Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Review

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Infinity Imperial 3D/4D Massage Chair

A number of new features make the Imperial stand out from other massage chairs, offering a unique home massage experience. As part of the Infinity Imperial massage chair, you’ll find all-new calf-kneading massage rollers. The Imperial’s air ionizer gives the word refresh a whole new meaning, allowing you to feel refreshed and focused by gently blowing fresh air.

With its new automatic footrest extension, which accommodates users up to 6’3″, this versatile massage chair is suitable for a wide range of users. A further testament to the chair’s customizability is the fact that its 3D technology lets users choose from five levels of 3D intensity for the L-track massage rollers.

Kristina Martin

Infinity Imperial 3D/4D
Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


With the Imperial, Infinity has made everything as convenient as possible. You can control your massage using the most intuitive wireless remote on the market, or you can download the Imperial app and use the chair right from your phone. Added 4D technology varies the speed of 3D motion by choosing one of five 3D/4D intensity levels. The auto-extend neck feature provides a deeper neck massage with a deeper neck massage. Bluetooth®-enabled speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music through your device. The Imperial’s zero wall space-saving technology allows it to be positioned just four inches from the wall. Infinity is constantly striving to reach the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation, and the Imperial is a perfect reflection of their efforts. The chair is one of the best currently available, ranking second only to the OHCO M.8 chair in terms of quality.


Reasons to Buy

Space Saving
Body Stretch
3D Body Scan
Deep Tissue Capability
4D Massage Roller Technology
An Impressive Array of Options

Reasons to Avoid

Heat Controls
The Imperial Will Only Accommodate Users Up to a Maximum Height of 6’3”


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Infinity Imperial Specifications

ModelImperial 3D/4D
Recommended Height Range5.2′ – 6’6″
Recommended Weight Limit300 lbs.
Roller Track TypeSL-Track
Ability to target specific body areasYes
Heat therapyLumbar
Roller intensity type3D/4D
Roller massage under the seatYes
Roller track length49″
Adjustable back roller intensityYes
Stretch massageYes
Space SavingYes
Zero GravityYes
Body scan for custom massageYes
Styles of massageKneading, Tapping, Knocking, Shiatsu, Sync, Rhythm
Deep tissue capabilityNo
Number of preset massage programs6 Programs
Ability to manually set massageYes
RemoteWired Controller
Vibration massageNo
Bluetooth SpeakersYes
Massage RegionsPalms + Arms, Calves, Feet, Neck, Shoulders, Back Glutes
# of airbags32
Duration of massage programs5 to 30 Minutes
Chair dimensions (Upright)60″L x 33″W x 45″H
Chair dimensions (fully reclined)70″L x 33″W x 32″H
Weight of massage chair285lbs.
Manufactured inChina

Compared to Other Chairs

A versatile massage chair that fits a range of users, especially those up to 6’3″, thanks to its new automatic footrest extension. A further demonstration of the chair’s customizability is its ability to adjust the L-track massage rollers’ depth with five different levels of intensity using its 3D technology. There are two chairs that are most space-saving, and they are the OHCO M.8 and Infinity Imperial. However, Luraco i9 is the quietest available chair, and it comes with premium features like Bluetooth, speakers, Alexa. Luraco offers some of the best customer support in the industry.

Luraco i9

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The Luraco i9 and Infinity Imperial massage chairs have many similarities, such as offering Zero Gravity and Body Scan, but Luraco i9 has full-body heat technology, whereas Imperial offers only lumbar heating. However, they differ in a few ways. The Luraco i9 has 9 auto-programs while the Infinity Imperial only has 6 auto-programs. Additionally, the Luraco i9 does not offer a mobile app for control, while the Infinity Imperial does. Finally, the Luraco i9 has an Split L-Track roller type and can stretch further than the SL-Track of the Infinity Imperial. Therefore, customers will need to consider their individual needs when weighing up which massage chair is best for them. Compared to Imperial by Infinity, Luraco i9 is more expensive.

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Ohco M.8 is a great chair for people who care about design, technology, and function, and it is among the best chairs available right now. The Neck/Head Airbags offer the best head and neck massages available today.
The OHCO M.8 and Infinity Imperial massage chairs both offer excellent features for a comfortable massage experience. The OHCO M.8 offers 14 auto-programs, full body heat, Body Scan technology, zero gravity features, stretch but does not have a control with mobile App. The Infinity Imperial provides space-saving technology, Apple & Android App Functionality, Zero Gravity, Body Scan technology, SL-Track roller type, stretch features and 6 auto-programs. The OHCO M.8 offers more programs and Thera-Elliptical Calf Kneading, full body heating feature compared to the Infinity Imperial which only has heat in lumbar section.
Otherwise, this chair is the best on the market right now. It also saves space.

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Infinity Imperial Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features

3D/4D Massage Technology

There are five levels of intensity for 3D/4D light therapy. The auto-extend neck feature provides a deeper neck massage, and you can easily select one of the new 3D auto programs with 4D technology.

49″ SL-track

An Infinity chair’s 49-inch SL-track features quad rollers that massage your head to your thighs.

Air Ionizer

As well as allowing for healthy oxygen intake, the Imperial’s headrest has small vents that detect part per million of air debris and display it on the remote control.

Four Wheel Mechanism

Four high-tech rollers involved in the Imperial provide pressurized massage strokes through which tension is methodically released from muscles.

Automatic Footrest Extension

The mechanical foot rest on the Imperial accommodates the user’s particular leg length and comfort needs.

Spinal Correction & Waist Twist

Back pain can be relieved using spinal correction techniques that stretch and decompress the spine.

 Airbag Compression Therapy

The Imperial has airbags throughout the chair so the muscles feel as if they are being touched by human hands.

Infinity Imperial Warranty

5-Year Residential Limited Warranty

  • Unlimited USA-based customer & technical support
  • 5 Year structural framework warranty
  • No-cost replacement on covered parts for 3 years
  • Complete Care/No-cost parts & labor (in-home, if necessary) for 1 year

Complete Care Warranty Period

For In-Home service, Infinity Massage Chairs will arrange all covered parts deemed necessary, to be sent to the consumer and, if necessary, an authorized service provider to repair the product at the customer’s residence, at no charge to the customer.

If a particular part is no longer manufactured, Infinity Massage Chairs may replace your product with a similar product. Under no circumstances shall the retail replacement value exceed the original net price paid for the product. In the event you choose not to accept a replacement for your product, Infinity Massage Chairs is no longer responsible for making repairs under warranty coverage.

For any repairs needed during the 3-year parts warranty coverage, Infinity Massage Chairs will provide covered parts at no cost; however, the consumer is responsible for any and all shipping, duties, and brokerage fees. Structure warranty is limited to the steel and steel-welded parts of the frame, in addition to any wood structure that may exist. If a replacement is issued under the Parts or Structure warranty period, the consumer is responsible for shipping, duties, and brokerage fees related to the replacement. Infinity Massage Chairs, at its sole discretion, will repair or replace any defective part within a reasonable time frame.

Field Service is only available in the United States and major metropolitan areas in Canada. Field Service requires pre-approval and, if necessary, must be performed by Infinity Massage Chairs-authorized field service personnel to maintain warranty coverage.

What Do Users Say About Infinity Imperial Massage Chair?

“A few months ago, we purchased an Infinity Imperial and I highly recommend it! The programs are truly therapeutic, and the doctors who designed them clearly have a wealth of experience. My hip pain was gone after two sessions in the chair (hip and spine mode)! Instead of just relaxing, I see this as a chiropractor trip rather than just relaxation.”
Tony D.
“In the beginning, I used my chair twice a day, but after the second month I noticed I was spending less time with it. After breaking my back multiple times, I am amazed at how much relief it provides me. I used to have a basic “I Track” massage chair before this one, which provided a great deal of relief. However, it was nothing compared to the effect I receive from this new one.”
Arthur B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Infinity Massage Chairs Made?

Their massage chairs are made in China, but most of them are assembled in the United States for quality control and to meet the needs of our customers.

Final Thoughts

This is an impressive chair. Yes, it has a high-end price tag, but it is cheaper than most of the top-of-the-line models it competes with. There is nothing less amazing about the fact that it does this, and offers more features than most of them. The Imperial would make a great choice if you are not taller than 6’3.”

When it comes to choosing a massage chair, OHCO M.8 and Luraco i9 are two of the top contenders on the market. Both chairs offer excellent features for a comfortable massage experience, but they differ in many ways.

In terms of customizability, the OHCO M.8 is more adjustable, with adjustable L-track massage roller depth and five different levels of intensity using 3D technology.

The Luraco i9 is the quietest available chair, which is a great advantage if you are looking for a peaceful massage experience. It also has additional features such as Bluetooth speakers and Alexa.

In terms of price, the Luraco i9 is more expensive than the OHCO M.8 and Infinity Imperial, but it offers features that make it worth the extra cost. Overall, both OHCO M.8 and Luraco i9 are great options if you want a top-of-the-line massage chair with advanced features.

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