck pain and assist with the ongoing care of their patients.

The company is committed to supporting clients in their pursuit of healthier and happier lives through top-notch ergonomics and wellness products.

What customers are saying:

My chiropractor sent me to Relax the Back. I have to say that whether I wind up buying from them or not, the service was outstanding. The owner David was the one who helped us, and he was patient, knowledgeable, and conscientious. If it wasn’t such a serious commitment purchase, I’d have bought one on the spot just over the customer service simply to support the store.
I’m still doing research David, and I’m still on the fence, but I wanted to take the time to give you some positive reinforcement, because you certainly took the time with us. Thanks again Sir, and if I buy one, it’ll be from you!


Located in: Village Square at Dana Park

Address: 1744 S Val Vista Dr. Ste 115, Mesa, AZ 85204

Phone: (480) 361-6121

OTA Massage Chairs in Mesa, AZ

OTA World massage chair store offers a unique shopping experience that is unlike any other. Located inside H-Mart in Mesa, AZ, the store specializes in the sale of Osaki massage chairs, as well as electric handheld massagers and foot massagers. Customers can expect to receive an unparalleled massage experience at OTA World.

The store is dedicated to providing high-quality products and superior customer service in every aspect of its operations. Just like its chairs, OTA World offers a customer satisfaction guarantee that ensures complete satisfaction with every purchase. Whether you’re looking to relax, heal, or rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul, OTA World is the perfect destination. Visit us today to experience the ultimate in relaxation and healing.

What customers are saying:

Great service and staff. Was in the market for a massage chair and the experience at OTA Massage Chairs was fantastic. Great courteous staff, and very informative and honest. Conveniently located in H Mart in Mesa. We were able to demo multiple, amazing massage chairs in a comfortable, clean environment. We had a great experience meeting with Daniel and Sharen. Highly recommending this place!! Go check them out.


Located at:

1919 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201​

​Phone: 480-599-8578

Kahuna Chair in Mesa, AZ

Kahuna Chair Company is a renowned supplier of premium massage chairs that deliver a relaxing experience. They offer a diverse range of models to suit different preferences. Kahuna Chair Company prioritizes providing quality products and exceptional customer service, which has made them a popular choice among individuals seeking top-notch massage chairs.

What customers are saying:

The EM8500 is a massage chair that provides relaxation for both your body and mind. It may also give a brief sensation of feeling lighter and more elevated. Overall, it’s a great choice and highly recommended. Output Language Code: EN-US

Snehdeep Bangar

I had a great experience at this store. Nick was very patient in showing me chairs that met my needs and he didn’t pressure me into anything. He offered me a deal that was within my budget, which I accepted. I’m really enjoying my new Kahuna SM 9300 chair.


Located at:

Address: 1933 W Main St #2, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone: (602) 837-8890

Their website:

Michael Alan Shop Online in Lake Havasu City, AZ

The attitude of Michael Alan sets us apart. Each employee is committed to creating a positive experience for every visitor to the store. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our sales and design team is dedicated to meeting all of your home furnishing and interior design needs. Our team of professionals will provide assistance with everything from product information to decorating ideas. We have built strong relationships with many local builders and contractors, and you can see examples of our work at various model homes throughout Arizona.

At Michael Alan Furniture & Design, you can find a wide range of furniture options including sofas, sectionals, chairs, recliners, leather furniture, custom upholstery, beds, mattresses, dressers, nightstands, dining sets, kitchen storage, office furniture, and entertainment. They also offer home design and decorating services. Michael Alan Furniture & Design is known for its high-quality furniture available at affordable prices for customers in the Lake Havasu City, Bullhead, Kingman, Arizona area.

Michael Alan Furnishings

Located at:

2010 Acoma Blvd. W
Lake Havasu City AZ 86403

(928) 855-6067

Michael Alan Furniture Outlet

Located at:

1607 Mesquite Ave.
Lake Havasu City AZ 86403


The Showrooms of Massage Chairs in Arizona

Looking for a massage chair in Arizona? You’ll find many showrooms offering a variety of options. These chairs come in various types, such as portable or stationary, with features like heated or air massage, and zero gravity or shiatsu. Each showroom carries multiple brands so you can test and compare before making a choice. Check out our article on top showrooms to find the perfect one for your relaxation and wellness needs.

Massage Chair Relief Showroom in Mesa, AZ

To find their showroom, visit the southeast corner of Baseline and Dobson in Mesa, Arizona. Their location is conveniently close to the 60 and the 101 freeways, providing easy access to the valley.

To schedule an appointment with one of their massage chair experts, please call their showroom directly. They carry 16 or more different name-brand models under one roof at their Arizona showroom. If you’re new to massage chairs, plan on spending 1-2 hours at the showroom to become familiar with all the models and find the one that best meets your needs.

What customers are saying:

I thought I knew massage chairs until I met Shawn. He led me thru multiple chairs, and we were then able to pick what was the best chair for “ME”, and my enjoyment…. I love my chair (her name is “Helga”), and I appreciate all the care and service I received!! Thanks a bunch!


Located at:

Address: 1955 W Baseline Rd Ste 105, Mesa, AZ 85202

Phone: (480) 597-3578

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Massage Chairs Worth the Expense?

Massage chairs can be a significant investment, with prices ranging from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. However, for individuals who suffer from chronic pain, stiffness, or stress, massage chairs can provide significant relief and improve overall well-being. In addition, massage chairs can provide convenience and cost savings by eliminating the need for regular visits to a massage therapist. While the initial expense may seem high, the long-term benefits and cost savings can make massage chairs worth the investment.

How Many Years Does a Massage Chair Last?

The lifespan of a massage chair can vary depending on the model, usage, and maintenance. However, most high-quality massage chairs can last up to 10-15 years with proper care and maintenance. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance, including cleaning, lubrication, and part replacement, to extend the chair’s lifespan. Additionally, purchasing a massage chair with a warranty can provide added peace of mind and protection against unexpected issues.

What Are the Disadvantages of a Massage Chair?

While massage chairs offer many benefits, they also have some potential drawbacks to consider. One significant disadvantage is the cost, as massage chairs can be a significant investment. Additionally, some users may find the pressure or intensity of the massage uncomfortable, especially for those with sensitive skin or injuries. Finally, massage chairs may not be suitable for everyone, such as those with certain medical conditions, and it is important to consult a doctor before using a massage chair if you have any concerns.

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