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OHCO M.DX Massage Chair

The OHCO M.DX is an unparalleled orchestration of touch combining modern design with an ancient massage. With thoughtful direction, it transforms you into a state of deep relaxation. With precise, calculated movements, the OHCO M.DX melts tension and awakens your senses. Let the unexpected become a part of your every day as you envelop yourself in complete serenity.

Kristina Martin

Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


There are a few differences between the new OHCO M.DX massage chair and the M.8, but it offers the same massage features at a lower price. It has heated rollers, Thera-Elliptical calf kneading, and calf rollers, and comes with side entry door-like armrests. Aside from the typical features, you’d expect in a new, high-quality massage chair, including 3D L-track rollers (aka MaxTrack), foot rollers, Bluetooth, zero gravity, etc.


Reasons to Buy

Space Saving Recline
Thera-Elliptical Calf Kneading
Modified 3D L-Track
Side Entry Doors
Total-Body Heat
Wall Hugging

Reasons to Avoid

No Control With Mobile App
No Memory Capability
No Rotating/Hidden Ottoman


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Reclining Feature

The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair can recline up to 120 degrees, which provides a comfortable and relaxing experience. This feature allows users to adjust the chair’s position according to their preference and helps alleviate pressure on the back, neck, and spine.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

The chair offers multiple intensity settings to cater to different preferences and massage needs. It covers the entire body, from the neck and shoulders down to the feet, ensuring that all areas are massaged adequately.

Heating Feature

The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair has a heating feature that helps relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation. This feature is especially helpful during colder months when the body tends to feel stiff.

Kneading feature

The chair’s kneading feature mimics the hands of a professional masseuse, providing a deep tissue massage that targets tight muscles and knots. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who suffer from chronic pain or spend long hours sitting in front of a computer.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair is incredibly user-friendly, with a simple and intuitive control panel. It also comes with a remote control that allows users to adjust the settings without having to get up from the chair. Overall, the user experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Space Saving

The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair is designed to save space, making it a great option for those with limited living space. Its innovative design allows the chair to recline without taking up too much room.

Design and Aesthetics

The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair is sleek and stylish, with a modern design that complements any living space. Its elegant and sophisticated appearance makes it a great addition to any home.


The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair comes with a comprehensive warranty that covers all aspects of the chair, ensuring that users can enjoy the chair without any worries.

Unique Technology & Features

The chair’s proprietary MAXTrack® technology ensures that the massage rollers follow the natural curvature of the spine, providing a more effective massage. The chair also comes with a variety of massage programs and customization options, allowing users to personalize their massage experience.

Brand Reliability & Support

OHCO is a well-known and reputable brand in the massage chair industry, and its products are known for their quality and durability. The company also offers excellent customer support and after-sales service, ensuring that users are satisfied with their purchases.

OHCO M.DX Specifications

Recommended Height Range
Roller Track Type
Roller Type
Preset Sessions
14 Sessions
Manual Sessions9 sessions plus Calf Rollers, and Foot Rollers                               
Foot Rollers
Zero Gravity
Stretch ProgramYes
Deep Tissue MassageYes
Manual ProgramsYes
Remote Control
Multi-language Remote Control
Calf Massage
Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage
Arm Massage
Neck Massage
Back Scan
Air Pressure
Approximately 32 kPa
Program Timer
Approximately 18 minutes
Foot Rest Adjustment Range
Approximately 11” (28 cm)
Reclining Angle
Approximately 120° to 160° against flat floor
Outer Cover
Synthetic Leather
Dimensions Upright (L” x W” x H”)
60″L x 36″W x 49″H
Dimensions Recline (L” x W” x H”)
77″L x 36″W x 36″H
Seat Width
17.5” (45 cm)
Seat Depth21” (53 cm)
Chair Weight
3 Year Limited

My Personal Experience Using OHCO M.DX Massage Chair

As someone who has spent many years in the massage chair industry, I can confidently say that the OHCO M.DX Massage Chair is an exceptional product that offers an unparalleled massage experience. With its proprietary Sens8 engine, this chair can deliver a truly lifelike massage that rivals the hands of a massage therapist.

One of the key features of the OHCO M.DX Massage Chair is its MaxTrack technology, which seamlessly moves you from an upright position to zero gravity and full flat positions. This feature ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of the chair in any position that feels most comfortable to you. Additionally, the chair comes with a back auto-scan that personalizes the massage to your body and guides the programmed massage sessions to focus on the shiatsu points of your neck, back, and seat.

Another standout feature of the OHCO M.DX Massage Chair is its TheraElliptical kneading and back calf kneading technology. This feature expertly massages the lower leg by blending compression with rotation (grasp and knead) to massage the sides of the calves (gastrocnemius and soleus). Additionally, a calf roller massager works the rear of the calf along the medial line. This complex set of movements offers an accurate facsimile of how a massage therapist works on the lower legs.

The OHCO M.DX Massage Chair is also equipped with full body air massage coverage that provides relief for your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, neck, and shoulders, melting away muscle soreness and fatigue. And if you want to experience the benefits of heat therapy, the chair offers total-body heat, foot, palm, back, and seat heat, and pinpoint roller heat on the massage engine provides “hot rocks” style warmth to the paraspinal muscles. Each heat zone can be independently controlled.

The chair also comes with an automatic recline that sets the chair recline when the massage commences. Users can also manually adjust the recline to a comfortable position. Additionally, the seat back can be adjusted independently from the footrest, making it possible to create a more customized massage experience.

Overall, I can highly recommend the OHCO M.DX Massage Chair to anyone who is looking for a high-quality massage chair that offers an exceptional massage experience. With its advanced features and lifelike massage technology, this chair is truly a game-changer in the massage chair industry.

Compared to Other Chairs

Due to the relatively small price difference between the two OHCO models the MDX and M8, the M.8 will be an excellent value for almost everybody. In our experience, the additional benefit and value you get make it well worth the money. You sacrifice quite a bit in terms of features and benefits when you choose the MDX model over M.8 and Human Touch Super Novo, but it’s a great way to save a little bit of money.

OHCO M.8 offers a stylish design, innovative technology, and functional features resembling shiatsu masters. It mimics the precise movements of shiatsu masters to relieve tension and stress. In addition to the Sens8 4D engine, this machine includes full body stretching, heat zones for feet, palms, backs, and seats, neck pillow rollers, Thera-Elliptical Kneading Calf Airbags, aromatherapy, Bluetooth connection, and an air IONIZER. Among the awards, M.8 was awarded the CES Innovation Award.

Human Touch Super Novo

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Featuring Alexa voice recognition technology, the Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair includes 4D L-track rollers, a music system, foot rollers, and a unibody design for optimal space efficiency, it also offers 38 programs whereas M.DX has only 12 auto programs. In contrast to Super Novo, M.DX comes with neck/head airbags. There is no calf roller available from the Human Touch model when M.DX offers it. There are more colors in Human Touch Super Novo than in M.DX, including Black, Cream, Dark gray, Espresso, Red (Human Touch), and Saddle.

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The neck pillow is not heated because there is no massage mechanism like there is in the M8 neck pillow. As a result of the articulating headrest on the M8, the massage nodules in the headrest act as rollers that really reach the top of your neck to massage your neck. A trapezius muscle massage mechanism, aromatherapy feature, and air ionizer are also absent from the MDX. The M8 variants also come in a variety of colors and are made in Japan, while the MDX is limited to two colors and made in China. In other words, the MDX is like a basic version. You could think of it as Toyota as the MDX versus Lexus as the M8. The M8 has all of the best features and it’s for people who do not want to compromise anywhere.

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With the OHCO M.DX, you’re able to save a little money, but you do lose a lot of features and benefits in the process. The Human Touch Super Novo is best suited to people who are larger and like a more intense massage. With only a slight price difference between the M8 and the Human Touch Super Novo, the M8 will be a much better value for almost everyone, and we believe you won’t regret buying it. Following are the major advantages and disadvantages of each model below.

FeatureOHCO M.DX Massage ChairHuman Touch Super Novo
Rear-swinging doorsYesNo
MaxTrack With Full Body HeatYesNo
SENS8™ Stretch HeadrestYesNo
Alexa Virtual AssistantNoYes
Knee flexion functionNoYes
Customization in massage strokes, speed, depth, and variable speedNoYes

What Makes OHCO M.DX Massage Chair Stand Out from the Competition?

OHCO M.DX Massage Chair effortlessly stands apart, thanks to its rear-swinging doors that enable you to easily enter and exit the chair from whichever side is most comfortable for you. Further distinguishing it are features like MaxTrack With Full Body Heat that swiftly transitions between upright, zero gravity, lie-flat positions – even inversion mode! And let’s not forget the SENS8™ Stretch Headrest which offers a comprehensive stretching experience at just the touch of a button. This chair comes with a 5-Star US Customer Service, plus a Nationwide In-Home service warranty for added assurance. Rest easy knowing that you have guaranteed help if any issues arise.

OHCO M.DX Notable Benefits & Features


Using the Sens8 engine, the M-Series delivers a massage that is intuitive and lifelike. The technology at the heart of the M-Series transforms your whole state of being. Additionally, the Sens8 4D engine mimics the hands of a massage therapist by using advanced massage algorithms. It precisely manages a wide range of massage speeds from fast to ultra-slow movements. Movements and patterns are more varied due to rapid acceleration and deceleration of motor speeds.

Full Body Air Massage Coverage

Air massage capabilities on the M.DX are enhanced by thoughtfully placed air cells throughout, which grasp and hold for stretch movements while amplifying the effects of mechanical massage. Using air massage, your feet, calves, hips, outer thighs, glutes, arms, hands, fingers, neck, and shoulders are stimulated and relieved of muscle tension.

Foot Rollers

Designed with a two-way motion, these rollers work pressure points on your feet in a gentle, soothing manner.

Roller Heat

Using infrared heating located directly on the Sens8 massage rollers, give yourself the sensation of a “hot stone” massage. The circulation of blood is increased, which helps loosen and soothe paraspinal muscles.

MAXTRACK™, Zero Gravity, And Lay Flat Recline

A signature feature of the M-Series is its proprietary MaxTrack: a unique track that combines our DeltaWave mechanism design with a massage track for a seamless experience.

Thera-Elliptical Calf Kneading

MaxTrack is an exclusive feature of the M-Series. It combines our DeltaWave mechanism design with a massage track to create an incredibly smooth experience. Relax your calves with complex TEK movements that mimic the hands of shiatsu masters, gently compressing and kneading them. Your calves will be refreshed and renewed as your circulation is enhanced by this powerful and soothing capability.

Arm of Embrace

You can choose from over 479,000,000 massage patterns with our Arm of Embrace design, which holds and gently compresses your forearms, palms, and fingertips, just like a massage therapist’s hands. These options have been choreographed into arrangements that give you the sweetest and most therapeutic caress possible.

Rear Swing Doors

With OHCO M-Series Rear Swing Doors, you can easily enter and exit with ease and grace. Exclusive to our line of chairs, these doors allow for easy access and egress.

OHCO M.DX Warranty

With OHCO, parts and labor are covered for a full 3 years under a limited warranty. The service includes in-home repair, where a technician will come to your home to make any necessary repairs without you having to drive your chair to a repair shop. The manufacturer’s warranty covers parts and labor for three years.

What Do Users Say About OHCO M.DX Massage Chair?

“I highly recommend this massage chair to anyone looking to add rest and relaxation to their daily lives. The massage is relaxing, but can also be intense enough to work on sore muscles. Different programs and manual settings allow for flexibility based on your needs. In addition to removing the pressure from your body, the zero gravity makes you feel like you are floating.”
Bony F.
“It is very expensive, but over the long run it is worth it. 5 years warranty, it is not just a massage chair, it is a medical chair… I personally prefer it. I am still working on writing a more comprehensive review, but so far this chair has been absolutely luxurious. I highly recommend this chair. It’s basically a LazyBoy of massage chairs when it comes to comfort. Well built. I will write more about it in a few months. Delivery went smoothly and without any problems.”
Dylan G.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This the Same as the M.8?

There are several differences between the M.8 and the M.DX, the largest being that the M.8 is made in Japan and the M.DX is made in China. M.8 offers aromatherapy, a white noise generator, neck rollers, and lights, while M.DX does not offer such features. Using Japanese inspiration and choreography, both machines were designed and engineered in Boulder, CO.

Are OHCO Massage Chairs Good?

Yes. OHCO massage chairs are designed with a focus on comfort and convenience, and they offer some of the best features available today. They use advanced mechanical systems that allow for deep tissue massages, as well as the ability to customize the massage according to your specific needs. The chairs are made with high-quality materials and come with an impressive warranty. They offer great value for money, and many customers report that they have been very satisfied with their OHCO massage chair purchase. When it comes to performance, OHCO massage chairs use powerful motors that deliver powerful therapeutic massage experiences.

How Many Pounds Can This Chair Hold?

The user weight limit is 265 lbs.

What Material is it Made From?

It is covered in polyurethane upholstery, like many massage chairs. After use, this type of fabric keeps its form for a longer period of time.

What are the Disadvantages of a Massage Chair?

Massage chairs offer a convenient and accessible way to experience the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your own home or office. However, despite their popularity and effectiveness in providing relaxation and relief from muscle tension, massage chairs also come with several disadvantages that users should consider before making a purchase.

One significant drawback of massage chairs is their high initial cost. Quality massage chairs can be quite expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, which may be prohibitive for some individuals. Additionally, maintenance and repair costs can add up over time, further increasing the overall investment required for ownership.

Another disadvantage is the limited customization and personalization options available with massage chairs. While many models offer various preset massage programs and intensity levels, they may not fully meet the individual preferences and specific needs of every user. This lack of customization can result in a less tailored and effective massage experience compared to receiving treatment from a professional massage therapist who can adjust techniques based on your unique requirements.

Furthermore, despite advancements in design and technology, massage chairs may not always replicate the same level of touch sensitivity and intuition as human hands. They may miss certain pressure points or fail to provide the nuanced adjustments needed to address complex muscular issues effectively. This limitation can be particularly evident for individuals with specific medical conditions or injuries requiring specialized massage techniques.

In addition to the potential lack of personalized care, some users may find the mechanical motions of massage chairs uncomfortable or even painful, especially if they have sensitive areas or existing injuries. The intensity and pressure of the massage rollers and airbags may be too intense for certain individuals, leading to discomfort rather than relaxation.

Final Thoughts

With the M.DX, you can enjoy all of the core features and the signature look of OHCO’s groundbreaking M Series for an affordable price. The M.DX is a stylish addition to any home, designed by Ken Okuyama and choreographed by Shiatsu Master Akira Okabayashi.

This chair is basically an updated M8. While it offers many of the same features, some of the most notable features have been removed. A very popular seller, the OHCO M.8 is among the world’s best massage chairs and should be a better choice.

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