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Kahuna HANI Massage Chair

With an ottoman, compact design, and impressive L-track massage, the Kahuna Hani Massage Chair brings impressive relaxation to your living room. You’ll feel all your aches and pains eased away with this 3D massage chair. Heat will enhance your massage and help loosen your muscles, making them easier for the rollers to penetrate.

Kristina Martin

Kahuna HANI Chairs
Reclining Feature
Intensity settings & Coverage Area
Heating Feature
Kneading feature
User Experience & Ease Of Use
Space Saving
Design and Aesthetics
Unique Technology & Features
Brand Reliability & Support


A stylish L-TRACK massage chair with heating, the HANI compact massage chair offers ultimate massage experience. It is a relaxation therapy both physically and mentally, bringing harmony and peace to your body and soul. Three different massage techniques are programmed in the machine: knead, shiatsu, and rolling. The chair is compact enough to fit in a small space, and it provides an excellent back massage for quick relaxation. It is easy to sit down and perfect for short breaks. Both your body and soul will feel a sense of harmony and peace from this relaxation therapy.


Reasons to Buy

High Density & Rebound Foam
Advanced Space Saving Concept
Comfort C-Curve Headrest
3D L-Track Massage

Reasons to Avoid

No Foot Massage
No User Memory
No Control With Mobile App


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Reclining Feature

The Kahuna HANI Massage Chair is capable of reclining to a zero-gravity position, which allows the user to feel weightless and relieves pressure on the spine. This feature can help reduce tension and stress on the body, providing a deeper level of relaxation.

Intensity settings & Coverage Area

The chair offers five levels of intensity and coverage that targets different parts of the body. Users can customize their massage experience to their liking and focus on specific areas that require attention. This feature is especially useful for those who suffer from chronic pain or discomfort in specific regions.

Heating Feature

The Kahuna HANI Massage Chair includes a heating feature that can help soothe sore muscles, promote circulation, and enhance the overall massage experience. This feature is especially helpful for those who experience muscle stiffness or joint pain.

Kneading feature

The Kahuna HANI Massage Chair utilizes a kneading feature that mimics the hands of a trained massage therapist. This technique can help alleviate tension and loosen tight muscles, providing a sense of deep relaxation.

User Experience & Ease Of Use

The Kahuna HANI Massage Chair is designed with the user in mind, providing a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. The chair’s remote control is intuitive and allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Space Saving

The chair is designed with a space-saving feature that allows it to be placed in smaller rooms or apartments. This feature makes it accessible to those who may not have a lot of space for a larger massage chair.

Design and Aesthetics

The Kahuna HANI Massage Chair is sleek and modern in design, with a stylish appearance that will fit well in any home decor. Its streamlined appearance is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


The Kahuna HANI Massage Chair comes with a generous warranty that provides peace of mind to users. The chair is built to last and offers a reliable and durable massage experience.

Unique Technology & Features

The chair offers unique features such as L-track massage system, foot rollers, and air cell technology which provide users with a comprehensive massage experience that targets various parts of the body.

Brand Reliability & Support

Kahuna is a reputable brand in the massage chair industry, known for their quality products and excellent customer support. Users can trust in the brand’s commitment to providing a reliable and satisfying massage experience.

Kahuna HANI Specifications

Color OptionsBlack, Red
Massage TrackL-Track
Massage Track Length41.34″
Space SavingYes
Back Roller Type3D
Roller Width AdjustmentNo
Adjustable IntensityNo
Adjustable SpeedNo
Auto Pre-Programs
Manual Techniques3
Zero GravityNo
Stretch FunctionNo
Foot MassageNo
Calf MassageNo
Hip/Waist Air Bag MassageYes (airbags)
Upper Arm-Shoulder MassageNo
Arm MassageNo
Neck-Head MassageYes
Spot MassageNo
Deep TissueNo
Body ScanNo
Inversion TherapyNo
User MemoryNo
Control With Mobile AppNo
Timer10-15-20 min
Pause FunctionNo
Leg Length AdjustmentN/A
Rocking TechnologyNo
Number of Airbags2
Bluetooth SpeakersNo
Suggested User Height
Max User Weight250lbs
Dimensions Upright (L x W x H)38.6″ x 26.8″ x 37.4″
Dimensions Reclined (L x W x H)N/A
Chair Weight70.5lbs
Manufacturer OriginChina

My Personal Experience Using Kahuna HANI Massage Chair

As a massage chair industry expert, I’ve had extensive experience with various models and designs, and I must say that the Kahuna Hani Massage Chair stands out in its convenient and compact design. This luxury living room massage chair with an ottoman is equipped with an impressive L-track massage system that is designed to ease away all your aches and pains.

One of the key features of this chair is the 3D massage system that is able to deliver a deep tissue massage that is realistic and high-end. The massage rollers are able to push outward for a deep massage and withdraw for a gentler one. The maximum depth is 3.2” and up to 13.4” in width, which is able to massage your spine vertebra deeply & effectively to enhance the acupressure massage therapy.

Another feature that complements the massage system is the heat therapy that helps to loosen your muscles and make them more susceptible to massage rollers. The compact concept of the massage sofa is inspired by the space-saving and healthier lifestyles that people are looking for. It is created with an ergonomically welcoming style and an outstanding streamlined design that makes your home interior more contemporary and stylish.

The Kahuna Hani Massage Chair comes with automatic massage programs based on Shiatsu therapy to give users a full massage experience. It has a modern and ergonomic design that is fashionable and modern with a luxurious leather blend. The massage sofa is created with international materials like PU leather, which is wear-resistant and breathable. The core structure of this product is finished with high-end solid steel, which is an extra 50% more durable than normal steel material.

The chair has a Comfort C-Curve Headrest that is specially designed according to the curve line between our head and neck. The C-Curve headrest offers superior comfort and provides the proper ergonomic support while you are reading, watching TV, gaming, and even internet surfing.

Compared to Other Chairs

No matter what brand you buy, massage chairs can differ greatly. They will use massage technology differently in terms of quality and effectiveness. Despite this, massage chairs should meet a set of consistent standards. For these chairs to be truly comfortable, they must provide a variety of massages at the same time. 

Unlike similar chairs, the head pillow can be flipped back so you receive a deep-tissue neck massage. You can use it as a chair or enjoy a massage with its wireless remote. When you recline into a zero gravity position, you will be able to relax your muscles and relieve muscle tension. By relieving pressure from the lower back, blood flow is stimulated and muscle tension is relieved.  While in zero gravity, your lower back will feel rejuvenated thanks to gentle hip compressions and lumbar massage therapy.

Human Touch WholeBody 7.1

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The HANI massage chair’s compact design and heating feature make it the perfect massage chair, while the WholeBody 7.1 has an S-track design. Through this relaxation therapy, you will find harmony and peace in your body and soul. It incorporates kneading, shiatsu, and rolling massage techniques. The HANI Comfort C-Curve Headrest ensures supreme comfort. A special design to match the curves of our necks and heads. HANI offers Body Scan technology, whereas WholeBody 7.1 doesn’t. HANI provides only 3 Auto Programs, but WholeBody 7.1 offers 5. Kahuna HANI does not offer Space Saving Technology, but WholeBody 7.1 does. Kahuna HANI costs half as much as WholeBody 7.1 massage chair.

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Synca CirC+

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The Kahuna Hani massage chair does not feature Zero Gravity, unlike the Synca CirC+. Both models have Body Scan Technology. These models do not have Chromotherapy. Synca Wellness CirC+ offers 5 Years Limited Warranty while HANI offers 1 year. Both models have Body Scan Technology. While reading, watching TV, playing games, or surfing the web, HANI’s c-curve headrest ensures superior comfort and ergonomic support.
Quad Roller Technology is used in Synca CirC+ massage chairs to offer comprehensive coverage and superior massage. A truly superior massage experience is provided by four hands simultaneously massaging your back. With Hani’s enhanced massage technology, you can enjoy a realistic and high-end 3D massage roller.

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With its compact design and impressive relaxation, the Kahuna Hani Massage Chair is enhanced by the ottoman that provides a spacious appearance, compact design, and outstanding L-track massage. Your aches and pains will be relieved with the chair’s compact design and impressive relaxation. Your muscles will be more receptive to rolling if you have heat during your massage.

FeatureKahuna HANIHuman Touch WholeBody
Massage RollersAdjustable RollersFlexGlide Orbital Massage Technology
Air MassageAir Massage for Hips and Waist
Zero Gravity
HeatHeating TherapyPatented Warm Air Technology
Body Scan
Pre-Programmed Sessions5 Auto-Massage Programs
Remote ControlEasy-to-Use RemoteBodyMap PRO Remote
Bluetooth Speakers

Synca CirC+, Wholebody 7.1 Massage Chair, and Kahuna Hani Massage Chair all feature different features, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. The Synca CirC+ massage chair features a quad roller massage robot and a zero gravity cradle, while the Wholebody 7.1 has 3D FlexGlide technology, Warm Air Technology, and CirQlation technology. Anyone looking to upgrade their home relaxation can benefit from the high-quality massage treatments offered by the Synca CirC+ over these two massage chairs.

What Makes Kahuna HANI Massage Chair Stand Out from the Competition?

Treat yourself to an unparalleled massage experience with the Kahuna HANI Massage Chair. It features a superior hybrid L/S track that can reach from your neck down to your glutes and advanced air-cell technology that provides full-body compression massages. Plus, this chair’s space-saving design makes it ideal for smaller living spaces. Experience ultimate relaxation every day in the comfort of your home with the HANI Massage Chair. Overall, the Kahuna HANI Massage Chair offers an exceptional massage experience with its advanced features and ergonomic design.

Kahuna HANI Massage Chair Notable Benefits & Features

3D L-Track Massage

A 41.34 inch L-Track extends all the way down to your glutes, creating 33% more coverage than normal massage chairs. With realistic and high quality rollers, 3D massage rollers enhance massage technology. With the rollers pushed outwards and withdrawn for a gentler massage, a deep massage is available. With 3.2 inches of depth and 13.4 inches of width, the rollers can be expanded up to 3.2 inches. It enhances the acupressure massage therapy by massaging your spine and vertebra deeply and effectively.

Comfort C-Curve Headrest

A special design has been made according to the curve line between your head and neck. You can easily remove the headrest, which is attached by velcro and provides excellent ergonomic support while reading, watching TV, gaming, or even surfing the internet. The c-curve headrest provides superior comfort and ergonomic support while reading, watching TV, or gaming.

High Density & Rebound Foam

Internally, this compact massage chair is cushioned with high density rebound foam. This sleek massage chair provides firm support while letting you relax. 

Pelvic Correction Massage

With air pressure massage, this function improves your pelvic alignment to improve your spine and legs in everyday lifestyle. This compact massage chair stimulates blood circulation, detoxifies the body, strengthens muscles and maintains the natural shape of your body.


With built-in double layer air bags, the buttocks are massaged swingingly to shape the hip line and to relieve muscle numbness.

High Quality Structuring

This Hani Massage Chair features a high-end solid steel core that’s 50% stronger than normal steel.

Modern Ergonomic Design

An elegant massage chair that has a fashionable and modern color design with a luxurious leather blend that is made from international materials like PU leather, which is both wear-resistant and breathable.

Kahuna HANI Modifications and Differences

HANI 3800 Kahuna Massage Chair


The Kahuna Hani 3800 Compact Massage Chair fits into a small space perfectly and offers a great back massage for quick relaxation. It is easy to get on and perfect for short break time sessions. Shiatsu means “finger pressure”, which is a relaxation therapy both physically and mentally that brings harmony and peace to you and your body. It involves finger, thumb, and palm massages, assisted stretching, and joint manipulation and mobilization. 

All-In-One Compact Massage Chair

  • Zero Gravity
  • Fully Adjustable Width & Height
  • L-Track
  • 4 Rollers
  • Timer Function.
  • Shiatsu Massage Nodes from Neck to Buttocks

The Kahuna Chair uses a variety of massage techniques as a real human masseuse does, including kneading, tapping, tapping and kneading, shiatsu, and rolling. We utilize automatic massage programs based on shiatsu therapy to provide the user with a full-body massage experience.

Kahuna HANI 3200 Massage Chair


This compact massage chair fits in small spaces perfectly, still provides a relaxing back massage in a short period of time. Quick to set up and ideal for short breaks. The word shiatsu means “finger pressure”. It’s a relaxation therapy that brings harmony and peace to your body and soul. Shiatsu techniques include massages with fingers, thumbs, and palms, as well as assisting stretching and joint manipulation.

  • Improve overall health by increasing blood flow and oxygen level in blood.
  • Massage from your neck to buttock with strong firm rollers.
  • Roller location, height, width, and time is all adjustable to customize the
    massage to your preference.
  • A stylish user-friendly remote that can be easily operated by simply choosing what you want. 
  • Aids in relieving fatigue and stress from your body soothes tense and
    tired muscles. Relaxed stiff and aching muscles.
  • Effective full, partial fixed massage. 

Kahuna Chair performs various techniques that real human masseuse do such as kneading, tapping, tapping + kneading, shiatsu, and rolling. According to shiatsu therapy, it provides users with a full-body massage therapy experience.

Kahuna HANI Warranty

When you purchase Kahuna HANI, it gives a full warranty for 1 year. You must register our warranty within a month after you receive the product to avoid the warranty. The warranty will be voided if we don’t receive registration within a month period.

This product is for home use. Any commercial use of the product will also void the warranty. The warranty will not be covered if it was damaged by the customer such as a drop, damage by moving the product, accidents or neglect such as stains, fluids, mold, water damage, animal damage, cuts, and burns.

The warranty is non-transferable and it will be voided if you buy from the end user. It covers all parts and labor costs. Customers do not pay anything.

They offer on-site repair services. They do not cover shipping expenses if this occurs. We do not cover normal wear and tear including velcro, zipper, or tears in

Not Included any fabric or leather covering by abuse. We do not cover if the
product has been damaged physically and intentionally.

Also, we do not cover customers’ accidents or neglect such as stains, fluids, mold, water damage, animal damage, cuts, and burns.

What Do Users Say About Kahuna HANI Massage Chair?

“The Kahuna HANI massage chair I purchased about a year and a half ago has been very satisfying with the various massage settings! Recently, the chair developed a problem in which the rollers refused to shut off at the end of the program. However, the problem was resolved by a service technician. I am pleased to see that this model is designed with durable, breathable, and wear-resistant materials such as PU leather.”
George K.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Kahuna Massage Chairs Made?

As a distributor of Kahuna massage chairs, AJX Distribution Inc. manufactures and distributes these chairs in China.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Kahuna HANI CM Series Compact Massage Chair is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy a full-body massage experience in the comfort of their own home. It features advanced space-saving technology and 3D L-Track Massage, Comfort C-Curve Headrest, High Density & Rebound Foam, and Heat Therapy.

With its easy-to-use setup and ergonomic design, this massage chair is perfect for providing you with quick relaxation and relief from everyday stress. Whether you’re looking to relax after a long day or just want a few minutes of blissful serenity, the Kahuna HANI CM Series Compact Massage Chair is a great choice, but the better choice you can look for is Synca CirC+ Massage Chair.

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