OHCO R.6 Massage Chair Review

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OHCO R.6 Massage Chair

This massage chair is an excellent addition to any upscale home or office. It boasts natural finishes and a simple design that celebrates simplicity. The movements in OHCO massage chairs are carefully planned and precise, just like Akira Okabayashi’s hands. As a result, tension is eased, the senses are awakened, and relief is felt throughout the entire body and mind. Compared to any other massage chair, this one borrows more from the elegance of mid-century furniture, and its quality of massage isn’t compromised at all.

Kristina Martin

Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


As a massage chair, the R.6 is discreet, but as a room fixture, it demands attention. Its Mid-Century Modern design will integrate perfectly into any well-appointed living space. Through the wisdom of Okabayashi sensei, the L-Track system is designed to mimic your body shape and release tension throughout all parts of your back-starting with your neck and moving down to your lumbar spine. Every soothing massage movement distributes even pressure as the R.6 reclines as far as 157°. Additionally, the R.6 features a zero-gravity recline that improves circulation, increases lung capacity, and gently decompresses the lumbar spine while cradling your body for maximum comfort. The R6’s aesthetics are inspired by the Eames chair, a very famous, modern piece of furniture.


Reasons to Buy

Back AutoScan
Shiatsu Master Designed Massage
DeltaWave Engine
Full-Body Heat

Reasons to Avoid

No Neck/Head Airbags
No Memory Capability
No Music System
No Bluetooth Connectivity


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Reclining Feature

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Intensity settings & Coverage Area

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Heating Feature

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Kneading feature

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User Experience & Ease Of Use

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Space Saving

We search for massage chairs with a heating feature, since warmth helps to promote blood flow and relax muscles.

Design and Aesthetics

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Unique Technology & Features

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OHCO R.6 Specifications

Recommended Weight Limit
Roller Track Type
Roller Type
Preset Sessions
12 Sessions
Manual Sessions7 sessions plus foot rollers                                   
Foot Rollers
Zero Gravity
Stretch ProgramYes
Deep Tissue MassageYes
Manual ProgramsYes
Remote Control
Multi-language Remote Control
Calf Massage
Foot (soles, heels, toes) Massage
Arm Massage
Neck Massage
Back Scan
Dimensions Upright (L” x W” x H”)
62.5″L x 33″W x 47″H
Dimensions Recline (L” x W” x H”)
73.75″L x 33″W x 38.25″H
Chair Weight
3 Year Limited
Country of Manufacture

Compared to Other Chairs

Due to the small price difference between the M8 and the Human Touch Super Novo, the M8 is going to be a much better value for almost everyone, and we believe the added benefit and value make it well worth it.

With the Human Touch Super Novo, you’re able to save a little money, but you do lose a lot of features and benefits in the process. The R6 is best suited to people who are larger or larger and like a more intense massage. Following are the major advantages and disadvantages of each model below.

The OHCO M.8 offers a sleek design, innovative technology, and functional features reminiscent of shiatsu masters. It mimics the precise movements of shiatsu masters to relieve tension and stress. This machine has a Sens8 4D engine, full body stretching, heat zones for feet, palms, backs, and seats, neck pillow rollers, Thera-Elliptical Kneading calf airbags, aromatherapy, a Bluetooth connection, and an air IONIZER. M.8 was awarded the CES Innovation Award, among several other awards.

Human Touch Super Novo

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With the Human Touch Super Novo massage chair, you can control your massage chair using Alexa voice response technology. It also includes a 4D L-track roller system.
The Human Touch Super Novo and OHCO R.6 are both massage chairs, but they have different features that make them appealing to different types of users. The Human Touch Super Novo has significantly more auto programs than the OHCO R.6 (38 vs 8). Super Novo also has Bluetooth Connectivity and Memory Capability, which the OHCO R.6 does not have. Additionally, the Human Touch Super Novo has a Music System for an extra relaxing experience. This makes it perfect for users who value comfort and convenience in their massage chairs, while the OHCO R.6 is more suited to those who simply want a basic massage chair with fewer frills. There are many factors to consider when choosing a massage chair, but ultimately it will come down to your preference and requirements.

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Due to the fact that people are not as familiar with the R.6 model as they are with the M.8, the company has received the most questions regarding it. It offers a stronger massage than the M.8 since it is pushed into your back and protrudes in such a way that it is more intense. Compared with the M.8, the R.6 fits very well with larger users with wider shoulders, although the latter is not considered a small chair by many. The R6 is also meant to counteract the negative effects of sitting at a desk. For most of us who sit at a desk or at a computer at work for hours a day, our posture tends to suffer, as we tend to hunch over as we work. There are many negative effects that can result from this, including lower back pain.

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OHCO R.6 Notable Benefits & Features

Mid-Century Design

This OHCO massage chair integrates perfectly with any well-appointed living space with its maple wood grain trim.

4D L-Track Roller Mechanism

You can adjust the depth of the rollers of the OHCO R.6 massage chair for a more or less intense massage experience. The 49′′ roller track extends from your neck to your seat. In case you’ve never tried a butt roller massage before, you’re in for a treat!

Sens8 Massage Engine

A proprietary Sens8 engine enables the OHCO R.6 to offer an intuitive and lifelike massage that will transform your entire state of being. The Sens8 4D engine mimics the hands of a massage therapist using advanced massage algorithms, in addition to basic movements: tapping, kneading, rolling. In addition to fast and ultra slow movements, it precisely manages a wide range of massage speeds.

Air Cell Compression Massage

The OHCO R.6 features 56 air cells that provide a soothing level of compression to the shoulders, arms, seat, legs, and feet. You stretch your muscles through the application of pressure on key healing points with strategically placed air cells.

Designed by Ken Okuyama

A famous Ferrari designer created the look and feel of the OHCO R.6. It’s a stylish chair with stunning lines that you’ll love before you sit down.

Mechanical Foot Rollers

With the OHCO R.6, your tired feet will be soothed by the 2-way rollers that work on the soles of your feet.

OHCO R.6 Warranty

With OHCO, you get a 3-Year Limited Warranty and on-site service. The OHCO provides excellent service anywhere in the USA and Canada to homes located in or near cities. It is possible to extend the manufacturer’s warranty by 2 years. The total coverage is therefore up to 5 years.

What Do Users Say About OHCO R.6 Massage Chair?

“We have been looking for a massage chair for my husband for years. However, until now, there hasn’t been a product that feels good and isn’t a total eyesore to him. This R6 was perfect for us. The images do not give this product enough credit. Its aesthetic qualities are well executed, and the massage experience is fantastic. I am so surprised at how much I enjoy using the chair, and my husband is so thrilled. It is totally worth the investment.”
Julia W.
“As a graduation gift a couple months back, my parents purchased me this chair, and I love it! In addition to its sleek and sophisticated design, you can customize your experience with dozens of features and options. Recommend for anyone of all ages. It’s very user friendly and you’ll fall asleep on these relaxing massage chairs.”
Meryl D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change the Remote Back to My Language?

You can select your preferred language from the main menu by scrolling down to the 5th menu option, pressing OK, and then scrolling down to the 4th menu option, pressing OK.

Final Thoughts

As a first step, the R.6 was created by OHCO, a company that is dedicated to providing massage chairs with Shiatsu healing power to help you maximize your health, improve your well-being, and reduce your stress. A combination of years of research and testing, coupled with uncompromising attention to detail, make their masterpieces known for being outstanding. The OHCO R.6 and M.8 massage chairs deserve your consideration not just for their brand name, but also for four other reasons.

It may be large, but the M.8 massage chair has absolutely stunning craftsmanship. A Japanese-made massage chair should provide top-of-the-line craftsmanship. Synthetic leather doesn’t require as much maintenance as leather does. The seat and back feature crosshatch stitching, like those on Bentleys and Rolls Royces.

There is no better massage chair on the market than the OHCO M.8, if you are looking for exceptional performance and convenience.

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Kristina Martin

Kristina Martin attended the University Of Florida and graduated in 2001 from the College Of Medicine. Kristina is a Master of Physical Therapy (MPT). Her focus is to help her clients be as healthy as possible by providing personalized training and advice that is unique to them.
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